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HM is a reputable supplier of custom die casting parts from China.

We can produce all types of die casting parts used in the medical industry, automotive, power tools, and other industries. Message us today!

HM, Your Leading Custom Die Casting Parts Manufacturer

HM has rich experience in die casting services. Die casting is a method of forming solid metal parts for a wide variety of industries. Die casting parts are valued for their precision details, durability, and consistent grade.

With 20 years of experience, HM has produced thousands of custom die casting parts for clients worldwide. Accessible in all types and designs, our die casting parts are manufactured with both longevity and aesthetic value. It can resist extreme situations and long-term wear.

HM focuses on minimizing rejections, maximizing productivity, and extending the life of our products. You can surely boom your business with HM!

Custom Die Casting Parts Series

  • Auto die casting parts
    Auto die casting parts

    Auto die casting parts are components commonly used for the automotive and hardware industry. Examples of its finished products are gears and locks.

  • Sweeper Robot Accessories Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    Sweeper Robot Accessories Aluminum Die Casting Parts

    These parts come in custom size, design, and thickness. It is often used in producing artificial intelligence items. It serves the medical industry, electrical, machinery, auto, etc.

  • Vaccum Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    Vaccum Aluminum Die Casting Parts

    This vaccum aluminum die casting parts are used in various engine parts. It provides an outstanding finish and decreases your parts production cost.

  • Aluminum Turning die casting parts
    Aluminum Turning Die Casting Parts

    Aluminum turning die casting parts have standard 0.2mm-8mm thickness. These are popular for having excellent corrosion resistance and extreme strength.

  • Anodic Oxidation Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    Anodic Oxidation Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    These are components made from an A360  A380 aluminum alloy. Plus it also increases the surface hardness, abrasive protection, and wear resistance.
  • gravity aluminium die casting parts
    Gravity Aluminium Die Casting Parts
    These are parts made from weld materials like low-temperature and aluminium alloys. The finished parts are widely used in industrial applications, like in the energy and medical sectors.


  • High Precision Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    High Precision Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Parts
    These are parts with excellent corrosion resistance, high hardness, high electrical conductivity, and high thermal conductivity. It also has great finishing features.
  • High Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Parts
    High Pressure Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Parts

    These parts are cost-effective and very efficient. This is often used for gearbox casings, engine blocks, engine mounts, and oil sumps. However, it has outstanding and long-lasting finishes.

  • Precision Steel CNC die casting parts
    Precision Steel CNC Die Casting Parts

    Precision steel CNC die casting parts are components made using a precision die casting process. This enables every component to have high accuracy and replicability.

Custom Die Casting Parts Design and Materials

HM can produce all types of die casting parts such as sink faucets, engine cooling fans, gas pump handles, gumball machines, air conditioner components, air valves, camera housings, etc. We use high-grade materials in making high-quality die casting parts. It includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Copper

You also choose the surface treatment, color, and finish of your custom die casting parts. Die casting parts can be shot blasted, powder coated, deburred, or sanded.

Custom Die Casting Parts Design
Custom Die Casting Parts Fabrication

Custom Die Casting Parts Production

HM produced the highest-precision die casting parts with advanced CAD/CAM software, advanced high-pressure cold chamber dies casting machines, and hot chamber machine.  These machines range from 80 tons to 1600 tons in capacity.

We also execute secondary operations such as turning, drill tapping, and machining to meet your requirements. With well-established QC procedures, high-quality tools, and skilled workers, HM can bring superior quality products at the very best price.

We can supply custom die casting parts in any quantity and can be shipped efficiently.

Custom Die Casting Parts Application

HM has the wide manufacturing capabilities to supply precision die-cast aluminum parts for various industries. We produced high-end parts for the hydraulic industry, industrial industry, automotive industry, electrical industry, furniture, the lighting industry, telecommunications industries, etc.

Partnering with HM can help you achieve the precision parts you desire! Message us to discuss your custom die casting part requirements.

Custom Die Casting Parts Application
Why HM Custom Die Casting Parts

Why HM Custom Die Casting Parts

HM ensure highly precise die casting parts for your projects. We are your one-stop-shop solution for different types of parts and die. With 20 years of experience, we are confident to meet the demands of our clients.

If you have a complex part design, from tool design to finishing, HM can assist you through every step of the process. HM has the strong technical knowledge, advanced manufacturing practices, and unique R&D services.

Our company is in compliance with various certifications such as ISO45001, ISO9001, ISO14001, and  IATF16949:2016.  We supply the highest quality die-cast parts following strict quality control procedures and inspections.

Choose HM to customize your product now!

HM Custom Die Casting Parts Features

Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications

Ideal for rapid and mass production

Custom die casting parts can be manufactured accurately and precisely. Due to the casting molds, thousands of castings can be produced repeatedly with identical designs and detail.

Durable and stable parts

Die casting parts are versatile with detailed specifications, and uniform quality. They are also heat-resistant and dimensionally stable. It can sustain injections of high pressure and maintain close tolerances.

Wide range of Applications

HM produced die casting parts for different industries including builder’s hardware industry, telecommunications industry, sports, electrical machinery industry and electrical appliance industry, automotive, industrial products, hydraulic products, etc.

Surface Treatments

You can choose the surface coatings after dying casting parts. These coatings allow for better durability and appearance of the products, it includes:

  • Anodizing
  • Painting
  • Gold plating
  • Chem filming
  • E-coating
  • Casting impregnation
  • Aluminum passivation

Surface coatings offer protection from corrosion for a long time, ionize the parts, efficient performance of the surface, and to meet the aesthetic standards of the die casting components.

Quality Checking
What Is Exactly Die Casting?

Die Casting Parts

Die Casting Parts

Die casting is a metal casting process. It uses high pressure at high speed to force molten nonferrous alloys into steel dies. This process of manufacturing can rapidly create molded products that are solidified to form a final shape.

Die casting is a popular method used nowadays. This process can create durable and high-quality parts for a variety of applications. The die casting process is used to develop small components for the automotive industry, decorative hardware, etc.

What Materials Used for Die Casting Parts Process?

Some are the following materials used in producing die casting parts:

Aluminum Die-casting 

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

A metal-casting method for manufacturing complex aluminum components. It uses extremely high temperatures to molten aluminum ingots. Aluminum die casting parts are durable and withstand high operating temperatures.

Aluminum is a great material with various advantages such as:

  • Lightweight material
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High dimensional stability
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • High strength at elevated temperature
  • properties of shielding

Aluminum Die-casting Parts Applications

Parts manufactured from aluminum die casting are utilized in different industries, it includes;

  • Automotive parts – aluminum die casting parts to enhance the fuel efficiency of automobiles. It contributes to saving the requirements of weight.
  • Infrastructure and networking equipment
  • Communication and telecommunication industry
  • Lighting fixture
  • Agricultural parts
  • Military and aircraft materials
  • Heatsinks and brackets
  • Handheld devices

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting Parts

Zinc Die Casting Parts

A perfect process for producing an extensive range of complex zinc components. Some are the advantages of parts made from the zinc die casting process:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability and accuracy
  • Perfect thin wall capability
  • Smooth textured
  • Excellent tensile strength and hardness
  • Recyclable
  • Great electrical conductivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Economical raw material
  • Exceptional strength

Zinc Die Casting Parts Applications

Parts manufactured from zinc die casting are used in various applications, it includes;

  • Structural parts of electrical machines
  • Motor vehicles
  • Lighting fixture
  • Office machinery
  • Household applications
  • Builder’s hardware
  • Brackets and heatsinks
  • Power and hand tools
  • Aircraft parts
  • Telecommunication components

 Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium Die Casting Parts

Magnesium Die Casting Parts

A manufacturing method of forcing molten magnesium into the mold. Magnesium is an easy alloy to the machine. It is strong and lightweight material.

The Magnesium Die Casting process can make accurately dimensional magnesium parts. Parts have a smooth and flawless outcome. Some are the following advantages of magnesium die casting:

  • Create Long lasting parts
  • Great weight-to-strength ratio
  • Machined easily
  • Suitable finishing traits
  • Provide suitable RFI shielding
  • Recyclable parts
  • exceptional capability to thin walls
  • high stability
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Handle very high operational temperatures
  • high thermal conductivity
  • suitable mechanical characteristics

Magnesium Die Casting Parts

Several industries use magnesium die casting such as:

  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Glove box door
  • Key lock housing
  • Seat riser
  • Console bracket,
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Pedal bracket
  • Mirror brackets
  • Door handles
  • Fuel filler lids
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oil filter adapter
  • Electric motor housing, etc.

Copper Die Casting Parts

Copper Die Casting Parts

Copper Die Casting Parts

Copper die casting parts are resistant to corrosion. These parts have good wear resistance, high mechanical properties, and good dimensional stability.

Copper Die Casting Parts Includes:

  • High amperage circuit breakers
  • Electrode plates for process industry machinery
  • Electrode holders
  • Die-cast rotors in motors of high efficiency
  • Terminal lugs
  • Spot welding electrodes
  • Die-cast battery terminals
  • Electrical switchgear
Which Technique Can Be Used in Die Casting Parts?

Some are the following techniques used in die casting parts;

Hot Chamber Die Casting – a temperature of the mechanism employed for injection.  Hot Chamber Die Casting molten metal by forcing it through the cavity of a pre-shaped mold utilizing pressure. In this process, metal is heated inside the casting machine.

Hot chamber dies casting production rates are high compare to cold chamber die casting. It is due to the metal doesn’t need to be moved to the mechanism for injection. Some of the metals ideal for hot chamber die casting include magnesium alloys, lead, zinc, and titanium.

Cold Chamber Die Casting – in this process, the metal tends to be melted utilizing an external furnace. After that, it is transferred to the mechanism for injection where the machine is ready to carry out a casting.

Cold chamber dies casting production rate is lower than hot chamber dies casting. Some of the metal ideals for cold chamber die casting includes aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys.

How to Control Quality During Custom Die Casting Parts Process?

It is vital to guarantee strict quality control during the die casting parts manufacturing process. Some are the following points to control quality during the diecasting parts process:

  • Dimensional Control – it’s an important control before mass production of die casting parts to meet dimensions required by the customer. It needs to finish quality control by FA, APQP, and SPC. The parts must be inspected every 2 hours to ensure there is no possibility of changing specifications.
  • Cosmetic Inspection – Cosmetic inspection ensures to eliminate of any defects of the products. This inspection ensures high-quality die casting parts.
  • Assembly And Function Testing – After production and comprehensive inspection, a manufacturer need to perform functional tests of the product. This control configures die casting parts’ real usage conditions. It gets rid of the instances of defects.
Is Die Casting Parts Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, of course.

Die casting parts are reusable and not harmful to the environment. It is lightweight, making it advantageous in reducing the consumption of fuel on automotive applications. The die casting process offers long part life, high accuracy parts.

What Custom Parts Can Make During Die Casting Process?

Automotive Industry

Die casting parts in this area includes:

  • Stripper pads
  • Pistons, gears
  • Draw pads
  • Pressure pads
  • Accelerator brake
  • Glove box door, etc.
  • Radio housing
  • Engine block
  • Seat riser
  • Brake pedal alarm, etc.

Builder’s Hardware Industry

Die casting parts in the builder’s hardware industry include:

  • Plumbing instrument
  • Lock parts
  • Connector housing
  • Bushings
  • Power tools
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Toys
  • Parts of a sink faucet, etc.

Telecommunications Industry

Die casting parts in the telecommunications industry include:

Sports Industry

Die casting parts in the sports industry include:

  • Body parts for bicycles
  • Frame of bicycles
  • Sports equipment

Electrical Machinery Industry

Die casting parts electrical machinery industry include:

  • Integrated circuits
  • Electric fan
  • Television
  • Transistors
  • Printed circuits
  • Electric iron
  • Connectors
  • Washing machine

Military Industry

  • Firearm equipment
  • Military vehicles
  • Tanks
  • Cylinders
  • Shaft Sleeves
  • Special transport vehicles
  • Straight bushings
  • Flange bushings
  • Eccentric bushings
  • Gear Blanks and gear worm blanks
  • Rings, etc.
What Are the Advantages of Custom Die Casting Parts?

Some of the advantages of custom die casting parts are:

  • Ideal for rapid and mass production – die casting parts can be custom-made accurately according to your complex shapes, sizes, or any requirements.
  • Durable and stable – these parts are durable enough thus possible to handle high-pressure injections. die casting parts are heat resistant and maintain close tolerances.
  • Lightweight and strong
  • The die casting process provides a flawless finish on the surface of the die casting parts.
  • good dimensional accuracy.
  • The die casting process makes it possible to develop die casting small parts.
  • Die casting parts with high mechanical properties and smooth texture.
  • Die casting can produce hundreds of die casting parts that have specified tolerances
  • An economical process that can boom your business
What Are the Benefits of Custom Die Casting Parts for Your Business?
  • Promote your brand or business effectively
  • You will be able to get high productivity.
  • The die casting method is very cost-effective, especially at high-volume productions.
What are the Limitations of Die Casting Parts?

At times, the die casting parts tend to have very few limitations. It includes:

  • Prone to the generation of air holes
  • Concave die casting parts production tends to be difficult
  • Ferrous metals and copper have a shorter lifespan
  • Manufacturing die casting parts are the high cost
  • Not suited for making parts on a small scale
What are the Common Defects During Die Casting Parts Process?
  • Gas Porosity
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Cold Laps
  • Blister
  • Cracks
  • Laminations
  • Colored Spots
Which Die Casting Finishing Services Can Be Apply to Die Casting Parts?

Die casting parts do not require additional finishing services. However, if you want a finished surface to your die cast part, we list some of the following types of finishing services you can apply after dying casting parts:

  • Anodizing
  • Shot blasting
  • Aluminum passivation
  • Vibratory finishing
  • Casting impregnation
  • Plating
  • E-coating
  • Painting
  • Chem filming
  • Acid etching
  • Gold plating
  • Powder coating
  • Solution color Patinas
Why Apply Surface Finishing to Custom Die Casting Parts?

The main reasons for these surface finishing options to custom die casting parts are the following:

  • Protects parts from corrosion
  • Ionize the die casting parts
  • Sealing assistance
  • Surface finishing of the die casting parts meet the aesthetic standards or requirements the parts
  • Provides die casting part surface efficient performance
Why Choose HM to Custom Your Die Casting Parts?

HM is a reputable die casting parts manufacturer in China. For many years in this industry, they deliver superior quality custom products and services. Their company develops long-term cooperation with large businesses around the world. Some are the other reasons why choose them to custom your products:

  • Deliver fast custom solutions at a very cost-effective rate
  • Follow strict quality management and processes
  • Ensures that your parts meet the standards of your industry
  • Provide you with advanced die casting solutions for your direct application needs
  • Provide all-round production services
  • Skilled and experienced team that work with you to create more efficient parts
  • Decades of manufacturing experience

Contact HM for more information regarding your custom dies casting parts processes and applications.

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