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About Us

HM, Your Professional Custom CNC Parts Supplier in China: Our Journey, Vision, and Capabilities.

As a professional supplier of CNC parts in China, we value precision, innovation, and quality. Since the beginning, HM has stayed true to these values, offering our best services to our clients. We have been improving our factory for over 20 years, gaining experience and expertise in rapid prototyping, product development, manufacturing, and secondary operations. 

With our advanced CNC machines and die-casting equipment, we pursue our goal of optimizing manufacturing. By supporting both low-volume and mass production, we fit to supply to demand, providing a better sourcing solution to businesses and distributors. 

We provide reliable manufacturing solutions so that you receive your CAD in a matter of hours, and your product—days. With HM, you will get extensive freedom to customize your design, as well as the support of our R&D department. Moreover, we conduct rigorous quality control at every step of the process. Here are some advantages of choosing HM as your one-stop supplier: 

  • Innovative R&D consultation to develop the perfect custom CNC product according to your application, idea, and requirements
  • 24/7 online customer support to answer all your questions and effectively communicate the status of your order
  • Advanced precision equipment to manufacture the most complex designs with tight tolerances
  • Material verification and rigorous quality control via many tests
  • Versatile manufacturing services
  • A broad selection of designs and metal alloys
  • Global shipping

HM shares the vision of success with our clients. We will listen to your idea and develop the perfect CNC part for your application. By manufacturing in China, you can save expenses and get high-quality products. 

Already, over 1000 clients worldwide have chosen HM as their premier manufacturer of CNC metal parts in China. Choose us, and we will share your journey, vision, and boost your business!


Our Factory and Capabilities

HM has a 25,000 square meter factory with an R&D facility in China to bring your projects to life. Over 20 years, we have developed 50,000 successful projects, and we continue to grow. 

With experience, we have earned the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949:2016 APPROVED PPAP certifications. As a professional manufacturer, we boast a 6S factory management system, highlighting our advanced facility.

Every year, we supply 5 million CNC parts worldwide. We support mass production as well as low-volume manufacturing and prototyping. Our catalog of designs increases by 100 each month, and your sample product could be next on the list!

Our Manufacturing Services and Equipment

At HM, we offer in-house molding, die casting, CNC machining, and secondary operations like surface treatments. We are your one-stop supplier of custom parts for wide industries like aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, home appliance, architecture, optical instrument, LED, engine, motorsports, fire protection industry, and more. 

You can choose from a broad selection of metal alloys like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, etc. We have 100 sets of high-precision CNC machines with a tolerance of ± 0.002um, as well as 10 sets of automatic die-casting equipment, able to cast up to 1600 tons of metal. 

Lastly, we have a variety of finishing options available, including polishing, anodizing, sandblasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, painting, grinding, laser engraving, and more. 

  • Our Manufacturing Services and Equipment
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Our Dedicated Staff

At HM, we have 200 factory employees, including 20 experienced R&D engineers. Our customer support staff works around the clock, providing instant quotations within 1 day. We also include a free manufacturing analysis with every quote. 

The dedication of our staff is evident from the strict quality control carried out at every step of the manufacturing process. Our workers operate advanced testing equipment like a 3D coordinate measuring machine, a spectrometer, a flaw detector, a 2.5D projector, a salt spray testing machine, and more.  

The HM professional team consists of experts and visionaries—all ready to take on your custom project. 

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