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HM offers a one-stop CNC drilling parts solution that is equipped with part-making processes and specialty grinding.

HM also provides custom CNC drilling parts for different industries and applications.

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Reliable CNC Drilling Parts Solution in China

CNC drilling is widely used to create different parts for boats, furniture, brush handles, hardware, automotive, and more. HM uses CNC drilling as an effective and quick production process to make accurate threads and holes to the machined parts.

Additionally, CNC drilling can also be used together with other tooling processes such as CNC milling. Our CNC drilling machines are equipped with multiple turrets or spindles for applications that require a number of threads or holes.

You can request custom CNC drilling parts to meet material capabilities, production rates, and availability options.

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CNC Drilling Parts We Are Expert

  • Aluminum Drilling Parts
    Aluminum Drilling Parts

    The aluminum drilling parts are parts available in different sizes and shapes. It has particular mechanical features because of its low density. Plus, it has excellent electrical conductivity.

  • Brass Drilling Parts
    Brass Drilling Parts

    The brass drilling parts are commonly used in industrial equipment and machinery. It is available in polish, tempering, color oxidation, and chamfering finishes.

  • Custom Drilling Precision Parts
    Custom Drilling Precision Parts

    The custom drilling precision parts are parts that meet DIN, ASTM, ANSI, GOST, JIS, BS, and GB standards. It has high accuracy and high-quality properties.

  • High Precis Custom CNC Drill Part
    High Precis Custom CNC Drill Part

    The high precis custom CNC drill part provides extreme accuracy. It is also perfect for a wide range of applications due to its high flexibility properties.

  • Metal Machining Drilling Parts
    Metal Machining Drilling Parts

    The metal machining drilling parts are parts used to create circular holes. It is one of the most significant tools in a workshop. It is long-lasting and durable.

  • Shank Water Well Drilling Parts

    The shank water well drilling parts are parts used in the water flow systems. It comes in custom colors, sizes, and configurations as per the client’s specifications.

HM CNC Drilling Parts Capabilities

HM has more than 20 years of experience in CNC drilling parts processes. To ensure high-quality drilled parts, we are equipped with complete sets of drilling equipment such as:

  • Radial
  • Upright
  • Bench

Each CNC drilling machines have its own operations, functions, and features. However, they also share the same components such as spindle, table, column, drill bit, and interface. Rest assured that all produced parts have accurate holes and threads with tight tolerances. We also have full capabilities in providing custom drilling parts to meet every industry requirement.

HM CNC Drilling Parts Capabilities
CNC Drilling Part Application

CNC Drilling Part Application

HM offers CNC drilling parts that can be used for different industries. Among these industries include medical, aerospace, transportation, military and defense, electronics, and more. We offer a wide range of CNC drilling parts such as:

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Hubs
  • Gear blanks
  • Machined shafts
  • Therapy components
  • Parts of cables; and more

If you need precision CNC drilled parts, contact us for assistance!

CNC Drilling Part Materials

HM CNC drilling part is suitable for different metal materials. Most materials for this process include:

Steel: alloy steel, carbon steel, and more

Stainless Steel: 440, 420, AISI303, 316F, 304, etc

Brass and Copper: C27200, C37700, C3600, Hpb59-1, and so on

Aluminum: Al6061, 6082, 7075, 6063, and more

If you want specific materials to use for your drilling parts, we can customize them for you! Just send us your inquiries.

CNC Drilling Part Materials
Custom CNC Drilling Parts in China

Custom CNC Drilling Parts in China

If you are looking for a manufacturer to customize your CNC drilling part needs, HM can cover your needs. We are equipped with multifunctional CNC drilling machines that can also mill. Thus, we can provide customized drilling parts solutions according to your needs.

We are the leading CNC drilling parts services provider in China. Our CNC drilling parts are approved by ISO9001, ISO14001, and more standards. Therefore, you can assure high-quality CNC machined parts. Aside from that, we also offer a wide range of custom surface treatments such as anodizing, polishing, brushing, bead blasting, and so on.

HM can manufacture custom CNC drilled parts to meet the high standards of the aerospace, medical, automotive, and more industries.

HM CNC Drilling Parts Advantages

HM Custom CNC Drilling Parts Capabilities
Custom CNC Drilling Parts

HM offers a CNC drilling parts solution that comes with lots of advantages such as:

High Accuracy

HM CNC drilling offers unmatched precision and accuracy to the machined parts. All our drilling machines are equipped with CNC technology. Rest assured that all CNC parts have accurate threads or holes with very tight margins.

Versatility and Flexibility

HM CNC drilling can be used for different metal materials such as

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel; and more

Aside from that, our CNC drilling machines can be used for a wide range of drill bits. Thus, rest assured that machined parts can be produced with different hole sizes.

More Reproducibility

HM CNC drilling machines are all computer-controlled. Thus, it can guarantee less error. Rest assured that HM can provide you with CNC drilled parts with high consistency on its size, dimension, hole and thread accuracy, and tight margin.

Quality Checking
What Benefits Do CNC Drilling Parts Offer?

CNC drilling parts have provided several benefits since their introduction into the industry:

  1. Accuracy:

CNC drilling parts deliver unrivaled precision.

It has generated numerous returns for businesses across all industries.

  1. Versatility:

The fact that they can accept multiple bits is a significant benefit.

Some machines have a tool gear for even faster bit switching.

  1. Reproducibility:

Creating exactly equal sets of goods is a challenge for companies in all markets.

These issues are addressed by CNC, resulting in a more consistent production line.

  1. Materials Of High Quality:

Green and long-lasting materials meet the unique requirements of automotive manufacturers.

  1. Design To Order:

Using the illustrations and samples, design and manufacture any intricate CNC drilling part.

  1. Excellent Precision:

Each CNC drilling part is precisely machined thanks to an outstanding marketing and development team.

  1. Capacity: Excellent

Hundreds of cutting-edge CNC drilling parts are capable of withstanding mass production.

  1. Rapidity Of Production:

Fast CNC drilling part modeling and efficient production solutions are provided.

Many CNC drilling parts are also simple to use, reducing the possibility of mistakes.

What are the Applications and Usages of CNC Drilling Parts?

The following products can be used with CNC drilling parts:

  • Profiles in aluminum
  • Blanks for gears
  • Hubs
  • Shafts machined
  • Profiles of plastic
  • As well as other things

There are also various types of CNC drilling parts, which broadens the range of applications.

The five most common applications, however, are as follows.

  1. Manufacturing Of Metals
  2. Making Of Wood
  3. Manufacturing Of Computer Components and parts
  4. Industry Of Electrical Power
  5. Manufacturing Of Plastics

This machine can produce exact gaps on different criteria, generally with disparities in between the holes.

This single machine can produce a variety of items thanks to a variety of unique drill bits.

What are CNC Drilling Parts' Roles in the Automotive Industry?

CNC drilling parts is a technique that is transforming automobile manufacturing.

CNC has many advantages, including speed, automation, repeatability, and more.

It is crucial given the automotive industry’s rapid development.

CNC drilling parts have proven to be an efficient way of shortening product production cycles.

In the modern automobile handling industrial sector, CNC drilling has become widely used.

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