CNC Turning Parts

HM offers custom CNC turning parts to meet various industry requirements.

We can produce CNC-turned parts that are fabricated for aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, and more industries.

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Cost-Effective CNC Turning Parts Solution

HM uses CNC turning for producing different parts such as CNC turned fasteners, screws, nuts, arrow archery broadheads, fishing broadheads, fittings, rivets, studs, spare parts, machinery parts, mechanical parts, metal housings, and more.

All these CNC turned parts are manufactured using a wide range of materials. We use aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper, steel alloys, and other metals.

HM can also provide customized CNC turning parts for different industries such as military and defense, medical, aerospace, mechanical, automotive, electronics, and more.

Our CNC turned parts are also available in custom surface treatments like polishing, anodizing, brushing, zinc-plating, etc.

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CNC Turning Parts We Are Expert

  • Aluminum Turned Parts
    Aluminum Turned Parts

    The aluminum turned parts are known for durability, design accuracy & dimensional stability. It is made from tough stainless steel for longer service.

  • Brass CNC Turned Parts
    Brass CNC Turned Parts

    Brass CNC turned parts are made with a high tolerance level and durability.  These products are in varied sizes, dimensions, and other specifications. It has a natural clean finish and coating.

  • Brass Turned Parts
    Brass Turned Parts

    The brass turned parts are made from different brass grades such as C36000(HPb62), C26800(H68), C37700(HPb59), C22000(H90), etc. We can do zinc plating, powder coating, chrome plating, etc. surface treatment to brass turned parts.

  • Precision Turning Parts
    Precision Turning Parts

    The precision turning parts has a robust design, dimensional accuracy with simple installation. It can be found in computer technology, military aeroscope applications, food and beverage processing equipment, etc.

  • Stainless Steel CNC Turning Parts
    Stainless Steel CNC Turning Parts

    Stainless steel materials are 100% recycled, thus, stainless steel CNC turning parts is known for their green and environmental protection. This product has great chemical resistance properties and electrochemical corrosion resistance. It also offers physical and mechanical features.

  • Steel Turned Parts
    Steel Turned Parts

    Steel turned parts can be made in various steel types such as AISI1020, AISI1045, 42CrMo, etc. We custom high-precision CNC steel turned parts for all industries based on customer’s drawing or samples, dimension accuracy, and surface.

  • Swiss Turned Components
    Swiss Turned Components

    Custom swiss turned parts are found in critical applications such as airbag deployment systems, implantable medical device equipment, etc. It comes in a wide range in diameter from 0.3mm (.0118”) to 32mm (1.25”). The tolerances are less than 10μm (0.0004″).

CNC Turning Part Application

CNC turning is a flexible production process commonly used in different industries such as engineering, aerospace, medical, automotive, and more. Here in HM, we used advanced CNC turning for producing different kinds of metal components such as the following:

Aluminum Components. We offer CNC turning services for manufacturing aluminum components. HM commonly used aluminum materials because of their strong and lightweight properties. Aluminum components are suitable for different applications.

Steel Components. HM uses CNC turning for steel component production. We use steel materials because of their strong and economic properties. CNC turned steel parts are widely used in automotive and aerospace.

Brass Components. CNC turning can produce different brass components for commercial products such as hardware parts, electrical contacts, and more.

CNC Turning Part Application
CNC Turning for Producing Different Components

CNC Turning for Producing Different Components

The CNC turning process uses a specialized CNC lathe machine. It uses a cylindrical material block to be shaped into the desired part design. Here in HM, we are capable of producing single axis and cylindrical parts through CNC turning. Among these parts includes:

HM CNC turning capabilities can be used together with CNC milling to produce different parts with complex shapes.

Precision CNC Turning Parts Material Selection

Similar to other CNC processes, CNC turning is also suitable for a broad range of materials. HM mostly use metal and alloys to produce CNC-turned parts. Among these materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Magnesium

Guaranteed that these materials are strong enough to handle pressure during the CNC turning process. We can also customize CNC turning parts material based on your requirements.

Precision CNC Turning Parts Material Selection
HM Custom Turning Parts Capabilities

HM Custom Turning Parts Capabilities

HM has rich experience in providing custom turning parts services to different industries. We are well-equipped with a complete set of CNC turning machines and equipment. Our full capabilities include 1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machining technology. Therefore, HM can surely produce CNC-turned parts ranging from simple to complex shapes.

Additionally, you can also ensure that HM can provide CNC-turned parts with tight tolerances up to +/-0.001mm. HM also guarantees custom CNC turned parts with varying thicknesses, dimensions, designs, and types based on your needs. Rest assured that HM produces custom CNC turned parts with high accuracy. Secondary operations such as surface treatments are also available to meet your requirements.

HM CNC Turning Parts Advantage

HM CNC Turned Parts
HM CNC Turning Parts Advantage

At HM, rest assured that all our CNC turned parts and components have high-quality.

Guaranteed Quality

HM implemented CNC turning quality control process. Thus, you can assure that all CNC turned parts and components are manufactured with fewer errors and defects. HM CNC turned parts are guaranteed with reliable quality.

Uses Wide Range of Materials

HM CNC turning is suitable for different kinds of materials. All materials are subjected to testing and complied certifications before production. Among the materials that we used includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium; and more

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

HM has expert quality control management that implements large-scale batch production inspections.

Thus, we can ensure that the produced CNC-turned parts meet your requirements. Aside from that, we are also certified by international standards such as ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001, IATF16949;2016, and more.

One-Stop Solution

HM offers a one-stop solution to your CNC turning parts services needs. We use advanced CNC turning machines that allow us to produce parts with precise cuts, accuracy, and high performance.

Aside from that, we also offer CNC turning services along with other CNC processes such as milling, drilling, machining, secondary operations, and more.

Custom CNC Turning Parts

At HM, we provide custom CNC turning parts to meet all your requirements. From materials, designs, thicknesses, to surface treatments, we can manufacture based on your specifications.

CNC Turning Parts for Different Industry

CNC Turning Parts for Aerospace
CNC Turning Parts for Aerospace

Most aerospace parts such as engines, aircraft bodies, and more are usually produced using CNC turning.  HM has full capabilities in producing a wide range of aerospace parts through our 4 and 5-axis machining technology. We can produce custom fasteners, hollow shafts, probes, covering shafts, and more.

CNC Turning Parts for Automobile
CNC Turning Parts for Automobile

HM provides CNC-turned parts for automobiles with a wide range of specifications and sizes. We can custom CNC turned automobile parts such as sensor metal shell, pressure sensor housing, temperature sensor housing, pipe joint, and more.

CNC Turning Parts for Electronics
CNC Turning Parts for Electronics

Our advanced CNC turning processes guarantees to the production of precision CNC turned electronic parts. It can produce different dimensions and complex shapes for electronic parts. At HM, we custom different CNC turned electronic parts such as contact pins, panels, bushes, conductive pins, and more.

CNC Turning Parts for Mechanical
CNC Turning Parts for Mechanical

HM manufactures custom CNC mechanical parts using CNC turning to process. These are widely used for the mechanical industry to function normally. Our custom CNC mechanical parts include rivets, bolts, nuts, connector joints, fittings, pipe couplers, and more.

Quality Checking
What types of CNC turning parts are available?

CNC turning is a highly adaptable manufacturing technique.

The most common CNC turning parts are:

  1. Metals:
  • In the automobile sector, CNC turning parts made of metal are commonly used.
  • Materials such as metal, brass, and aluminum can be used to make components.
  1. Components Made of Steel:
  • Steel CNC turning parts are both economical and durable.
  • They are most commonly found in the automotive and aerospace industries.
  1. Components of Aluminum:
  • Because of their lightweight and strong nature, these methods are mainly used in high-tech.
  • It is also highly corrosion resistant and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  1. Brass Components
  • They are often linked with conductive material and devices.
  • These are extremely simple to machine and thus very affordable.
  1. Acrylic Parts:
  • Acrylic materials are incredibly flexible and can be used for CNC turning parts.
  • There are vastly complex manufacturing components to micro fluidic devices.
  1. Components of Electronics:
  • CNC turning is also useful in the production of computer chips.
  • The electronic efficiency of the components is extremely high.
  1. Metals turned by CNC
  • Metals such as steel material, rivets, copper, bronze, and titanium can be processed.
  • Aluminum parts with superior properties and precision and excellent surface finish is made.
  1. Plastics CNC Turning
  • Nylon, thermoplastic, ABS, POM, and PP are examples of CNC turning materials.
  • It generates more precise parts than 3D printing.
What are the Best Materials for CNC Turning Parts?

Aside from the different types of lathes, there are also different categories based on the materials that can be used.

Different lathes are used for wood, metal, and glass because each requires different qualities and cutting speeds.

Square, round, hexagonal, and other material profiles are acceptable.

Possessing a status other than round can be useful if the later phase is not round in all sections.

The following are examples of suitable turning materials:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wax
  • Wood
What Characteristics Do CNC Turning Parts Possess?

A CNC turning parts has the following unique characteristics compared to standard machine tools:

  • CNCturning parts has a high degree can reduce the labor potency.
  • High milling reliability and consistency.
  • Operators must meet higher standards of quality.
  • Increased technical demands on maintenance personnel.
  • Parts with intricate patterns and multi-coordinate linking can be performed.
  • The machine tool is extremely accurate and rigid.
  • It has the ability to select a positive machine tool amount and has a high level of productivity.
  • It can reduce the amount of time required for production preparation.
What Industries Are CNC Turning Parts Commonly Used In?

The following industries benefit from CNC turning parts:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronic
  • Chemical
  • Household Items
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Recreation
  • Telecommunications
What Benefits Do CNC Turning Parts Offer?

The advantages of CNC turning parts are listed below:

  1. Processes Available

Drilling, boring, threading, and knurling are all still possible with CNC turning.

  1. Quick Turning

You can be as pleased with the speed with which your CNC Turned parts arrive as you are with their high quality.

  1. Scalability Without Comparison

CNC turning is a popular manufacturing method for achieving rapid scalability at the lowest cost.

  1. Materials Of Many Different Types

CNC turning parts can be made from over 60 different production-grade materials.

  1. The Finishing Touch

Most CNC Turned parts can be finished with high-quality processes such as anodizing and others.

  1. A Variety Of Industries

CNC Turned parts are manufactured for a variety of applications ranging from aircraft industry and robotic systems to healthcare and automotive parts.

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