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Our aluminum bushings are precisely manufactured and come in all sorts of sizes, thicknesses, styles, and designs. Message us to discuss your requirements!

  1. Precision-Crafted: Hengming (HM) ensures flawless, reliably engineered aluminum bushings for optimal fit and quality.
  2. Customization: We cater to your unique needs with our wide range of bushing sizes, thicknesses, styles, and designs.
  3. Easy Consultation: Contact us for expert guidance on efficient and cost-effective solutions for your specific requirements.
  4. Advanced Techniques: Our cutting-edge manufacturing techniques deliver superior quality, even for intricate designs and tight tolerances.
  5. Proven Reputation: Trust our years of industry experience and commitment to quality as a leading manufacturer in Zhejiang, China.


Custom Aluminum Bushing

HM aluminum bushings are a type of bearings also called sleeve bearings. It is designed as a single part commonly used for machinery with rotating, spinning, or sliding shafts. This product reduces vibration & noise and improves working efficiency.

Aluminum bushings provide low friction solutions in various applications with high impact, high load, and high temperatures. It can be utilized for drilling applications in hydraulic external gear pumps & motors and drill jigs, cartwheels, Ferris wheels, etc. HM supplies aluminum bushings for trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Our range of aluminum bushings features low maintenance, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and self-lubricating. Made from superior quality material, it is durable with long service life.

HM offer cost-effective products and services. We support full customization of your aluminum bushings needs – ideal to skyrocket your business. With 20+ years of manufacturing experience, HM has profound knowledge and know-how in this field. Request a quote now!



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Aluminum Bushing Series



  • Aluminum iron flange bushing
    Aluminum Iron Flange Bushing

    Aluminum iron flange bushing is widely used as shaft support. It is installed in the bearing’s mounting surface perpendicularly. Common materials used for manufacturing include aluminum and cast iron.


  • Aluminum Bronze Bushing
    Aluminum Bronze Bushing

    Aluminum bronze bushing has three types including plain flange bushing, graphite plugged flange bushing, and oil/grease grooved flange bushing. Shaft flex can be prevented by using aluminum bronze bushing.


  • Pins and Arm Bushing
    Pins and Arm Bushing

    Pin and arm bushing feature high wear resistance, high-temperature threshold, corrosion resistance, press-fit, and precise tolerances. It is also designed to withstand high pressure and high temperature.


  • aluminum alloy bolt bushing
    Aluminum Alloy Bolt Bushing

    All aluminum alloy bolt bushing are compliant with ISO, JIS, ANSI, DIN, and GB standards. It comes with a below 6mm shaft diameter and a wide range of tolerance.


  • aluminum wheel bushing
    Aluminum Wheel Bushing

    Aluminum wheel bushing is designed with a one-piece flange. It features high durability, a snug fit, a contact washer, and prolonged useable life.


  • Colorful Anodizing Sleeve Bushing
    Colorful Anodizing Sleeve Bushing

    Colorful anodizing sleeve bushing is widely used to reduce friction. It features a cylindrical shape that is widely used for automotive, machine, Electronics, and other industries.


  • Aluminum Stainless Steel Bushing
    Aluminum Stainless Steel Bushing

    Aluminum stainless steel bushings are commonly used for residential applications. It features MNPT and FNPT end connections. It is also made from high-quality stainless steel materials.


  • colourful anodized aluminum cnc bushing
    Colourful Anodized Aluminum CNC Bushing

    These aluminum CNC bushings are manufactured with a colorful anodized finish. It is widely used for bicycle machinery parts. Mostly, these are produced using 6061-T6 aluminum materials.


  • custom aluminum threaded bushing
    Custom Aluminum Threaded Bushing

    It features a male and female end connection. These are also available in hex head and flush bushing options. Sizes and dimensions are customizable based on customers’ requirements.


  • sleeve reducer drill flange aluminum bushing
    Sleeve Reducer Drill Flange Aluminum Bushing

    Sleeve reducer drill flange aluminum bushings are manufactured using AL6061, AL6063, and more aluminum materials. It is also manufactured with different surface treatment such as polishing, anodized, etc.


HM Aluminum Bushing Materials and Designs

As a professional aluminum bushing supplier, HM can work with various versatile aluminum grades such as AI 6061, AI 356, Al 6082, Al 6063, etc. We can recommend and advise the best one for your needs.

You can specify aluminum bushing length, thread size and type, body shape, thickness, internal parts, pressure class, and much more in both inches and metric measurements.  Some of the aluminum bushings thread types are:

  • BSPT
  • NPT
  • Metric
  • UNF


Aluminum Bushing
Aluminum Bushing Production

Aluminum Bushing Production

HM has been producing aluminum bushing for worldwide clients. We use sophisticated production techniques in creating precise products. The process starts with forming metal pipes by eccentric presses. It is shaped in exact quality conditions.

Our company owns 100 sets of high precision CNC machines for perfect and efficient fabrications. All aluminum bushings we offer have high durability and driving safety. It provides damped chassis vibrations, excellent assembly, and compatible material properties. These products meet various certifications such as ASME, ASTM, UL, RoHS, REACH, etc.


HM Aluminum Bushing Applications

HM aluminum bushings are used for relatively light, low-speed applications. Most commonly they are used in oil and gas, mining, military, hydroelectric, chemical processing plants, water treatment facilities, conveyors & packaging equipment, and more. Generally, aluminum bushings provide low friction solutions in applications with high load, high impact, and high temperatures.

With our excellent custom fabrication, we have wide capabilities in producing aluminum bushings based on your specific applications. We can produce aluminum bushings depending on the frictional and mechanical properties required for your application. Simply message with your sample or ideas, measurements, and other specifications!


Aluminum Bushing Applications
Why HM Aluminum Bushing

Why HM Custom Aluminum Bushing

With a 6S factory management system, low-volume manufacturing support, and 200 factory employees including 20 R&D engineers, HM is capable of producing premium quality aluminum bushings efficiently.

Our company follows strict quality control with our advanced testing equipment like spectrometer, 3D coordinates measuring machine, flaw detector, salt spray testing, 2.5D projector, etc. Our comprehensive raw material testing and verification ensure high-end finish bushings for your projects.

HM serve 1000+ clients worldwide with 50,000 aluminum bushings projects delivered. Cooperating with us will make your business expand and be successful. Custom aluminum bushings with HM!


HM Aluminum Bushings Production
HM Aluminum Bushing

Wide Range of Choices

HM manufacture aluminum bushings for marine engines, railways, earthmovers, compressors, generators, automobiles such as tractors, cars, trucks, and other rotating & reciprocating machinery. We supply in small and bulk quantities for your business. Our range of aluminum bushings includes:

  • Leaf Spring Eye/Shackle Bushings
  • Camshaft Bushings
  • Oil Pump Bushings
  • Clutch Pedal Bushings
  • Gear Bushings
  • Steering Knuckle Bushings
  • Center Pin Bushings, etc.

Custom Alloys

To satisfy your needs, HM offers a wide range of custom alloys with various properties to meet your particular applications. Aluminum bushings are made from AI 6061, but we can also use other aluminum grades such as:

  • A380
  • Acd12
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6063
  • Al 6082
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052, etc.

Durability and Superior Strength

Aluminum is a versatile and reliable material suitable for making bushings. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, easy to machine, and is weather resistant. You can guarantee long-lasting aluminum bushings at HM.

Surface Treatment

For more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and great surface appearance bushing, we provide different surface treatments such as powder coating, anodizing, polishing, chrome plating, etc. We will dye your aluminum bushings in any color you want such as silver, gold, white, etc.




Quality Checking






Does Aluminum Bushing Spin?

Aluminum bushing sections continue to spin at the same pace as their steel counterparts but at well lesser rates.

Internal bushings corrode much more slowly than those on a bearings barbell.


What is the Sign if the Aluminum Bushing is Getting Bad?

Rattling or scrapping sounds, unequal fatigue, and decreased steering and brake sensitivity are all signs of damaged aluminum bushings.

In the worst situation, if bushings entirely break down, the chassis and steering components will come into conflict, resulting in damage or deformation.


How Often Should the Aluminum Bushing Change?

Its failure is usually caused by prolonged tension, harsh climate, or interaction with substances such a lubricant.

The frequency with which your bushings have to be changed is highly dependent on particular driving cycles and techniques.


Is aluminum good for bushings?

Aluminum can be used for bushings in certain applications due to its lightweight nature and corrosion resistance. However, its suitability depends on the specific requirements of the application. Aluminum bushings may not be the best choice for heavy load-bearing situations.

What is the best material for bush bearings?

The best material for bush bearings depends on factors like load, speed, and environmental conditions. Common materials include bronze, steel, and various polymers. Choosing the right material ensures optimal performance and longevity.

What is the purpose of a bushing?

A bushing, also known as a plain bearing or sleeve bearing, serves to provide support, reduce friction between moving parts, and absorb shocks or vibrations in machinery. It helps extend the life of components by minimizing wear.

What are the types of bushing?

There are several types of bushings, including plain bushings, flanged bushings, spherical bushings, and linear bushings. Each type is designed to accommodate specific types of movement and loads.

What type of bushings are best?

The ideal type of bushing depends on the application. Flanged bushings are suitable for axial loads, while spherical bushings accommodate angular misalignment. Linear bushings are excellent for guided motion. Choosing the best type involves considering the mechanical requirements of the system.

Is aluminum good for load-bearing?

Aluminum can handle moderate loads, but for heavy load-bearing applications, materials like steel or bronze are generally more suitable due to their higher strength and load-bearing capabilities.

What is the best automotive bushing material?

Polymer-based bushings, such as those made from PTFE or nylon, are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They can outlast traditional metal bushings in certain conditions.

Is aluminum a good bearing material?

Aluminum is not the most common choice for bearings due to its relatively low hardness compared to other metals. Steel and bronze are more frequently used for bearing applications.

Can you use a brass bushing on aluminum?

Yes, you can use a brass bushing on aluminum. However, it’s essential to consider galvanic corrosion, where the contact between dissimilar metals can lead to accelerated corrosion. Proper lubrication and insulation techniques are crucial in such cases.

What is the best material for drill bushings?

Drill bushings are often made from hardened steel. This material provides the necessary durability and precision for guiding drill bits accurately.

What is the best polymer for bushings?

Polymer bushings made from materials like PTFE (Teflon), nylon, or polyurethane offer excellent self-lubricating properties and resistance to wear, making them suitable for various applications.

Can bushings dry rot?

Yes, bushings made from organic materials or rubber-like compounds can dry out and degrade over time, leading to reduced performance. Regular maintenance and the use of suitable materials can prevent dry rot.

Do bushings affect handling?

Yes, bushings play a significant role in a vehicle’s handling characteristics. Upgraded or performance-oriented bushings can improve stability, responsiveness, and overall driving experience by reducing unwanted movement and play.

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