Custom Brass Bed Parts Manufacturer in China

HM professionally design and manufacture various brass bed parts. We always consider the requests of our customers during the production. You can guarantee high-quality components at competitive prices. Trust HM now!

  • Available in different styles
  • Customizable finishes
  • Easy to clean
  • Last for an extended period

HM Brass Bed Parts

The brass bed parts are composed of various bed components made from different brass-grade materials. Since they are “parts,” it includes immense component categories for multiple purposes. Their brass material composition provides numerous benefits, including stability, lasting service, and stylish designs. The brass-made bed parts are in-demand in the markets- perfect for improving business.

HM can customize any brass parts designs and measurements to suit bed applications. With our advanced CNC machines, we do the manufacturing procedures entirely. We also manage strict quality tests to ensure the components’ qualities and performance. Purchase bulky brass bed parts for your starting business.

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Brass Bed Part Series

Brass Bed Replacement Parts
Brass Bed Replacement Parts

The brass bed replacement parts are also available in different painted colors. Various surface treatments are available. These parts are durable and easy to install.

Brass Knob Pin Bed Parts
Brass Knob Pin Bed

Brass-made knob pin bed parts are customizable with different metal materials. Sizes and designs are produced according to requests. They are stylish and lasting.

Brass Ball Bed Component
Brass Ball Bed Component

The brass ball bed components have vintage and traditional styles. However, various shape and size options are available for widening customers’ selections.

Brass High-Precision Bed Parts
Brass High-Precision Bed Parts

The high-precision brass bed components have customizable colors, measurements, and logos. Their packaging types are also according to customers’ requests.

Brass Forging Bed Lamp Parts
Brass Forging Bed Lamp

Brass-made forging bed lamp have about 0.003mm to 0.01mm tolerance yet are customizable. These bed parts come with various designs and dimensions.

Brass Bed Round Foot Part
Brass Bed Round Foot

Brass-made round bed feet have low opening designs. Their shapes and diameters are customizable according to application. They support the consistency of bed posts.

Benefits of Using Brass-Made Bed Parts

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Brass bed parts require less maintenance since pests and insects can’t affect the material. Also, each component can withstand fire or high heat.


Brass bed components are available in various designs, colors, and finishes. We accept bespoke customizations as per demands and selections.

Solid & Durable
Solid & Durable

HM provides custom brass bed parts with long service life. They are enduring, and their strength capacity can withstand light to heavy loads.


When product cost is the primary concern, brass-made components are advantageous. We can supply demands at a competitive price.

CNC Machining Techniques

HM successfully manufactured your desired brass-made bed parts using CNC machines. We perform the following techniques:

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Bending
  • Spinning
  • Grinding process
  • Injection Molding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Other techniques
Brass Bed Part
Brass Bed Part

HM Complete Services

You don’t have to worry about your purchasing procedures. Our professional employees are assigned to each process. We can assist you with the following:

  • Communication (Online and offline communication about your orders)
  • Confirmation (Requirements and information confirmation)
  • Samples (Free optional samples)
  • Quotation (Brass component price calculation)
  • Contract (Signing contracts)
  • Production (Manufacturing arrangement based on contracts)
  • Delivery (Shipping the requested products after production and inspection)
  • After-sale service (Giving us feedback about our offered brass bed components)

Brass Bed Parts Surface Finishes Options

Various available surface treatments are provided, depending on requests. You may need the following finish options for your custom brass bed components.

  • Anodized
  • Bead Blasted
  • Silk Screened
  • Zinc or Nickel plating
  • Brushed finish
  • Painted surface
  • Powder-coated
  • Electro-polished and more
Brass Bed Parts

HM - Your One-Stop Brass Bed Parts Provider

Brass Bed Parts
Brass Bed Parts

HM is your experienced brass bed components supplier, especially for projects and businesses. You can receive your desired supplies according to your provided details. Our offered bed components are made from high-grade brass to ensure durability and excellent resistance.

Here in HM, we support your OEM designs, including custom packaging and logos for your business. We manufacture brass-made bed parts based on your required sizes and applications. You can send your customization details, and we will do the rest of the process.

Contact us right here and expect a quick response!

Brass Bed Parts

Numerous alloys and brass grades are utilized for producing your wanted bed parts. HM manufactures them using the following variety of brass materials.

  • Alloy 260
  • C360 Brass
  • H59 Brass
  • H60 Brass
  • H62 Brass
  • H65 Brass
  • H68 Brass
  • H70 Brass
  • Bronze & Copper
Brass Bed Parts

HM can produce different bed parts that are made from brass. We can design the following components by considering your provided specifications and details.

  • Brass Bed Tee
  • Brass Bed Spindle
  • Brass Rod End
  • Brass Bed 3-Way Ball
  • Brass Cast Husk
  • Brass Bed Foot
  • Brass Spun Ball
  • Brass Mount
  • Custom and other bed parts

Why Choose HM as Your Supplier

Best Product Quality
Best Product Quality

HM put high regard on preserving the product quality from production to delivery. We embraced advanced manufacturing methods that focus on the brass parts’ aesthetics and durability. Thus, it is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

Excellent Services
Excellent Services

HM has become a dependable brass bed component manufacturer for over a decade in the industry. We have over a thousand valued customers worldwide. Each of them satisfies a stellar after-sales service.

OEM & ODM Support
OEM & ODM Support

HM employed skilled professionals to ensure that our OEM & ODM services meet significant international standards. We accept brass parts customizations as per request. Send us your preference, and we will do the rest.

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

One of our company’s priorities is on-time delivery. There are various delivery options to choose from depending on your shipping address. We make sure that your orders will arrive in condition.

Brass Bed Part Supplier
HM Bulky Brass Bed Parts to Boost Your Business

HM accepts brass bed parts customization at a competitive price and optimum quality. Our sales personnel are diligent and have the heart to assist in any demands. You can purchase bulky components for your business supplies. Do business with us now!

  • “Each of the brass bed parts we received is stunning. HM provided us with stellar assistance from design to delivery. We appreciate your excellent service.”

  • “HM surpasses our expectations, and each brass bed part is high-quality and durable. It has been a delight to do business with this company. I highly recommend a dependable manufacturer like HM.”

  • “Doing business with HM is the best decision we ever had. They provide quality brass product supplies at an affordable price and professionally customize our preferred brass bed component design. Thank you, HM!”

What are the parts of a metal bed frame called?

Exploring the Components of a Metallic Bed Frame The parts of a metal bed frame are usually referred to as the headboard, footboard, side rails, and slats. They all come together to form a sturdy structure that supports the mattress and adds to the aesthetic of your bedroom.

What does brass bed symbolize?

Brass Bed: A Symbolism of Elegance and Luxury Traditionally, brass beds symbolize elegance, luxury, and a high status due to their refined and rich appearance. Their shimmering surface reflects the style and status of the homeowner.

Are brass beds coming back?

Brass Beds: The Resurgence of a Vintage Trend Yes, the trends suggest that brass beds are making a comeback. They are being increasingly appreciated for their timeless appeal and their ability to blend seamlessly with contemporary décor styles.

How can you tell if a bed frame is brass?

Identifying Authentic Brass in Bed Frames To tell if a bed frame is brass, you can perform a simple magnet test. Brass is not magnetic, so if the magnet sticks to the frame, it’s not made of brass. Scratching the underside of the frame can also reveal the true material underneath.

What holds a metal bed frame together?

Ensuring Sturdiness: What Keeps a Metal Bed Frame Together Metal bed frames are held together by nuts and bolts. The side rails connect the headboard and footboard, and the slats are laid across the rails to provide a supportive base for the mattress.

What are the knobs on bed frames called?

The Bed Frame Accents: Understanding Bed Knobs The knobs on bed frames, often referred to as bed knobs or finials, are decorative elements attached to the top of the posts on the headboard and footboard. They are often made of metal or wood, depending on the design of the bed.

What is a bed panel?

Defining Bed Panels in a Bed Frame A bed panel is a flat, broad piece of material, typically wood or metal, that makes up the headboard or footboard of a bed. They provide structure and design to the bed frame.

What metals are used in bed frames?

The Metallic Foundation: Metals Used in Bed Frames Common metals used in bed frames include steel, iron, and brass. Each of these metals has its own distinct advantages, ranging from durability, strength, to aesthetic appeal.

What materials are used for metal bed frames?

Materials Insight: Constituents of Metal Bed Frames The primary materials used in metal bed frames are typically steel, iron, or brass. However, other components such as plastic or rubber might be used for certain parts like end caps or feet to protect flooring from scratches.

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