Aluminium Cylinder Head

HM is a professional manufacturer of custom aluminum cylinder heads from China.

You can request various aluminum alloys, die casting and CNC machining, the inclusion of any OEM/ODM feature, and surface treatment—all to supply the perfect product for your project.

Your Top-Choice Aluminum Cylinder Heads Supplier

The cylinder head is an integral component of internal combustion engines, and HM takes the development of cylinder heads seriously.

During our 20 years of work, our R&D professionals have mastered the designs of many specialty parts, including aluminum cylinder heads. We know the features, requirements, and regulations for the industry, as well as engine-specific nuances. High-performance, diesel, four-stroke, two-stroke, and other engines—we can develop cylinder heads for anything.

HM manufactures cylinder heads for engines, providing a basic framework for housing the gas-exchange valves as well as the spark plugs and injectors. Our innovative part designs also support portions of the cooling system.

Aluminium Cylinder Head Series

  • Holder Cylinder Head
    Holder Cylinder Head

    The holder cylinder head is designed to build industry machinery cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other automotive parts. Features with 360° adjustable head.

  • High Quality Engine Cylinder Head
    High Quality Engine Cylinder Head

    A high-quality engine cylinder head comes with state-of-the-art models, designs, and colors. High-powered, safe, and efficient to use from moderate to heavy-duty operations. 

  • engine valve chamber cylinder head
    Engine Valve Chamber Cylinder Head

    Build from the finest selection of metal materials. Safe, secure, and easy to maintain components that provide dynamic and hassle-free driving conditions.

  • Machining Gravity Casting Aluminum Cylinder Head
    Machining Gravity Casting Aluminum Cylinder Head

    The machining gravity casting aluminum cylinder head is precisely manufactured and combined with advanced and high-strength spare parts. 

  • High Performance Diesel Engine Cylinder Head
    High Performance Diesel Engine Cylinder Head

    The high-performance diesel engine cylinder head consists of high power tolerance and operation, perfect for massive auto vehicles, machines, and equipment. 

  • SBC GM350 Aluminum Cylinder Head
    SBC GM350 Aluminum Cylinder Head

    SBC GM350 aluminum cylinder head is easy to install and perfectly fits heavy-duty machines and vehicles. Guarantees enduring, secured, and trouble-free operations. 

  • CHEVY LS1 LS3 Aluminum material Cylinder Head
    CHEVY LS1 LS3 Aluminum material Cylinder Head

    The CHEVY LS1 LS3 aluminum material cylinder head delivers power-building and a wide range of performance that responds to having a greater force on your machine.

  • Aluminum V8 Engine Chevy LS3 276cc Cylinder Head
    Aluminum V8 Engine Chevy LS3 276cc Cylinder Head

    Offers high efficiency of combustion chambers, which is beneficial for the performance consistency of your automobiles.

  • Custom Low Pressure Aluminum Casting Cylinder Head
    Custom Low Pressure Aluminum Casting Cylinder Head

    The custom low-pressure aluminum casting cylinder head is best for motorcycle, auto, and machine accessories. Available in any customization depending on your per request. 

Custom Aluminum Cylinder Head Design

Our cylinder heads allow air and gasoline into the combustion chamber and cover the cylinders. High-quality aluminum cylinder heads help build enough compression in the chamber for an engine to work.

We manufacture one-cylinder heads for conventional in-line engines, as well as two-cylinder heads for V-engines. If you need, we can also engineer a one-cylinder head for your V-engine. As mentioned, we supply custom aluminum cylinder heads for high-performance, direct injection diesel, gasoline, four-stroke, two-stroke, and other engine types.

Our employees will consider your custom measurements for valve length, lift, and diameter, combustion chamber size, valve angle, camshafts, intake port configurations, the shape of the flame deck, and more.

Aluminium Cylinder Heads
Aluminium Cylinder Heads Production

Aluminium Cylinder Heads Production

HM constantly improves factory conditions and capabilities. We produce 5 million parts per year using 100 sets of CNC machinery and 10 sets of automatic die casting equipment.

You may also request CNC porting, which is a machining process that applies CNC techniques to a standard cast cylinder head. This improves efficiency and precision. Die casting alone may not be as precise, and CNC milling is not as fast. CNC porting enhances production output.

Our CNC machines can precisely shape the combustion chamber or runner, with a tolerance of 0.002um. Simply contact us, and our staff will advise the best manufacturing option for you.

Aluminium Cylinder Heads Application

Aluminium cylinder heads are used in all sorts of engine types and vehicles. This includes high-performance racing cars, trucks, city vehicles, motorcycles, and more. HM can manufacture cylinder heads for specific purposes and brands, such as V8 Chevy and V6 Mustang engines.

Bring your custom idea to life with HM aluminum cylinder heads.

Aluminium Cylinder Heads Application
CNC Aluminum Cylinder Heads Machine

Why HM Aluminium Cylinder Heads

Being a leading custom aluminum cylinder head supplier from China, HM offers you a one-stop solution for your project.

Our engineers will help develop your idea into a CAD with the necessary measurements and features. We will also advise you on the choice of aluminum alloy, manufacturing process, and surface treatment.

We offer CNC milling, CNC turning, die-casting, anodizing, chrome plating, and more. Finally, we will apply any color paint or powder coating, carefully pack, and ship your aluminum cylinder heads.

Our products undergo strict quality control and testing, so you can trust our work.

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Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications


High-Performance Cylinder Heads

High-performance aluminum cylinder heads are lightweight but strong enough to raise horsepower. Aluminum heads dissipate heat faster, improving the durability of your engine. Also, it will draw in a dense, cooler air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber, which increases power output.

Wide Selection of Alloys

Many businesses in the automotive industry choose aluminum cylinder heads due to the material’s high strength-to-weight ratio. HM manufactures aluminum cylinder heads using different aluminum alloys to suit your application:

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6061
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075

Suitable For Any Vehicle

HM specializes in manufacturing custom CNC and die-cast parts. We are also experts in the industry, and our capabilities allow us to supply quality aluminum cylinder heads for any type of engine and vehicle.

You can customize the design, and specify what vehicle you want the cylinder heads for. Any car brand, model, type—we’ve got you covered.

Polished Aluminum Cylinder Heads

At HM, we offer a wide range of surface treatments for any part. Polished aluminum cylinder heads are common due to their simplicity, aesthetic, and cost-efficient process.

You can also request aluminum anodizing, sandblasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, painting any color, and laser engraving.

Quality Checking
What are the Upgrades and Modifications of an Aluminum Cylinder Head?

An aluminum cylinder head’s lower face, which mates with the block, can wear and warp over time.

Decking, resurfacing, or head skimming is a process that is used to reinstate a flat surface on its head.

Porting is the process of modifying the engine’s ports, typically by polishing the walls perfectly smoothly.

The gas flow through the head will be improve as a result of this.

Polishing takes time but can be done at home with simple tools.

The camshaft is located in the head of an over-head cam engine, the most common engine type.

Inline engines use a single aluminum cylinder head, whereas flat and W engines use various cylinder heads.

What Materials are Used to Make an Aluminum Cylinder Head?

Cast iron or cast aluminum are used to make cylinder heads.

Cast aluminum is more costly to make, but it saves weight and dissipates heat more effectively than cast iron.

Almost all gasoline engines in production use an aluminum head, whereas cast iron is still widely used.

An aluminum cylinder head’s interior is a sophisticated system of oil galleries and cooling system entry.

The lost-foam casting approach is generally used to form these inner cavities in heads.

An aluminum cylinder head is made of durable metallic materials and light metals.

What Components Does an Aluminum Cylinder Head Protect For?

The nozzle gear and engine components are also housed within the head.

Complex coolant and oil passageways are located inside the cylinder head.

The top end of the engine is comprised of the head and the components it houses.

The engine’s mechanical control center is the head, in many ways.

It is where the intake, exhaust, ignition, and fuel systems all come together.

What are the Advantages of an Aluminum Cylinder Head?

Here are the advantages offered:

  • Give ways through which air and exhaust gases enter and exit the combustion chamber.
  • Heat is dissipated more quickly in aluminium cylinder heads.
  • This enables higher compression ratios while reducing the risk of detonation.
  • Provides a fresher air or fuel combination to the exhaust gases.
  • Low pressure is compact and has the potential to generate more power.
  • Extremely resistant to corrosion and can be easily repaired.
  • Its softness makes welding and machining easier.
  • It is secured to the motor frame by four hydraulically fastened bolts.
  • Increases the efficiency of engine operation of vehicles.
  • Houses the gas paths and works as a mounting point for the nozzle vents.
  • Allows for the experimental modification of the fuel injection system.
  • Highly cost effective and functions well as per requirements.
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