CNC Machining Parts

HM specializes in CNC machining parts for over 20 years.

Through our precision CNC machine sets, we can provide part design quickly. It also enables us a fast product development on all CNC machined parts.

HM can also provide custom CNC machined parts to meet specific details and requirements.

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HM, Professional and Well-Experienced in CNC Machining Parts

As a professional manufacturer, we are fully equipped with over 100 sets of high-precision CNC machines. HM assures you a superior in-house CNC machining capacity to ensure high-quality parts.

Here in HM, we have certified CNC machining facilities. Through CNC machining, we are able to offer rapid prototyping as well as low production volume of different parts. Additionally, HM offers custom CNC machining parts services according to your needs.

Aside from that, HM provides CNC machining parts services for different industries such as medical, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, industrial, and more.

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CNC Machining Parts We Are Expert

  • 5 Axis CNC Machining Parts
    5 Axis CNC Machining Parts

    5 axis CNC machining parts are popular in aerospace that enables machining in different applications such as automotive, die and mold, etc.

  • Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
    Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

    The aluminum CNC machining parts are versatile and easier to machine accessible in various kinds and standard grades for CNC machining.

  • Anodized CNC Machining Parts
    Anodized CNC Machining Parts

    The anodized CNC machining parts have excellent finishes that produce protective oxide coating. It has a durable post-treatment method that improves its appearance.

  • Brass CNC Machining Parts
    Brass CNC Machining Parts

    The brass CNC machining parts have several advantages. It is durable and cost-efficient with a tighter seal with high heat and corrosion-resistant.

  • CNC Complex Machining Parts
    CNC Complex Machining Parts

    The CNC complex machining parts are available in various axis like 3, 4, and 5 axis. It has perfect finishes available in various sizes to meet your needs.

  • CNC Machining Aerospace Parts
    CNC Machining Aerospace Parts

    The CNC machining aerospace parts are essential for crafts for the aerospace industry. It is an available variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, etc.

  • CNC Machining Bronze Part
    CNC Machining Bronze Part

    The  CNC machining bronze parts are corrosion resistant required for seawater. It is ideal for light-duty applications with an excellent anti-friction.

  • CNC Machining Parts
    CNC Machining Parts

    The CNC machining parts have excellent looks with a variety of finishes and coatings. It provides high performance is durable that withstands any damage.

  • CNC Mechanical Parts
    CNC Mechanical Parts

    The CNC mechanical parts have great resistance from corrosion, heat, and more. It provides full protection for a longer life span accessible at lower prices.

  • Machined Plastic Parts
    Machined Plastic Parts

    The machined plastic parts have perfect components. It has an acceptable cost with the highest quality performance available incomplete options.

  • Metal Machining Parts
    Metal Machining Parts

    You can choose ideal customizations with metal machining parts. It is strong from any impact damage unique for individual industries.

  • Precision Machining Parts
    Precision Machining Parts

    The precision machining parts are applicable for various arrays of uses and applications. It is based on your custom specifications.

  • Prototype CNC Machining
    Prototype CNC Machining

    The prototype CNC machining has perfect results which provide an excellent appearance. It can be made of different metals which are high-strength parts.

  • Small Batch CNC Machining
    Small Batch CNC Machining

    Small batch CNC machining is available in a variety of materials like aluminum, all types of plastic, steel, brass, etc. It has perfect finishes, customizable based on your specifications.

  • Stainless Steel Machining Parts
    Stainless Steel Machining Parts

    The stainless steel machining parts have high tensile strength and are corrosion-resistant. Attractive appearance and durable for any temperature.

  • Steel Machining Parts
    Steel Machining Parts

    The steel machining parts have great toughness and fatigue resistance. It is available in carbon steel, alloy, etc. It has high coating resistance to maintain a good appearance and performance.

Materials Used for CNC Machining Parts

HM carefully sourced high-quality materials for CNC machining parts to meet precise and demanding applications. HM uses different metals including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Steel alloy
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel mild low carbon, and more
Materials Used for CNC Machining Parts
HM CNC Machining Parts Processes

HM CNC Machining Parts Processes

HM has full capabilities of providing different CNC machining parts processing such as the following:

  • CNC Milling. HM uses CNC milling for faster end-use parts production and custom prototypes. We are equipped with 3-axis and 5-axis milling processes for producing different parts. CNC milling is mostly used for jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes, and low volume production of components.
  • CNC Turning. HM is an expert in CNC turning for manufacturing custom prototypes and parts. We use CNC turning for producing different parts with cylindrical, slots, radial holes, grooves, and flat features.
  • EDM or Wire EDM. HM is offering EDM services for pressure die-casting and injection molding. HM EDM services can provide tight tolerances and superior surface finish to the machined parts.

HM CNC Machining for Complex Parts

CNC machined parts are varying in terms of complexity. Some parts require a simple design to complex curved geometries.

Here in HM, we are fully equipped with different types of CNC machines suitable for producing complex parts.

We have a complete set of CNC lathes. It is a 5-axis machining center or 3-axis CNC milling machine that is used for producing CNC parts with complex shapes.

Therefore, we assure that all CNC machined parts have accurate dimensions and tight tolerances.

HM CNC Machining for Complex Parts
Advantages of HM CNC Machining Parts

Advantages of HM CNC Machining Parts

CNC machining offers lots of advantages for different component production. It is ideal for both rapid prototyping and volume production. Here are some lists of CNC machining parts advantages:

  • Easily customized
  • Superior surface finish
  • Suitable for different materials
  • Suitable for producing complex parts
  • Low tooling and preparation cost
  • Fast turnaround
  • Repeatable, precise, and accurate
  • Versatility

Surface Treatments Used for CNC Machining Parts

Surface Treatments Used for CNC Machining Parts
Different Surface Treatments for CNC Machined Parts

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting surface treatment removes any imperfection or surface deposits on the CNC machined part. Thus, creating a smooth and uniform finish. It uses a sphere-shaped bead to provide a consistent matt finish. A dull finish or satin-like finish can be achieved using a finer bead.

  • Uniform satin or matte finish
  • Low cost

Anodized Finish II (Clear or Colored)

The anodized surface treatment uses a wear-resistant coating on the CNC machined parts. Thus, making the machined part resistant to corrosion. Usually, anodized parts come in different colors. It typically has a thin and transparent layer.

  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Excellent dimensional control
  • Suitable for small parts and internal cavities

Anodized Finish III (Hardcoat)

This surface treatment is only available for titanium and aluminum CNC machined parts. It provides more protection than an anodized II finish. It can also be dyed with different colors while providing maximum corrosion and wear resistance.

Powder Coating

This surface treatment allows an additional thin layer of protective polymer on the machined part surface. It is suitable for most metal materials. Advantages of powder coating include:

  • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong
  • Higher impact resistance
  • Available in multiple colors

As Machined Finish

This surface finish allows surface roughness to the machined parts. The surface roughness can be determined using the Ra value. The typical surface roughness of the machined part is Ra 3.2µm.

Advantages of as-machined finish:

  • Provides maximum tight dimensional tolerances
  • No added cost

CNC Machining Parts for Different Industry

CNC Machining Part for Aerospace Industry
CNC Machining Part for Aerospace Industry

Since the aerospace industry is exposed to extreme pressures and fast air currents, its parts should be manufactured with precision. CNC machining aerospace parts can meet the highest standard in the aerospace industry. HM uses superior quality materials in CNC machining aerospace parts such as manifolds, bushings, etc.

CNC Machining Parts for Medical Industry
CNC Machining Parts for Medical Industry

CNC machining offers easy customization to the produced parts. Thus, it is highly suitable for producing medical parts. CNC machining is also important in the medical industry for creating prototypes. Various CNC machined medical parts include research equipment, implants, and more.

CNC Machining Parts for Marine Industry
CNC Machining Parts for Marine Industry

CNC machining is also widely used in the marine industry. CNC machined components offer excellent wear and tear resistance. Thus, it is ideal for ships that require a long period of time to be repaired at land. Some CNC machined parts for the marine industry include boat parts, propellers, etc.

CNC Machining Parts for Oil and Gas Industry
CNC Machining Parts for Oil and Gas Industry

CNC machining parts are widely used for the oil and gas industry since this field is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Usual CNC machined parts include cylinders, rods, drill bits, pistons, and more.

Quality Checking
Why Should You Choose CNC Machining Parts?

You can get a lot more than a wide range of precision items when you work with us.

Below are the reasons why you should choose CNC machining parts:

1. It meets ROHS, REACH, ASTM, ISO, and other international standards.

2. It goes through a series of processes to ensure that it can resist repeated use.

3. Corrosion Resistance. It can resist corrosion under extreme weather conditions

4. Low Cost. Makes accurate machining while saving a lot of money when you work with us.

5. It requires less power to the machine and can be cut swiftly and simply.

6. It is an environment-friendly material and avoids waste.

7. It can meet increasing production while also saving resources.

8. It aids the automotive industry in the production of customized parts.

9. Long-Lasting. CNC machining parts are made to order and are a long-lasting option.

10. Fast Production Speed. Provides fast production time and optimizes the machine’s run time.

What are the Industrial Uses of CNC Machining Parts?

CNC machining parts can be beneficial to any company that requires accurate, consistent, and complex shapes for metal parts.

CNC machining parts applications are found in a variety of industries such as:

1. Aero Engines and Protection

Fixed-wing airplanes, choppers, airline safety components, and numerous other replacement parts.

2. Agriculture

A wide range of parts, such as those for agricultural machinery and farm vehicles.

3. Automobile Parts

A wide range of car and motorcycle parts, as well as related accessories, massive heavy equipment, and other items, are used in construction.

4. Electronics

A wide range of components, including electronic housings and enclosures as well as semiconductor components.

5. Publishing

A wide range of printing equipment and machines are available. as well as numerous others.

6. Food and Pharmaceutical

The equipment in food processing and in the medical industry is manufactured by CNC machining.

7. Electrical

Because of its high electrical conductivities, CNC machining parts are most commonly used as electrical components in electrical items.

What are the Standards and Requirements for CNC Machining Parts?

CNC machined parts are subjected to a quality control process that is carried out in an on-site investigation lab.

The inspection lab is outfitted with cutting-edge metrology tools and the equipment required to examine.

The quality requirements guidelines should be ensured and must have complete lot traceability.

When requested, comply with SPC, PPAP, and DFARs.

Facilities are audited and certified on a regular basis by us, our clients, and the authorities.

It must be fully certified to ISO 9001, TS 16949, ANSI, ASME, DIN ASTM, IFI RoHS, and REACH standards.

What are the Processes for Manufacturing CNC Machining Parts?

Here are the most commonly used processes to produce CNC machining parts:

1. CNC Milling

  • It is a method for precisely machining components.
  • It entails the use of a rotating milling cutter to generate the desired shape.
  • It employs various fabrication techniques such as pure milling and oblique milling.

2. CNC Turning

  • It is primarily used for the production of symmetrical or cylindrical components.
  • The cutting tool operates linearly, and the workpiece is made through CNC.
  • This precision machining can work with a variety of materials.

3. CNC Swiss Machining

  • It is an advanced CNC manufacturing technique.
  • It is capable of dealing with absolutely tiny parts with extreme precision.
  • Swiss micromachining services are widely used across a variety of industries.

4. Small Batch CNC Machining

  • It is commonly necessary to start up a product line or to examine the items.
  • The materials used are aluminum, brass, steel, plastics, steel, and stainless steel.

5. Prototype CNC Machining

  • It sometimes is made manually or reproduced using a low-end digital 3D printer.
  • It offers a high aesthetic standard and is used to create new products.

6. Precision Machining Parts

  • It frequently necessitates complex structures and entails detailed specifications.
  • It is commonly used to make metal parts that need precision to properly function.

7. 5 Axis CNC Machining Parts

  • It is commonly used for sensitive and complex machined parts.
  • It offers admirable speed and unparalleled flexibility.

8. Anodized CNC Machining Parts

  • It offers a reliable and inexpensive means of making a wear-resistant part.
  • It makes the product resistant to corrosion, strong, and lightweight.
What is the Price of CNC Machining Parts?

Its costs are determined primarily by the complexity of the product structure and the tolerance requirements.

A much more complex custom CNC machining parts necessitate greater precision and a higher price.

As a result, higher demand for a product means a lower price.

What Surface Treatments Are Possible with CNC Machining Parts?

Ceramic materials for CNC machined parts include:

  • Anodizing
  • Adhesive
  • Polishing and Bead Blasting
  • Blackening and Plating
  • Grinding and Broaching
  • Thread Cutting and Rolling
  • Drilling and Deburring
  • Tumbling and Powder Coating
  • Tumbling and Waxing
  • Burnishing
  • Other Techniques

However, each material’s surface treatments are restricted.

CNC machined aluminum parts, for example, are best suited to anodizing.

On the other hand, steel parts are better suited to polishing or thermal treatment.

What are the Types of CNC Machining Parts?

CNC machining parts are made up of numerous materials and it comes in different types such as the following:

1. Machined Plastic Parts

It comes with different dimensions in intricate geometries and it has a fine tolerance. It maintains a high quality of the surface.

2. Metal Machining Parts

It makes use of milling machines, drill presses, and lathes to generate numerous figures and sizes using various metals.

3. Steel Machining Parts

It is mostly used in CNC Turning and CNC Swiss Machining. It has excellent strength, flexibility, durability, and formability.

4. Stainless Steel Machining Parts

It is a steel alloy that comprises chromium. It offers an excellent surface finish and extreme resistance to corrosion. It has also high strength and is self-protective.

5. Aluminum CNC Machining Parts

This kind of material offers excellent machinability, overall versatility, and hardness. It can also resist heat and corrosion. It is low-cost and has low weight.

6. Brass CNC Machining Parts

It is a metal alloy that is made up of combined zinc and copper. It has high malleability and is one of the most commonly used materials in the world.

7. CNC Machining Bronze Part

It is a material comprised of mainly copper and tin. It has high strength and workability. It is not magnetic and has low friction.

What is the Tolerance for CNC Machining Parts?

Tolerance in CNC machining parts is the acceptable range of deviation of a workpiece from its intended shape.

The desired CNC machining parts are produced with tight tolerance and extreme accuracy.

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