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Wide Range of Manufacturing Processes for Your Parts

CNC machining and drilling uses multi-point drill bits that create cylindrical holes in the metal. It is great for detailed work and manufacturing screw holes.
CNC turning is a more cost-effective option, better for simple designs. A lathe spins the piece on either a vertical or a horizontal axis, and the tool moves linearly.
CNC mills use rotating tools to cut away material. Using 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machines, we can control both the rotating tool and the workpiece. CNC milling allows for rapid prototyping and precision.
HM can design the perfect CAD for your design and send you a sample of the product for your approval. Whether we start with your specifications or just a description, you will be in control every step of the way, including sample and drawing.
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  • Home appliances
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Electrical
  • Furniture
  • Industrial machinery
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
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Made for Any Application

CNC machined metal parts are applicable and useful in a wide range of industries. We can manufacture any CNC part to meet your needs. 

Advanced High-Precision CNC Parts

HM uses 100 sets of advanced high-precision CNC equipment with a range of capabilities to optimize the balance between your desired design complexity and budget.

Our machines achieve a tolerance of 0.002um—great even for medical applications. 

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  • CNC Machined Auto Parts Material Selection

Material for Your Custom CNC Parts

Aluminum: Aluminum is weldable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and is thermally conductive. HM works with a wide range of aluminum alloys, including Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, etc. 

Steel: Steel is highly impact-resistant and strong. We offer carbon steel, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 304, and stainless steel 316 for CNC machining.

Brass: Brass has excellent electrical conductivity and strength. Brass material like brass 59-1, and brass free-cut 360 are great choices for CNC applications. 

Zinc: HM works with zinc material Zamak 3 and Zamak 5. Zinc has a great damping capacity, is highly ductile, and exhibits long-term dimensional stability. Plus, we offer zinc plating as a surface treatment. 

Sample & Drawing
HM R&D department will develop your custom CAD according to your requirements. We will also conduct rapid prototyping and send the samples to you for approval.
Get Quotation
Simply contact us with your requirements, and we will estimate a quotation within a day. Moreover, you will get a free manufacturing analysis along with your quote.
Sample Production
Our factory supports low-volume production and sample prototyping—ideal for small businesses and new distributors.
Mass Production
HM has excellent mass production capabilities, supplying 5 million parts per year. We will set up your seamless production, keeping track of quality control and more.
We will help you organize optimal shipping to your business location or a warehouse. We ship worldwide.

Why HM Can Be Your Premier Supplier

HM has excellent production capabilities, extensive experience, advanced equipment, innovative ideas, strict quality control, and a dedication to your success. 

Years of Experience
Factory Employees
Sets of CNC Equipment
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5 Million CNC Parts Manufactured Every Year

Over 20 years, we have developed over 50,000 projects, and we continue to increase our design catalogue by 100 each month. We manufacture CNC metal parts for any application.
Aluminum Auto Parts
We manufacture a large variety of CNC fuel tank fittings, transmission gears, bungs, pistons, cylinder heads, and more—anything you may need for any type of vehicle.
CNC Aluminum Billet
HM uses aluminum billets to machine the perfect parts for your project. A plain billet is milled and turned into a custom piece.
Stainless steel is highly machinable, so it is easy to use for mass production. The strength and resistance to corrosion make these CNC parts high-performance.
Brass CNC Turned Parts
Custom brass and bronze CNC parts made to order are perfect for many applications.
Customized CNC Machining Equipment Spare Medical Parts
HM has advanced CNC machinery with tight tolerances great for medical precision parts.
Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
We also manufacture CNC parts for CNC machining, such as milling parts, turning components, and various drills.
Our Certifications
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Engineers Who Trust Us

  • HM R&D staff did a great job helping me pick the right features according to my calculations and needs. Their customer support and ability to create accurate products was great!
    Jessie Doe Australia
  • I consistently partner with HM for a variety of projects. Using HM CNC parts I was able to upgrade my racing car and build up my specialty car repair business.
    Joshua Brown USA
  • I am glad that I have been able to develop a range of household appliances using CNC parts. HM staff has been helpful in advising me on the selection of the right aluminum and brass alloys. Also, their finishes and colours make my appliances look great.
    Hans Müller Germany
  • HM takes care of quality. Their certifications and product testing take their manufacturing game to the next level. I am always confident in the quality of my CNC parts.
    Omar Saed
    Omar Saed UAE

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More Questions You May Have

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What Materials Can You Process for CNC Machining?

HM processes different metal materials such as:

Aluminum Alloy: Al 6061, ACD12, A380, Al6063, Al6082, Al075, etc.

Stainless Steel: SS303, SS304, SS316, and more

Brass: Brass 59-1, Brass Free-Cut 360, and so on

Zinc: Zamak 3 and Zamak 5

We can also process materials such as carbon steel and copper.

Do You Support Sample and Mass Production?

Yes. HM supports sample-prototyping as well as low-volume manufacturing. We also offer mass production that allows us to supply more than 5 million CNC machined parts per year.

Can You Help With Our Product Design?

Of course, HM can help you. We have expert R&D engineers who have rich experience in CNC machined parts and structures. You can communicate with our team or send us your inquiries.

Do You Offer Customize Products and Services?

Yes. Our R&D team will handle all your specific requirements. You can send us your drawing or CAD file so we can help you. Aside from that, we can also provide you with samples and wait for your approval. We will make sure that everything will be produced according to your specifications.

What Surface Treatments Can You Handle?

HM can handle different surface treatments such as anodizing, polishing, chrome-plating, sandblasting, electropolishing, and more. We can provide different surface treatments based on the materials used.

How Can I Make a Quotation?

You can request for a quotation by sending us your requirements. You can also make a good quotation by sending your data files or existing samples, descriptions, and product quantity.

How Long Does Your Quotation Take?

Usually, after your send your requirements, it will take us one day to estimate a quotation.

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes. We can ship worldwide through DHL, FedEx, and UPS. We can ship by air, land, and sea.

How Long Can I Receive My Orders After Shipping?

Delivery may usually take 15 to 30 days. However, it also depends on your order quantity.

If the Product has an Issue, Can I Request for Refund or Replacement?

Yes. If the parts or the products are damaged due to bad packaging or other factors caused by our business, we can provide refund or replacement.

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