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HM offers a one-stop solution for your CNC hardware part needs.

We manufacture standard sizes, thickness, and other features of these parts.

However, we can also provide custom CNC hardware parts that are fabricated according to your specifications.

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Professional CNC Hardware Part Manufacturer and Supplier

HM offers a wide range of CNC hardware parts such as standoff spacers, mounting sets, pins, screws, connecting bolts, door catch, and more. All these parts are widely used for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

We manufacture CNC hardware parts using our precision CNC machine sets. HM uses a broad selection of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, and so on. These materials come in different grades to ensure the quality of the products.

HM can also custom CNC hardware parts based on your detailed specifications. Thus, meeting your project or business requirements.

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CNC Hardware Parts We Are Expert

  • Aluminum Mchining Hardware Parts
    Aluminum Machining Hardware Parts

    These parts are known for their high electrical conductivity,  versatility ad accurate design. It is manufactured using superior-grade aluminum with +/-0.05mm tolerances.

  • Auto Spare Engine Hardware Parts
    Auto Spare Engine Hardware Parts

    Several auto spare engine hardware parts are available for you. It can be made from aluminum, brass, bronze, steel alloys, etc. These products are cost-effective, min+/-0.03 tolerances, Ra 0.4-3.2 surface roughness.

  • Custom Electrode Nozzle Hardware Parts
    Custom Electrode Nozzle Hardware Parts

    This product is designed with high conductivity, high strength, and stable performance. It is wear-resistant with high-temperature resistance.  It is available in 1.1mm 1.3mm 1.6mm 1.8mm, or custom sizes.

  • Hardware Automotive Part
    Hardware Automotive Part

    A broad range of robust hardware automotive parts ranging from gasoline engines to seats, brake parts, doors, handles, and electrical systems are available for you. We support full customization based on your requirements.

  • Stainless Steel Hardware Parts
    Stainless Steel Hardware Parts

    High-quality stainless steel hardware parts, suitable for small projects as well as heavy-duty applications. These parts feature corrosion-resistant, have high tensile strength, and are very durable.

  • Turning Hardware Shaft Parts
    Turning Hardware Shaft Parts

    This product is made of high precision, with tolerance can less than 0.001mm. Various sizes and colors are available for turning hardware shaft parts customization.

CNC Hardware Parts Material

Here in HM, we use a diverse range of materials to produce custom CNC hardware parts. Common machined materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Steel; and more

All these materials are processed for producing CNC hardware parts using our precise CNC machines.

CNC Hardware Parts Material
Custom CNC Hardware Parts Design

Custom CNC Hardware Parts Design

HM offers a wide range of custom CNC hardware parts based on your requirements. We can custom different CNC hardware parts such as:

  • Fasteners
  • Heim joints and spacers
  • Wheels
  • Threaded rod
  • Gate tracks
  • Welding tabs
  • Hinges; and more

These parts are available in custom surface finishes. It also comes in custom sizes, thicknesses, types, and materials.

HM CNC Machining Hardware Parts Capabilities

HM has full capabilities in CNC machining hardware parts. We used different CNC machining processes depending on the materials used for production. HM is an expert in:

We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines to ensure accurate and precise CNC hardware parts. Aside from that, HM also offers secondary operations such as surface treatment, sawing, planing, shaping, and more. Rest assured that HM has a maximum capacity to manufacture parts according to your request.

HM CNC Machining Hardware Parts Capabilities
Why HM CNC Hardware Parts

Why HM CNC Hardware Parts

HM offers the highest quality hard parts with a wide range of designs, types, and sizes. All these parts are manufactured using advanced CNC machining processes.

We are using CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC drilling, and secondary operations to produce reliable quality CNC hardware parts.

Additionally, HM guarantees CNC hardware parts with good dimensional stability, tight tolerances, precision, and high accuracy. HM can custom CNC hardware parts to meet your specific requirements.

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Surface Treatment for CNC Hardware Parts

CNC Hardware Parts with Different Surface Treatment
Secondary Machining Operation on CNC Hardware Parts

Surface treatment helps in improving the CNC machined hardware parts’ functions, textures, and appearances. HM offers different surface treatments such as:


This surface treatment is mostly used for CNC machined hardware parts made from aluminum alloy. It provides the part with a protective hard layer on the surface. It can also provide each part with colors to enhance its appearance.

HM can provide unlimited colors of CNC hardware parts using anodized surface treatment.


Using electroplating surface treatment improves the CNC hardware parts’ conductivity as well as wear-resistant. It also allows the part to have more corrosion resistance and pleasing aesthetics.


Sandblasting surface treatment provides the CNC machined hardware parts with a shiny or matte finish. It is mostly used on aluminum alloy. However, it can also be used for different materials such as stainless steel.


Brushing surface treatment allows the machined parts to have line patterns on their surface. It gives a decorative effect to the CNC machined hardware parts. Matte texture can also be achieved using brushing surface treatment.


Polishing is a surface treatment used for minimizing the surface roughness of the machined parts. Thus, achieving flat, appealing, and bright surface. This surface finish is mostly used on parts made from stainless steel materials.

Other than the surface treatment mentioned, HM has full capabilities in providing more surface finish such as spraying, gold plating, silver plating, and more.

We will apply surface treatment to CNC machined hardware parts based on your request.

Quality Checking
What Materials Are Used in Making CNC Hardware Parts?

What Materials Are Used in Making CNC Hardware Parts?

CNC hardware parts are appropriate for a wide range of industrial materials, including:

1. Stainless Steel. Such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc.

2. Plastics. Such as PEEK, PTFE, nylon, etc.

3. PVC. It is lightweight and low cost.

4. Nylon. Great machining ability and can resist high frictions.

5. Berlin. Mostly similar to nylon when it comes to machinability.

6. PTFE. Can resist high impacts and has excellent durability.

7. Wood

8. Foam Composites

The best material to use in CNC Hardware Parts is heavily influenced by the properties and its requirements.

Most materials can be machined if they have compressive strength and can endure the machining process.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Hardware Parts?

In recent years, CNC hardware parts for the automotive industry have grown in popularity.

Some of the benefits of CNC hardware parts are as follows:

1. Accuracy Parts:

CNC’s digital template and independent machine tools virtually eliminate human error, achieving an accuracy of hardware parts.

2. Endurance:

CNC machines operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. They only come to a halt, when necessary, maintenance or repairs are required.

3. High Production and Expandability:

Once the following specifications are joined into a CNC machine, it constantly executes massive quantities and allows for flexible scalability of the hardware parts.

4. More Capability:

These machines are capable of producing any size, shape, or texture of hardware parts that are required.

5. Minimal Labor:

CNC machining necessitates the use of fewer people to carry out production tasks. Saving money on labor can be passed on to customers, giving you a competitive advantage.

6. Lower Costs:

The combination of great velocity, effectiveness, specialization, precision, and, most importantly, fewer labor hours lead to an improved end result for your business.

7. Long Lasting

CNC hardware parts are manufactured to order and are a long-lasting option. Keep in mind how long you want the machine and spare parts will last.

How Much do CNC Hardware Parts Cost?

A CNC milling machine or metalwork center’s cost varies greatly.

Depending on the unit’s various components and complexity

This is heavily influenced by the following factors:

  • What standards or applications do the CNC hardware parts support?
  • The machine will have how many axes?
  • How big CNC hardware parts do you need?
  • Do you need an automatic or manual pallet changer?
  • How precisely do you need to be?
  • What materials will be used in the machining process?
  • What size CTS systems, as well as CNC control systems, are required?
  • Is mass production required, or will specially make manufacturing be required?
What are the Uses of CNC Hardware Parts in the Industry?

CNC hardware parts applications are used in a variety of industries like the following:

1. Aerospace:

  • It is especially critical in aircraft travel parts, such as an aircraft turbine engine.
  • Air travel for people and goods would be unreliable and unsafe without these parts.
  • It provides the CNC machining required to work with difficult-to-cut materials.

2. Agriculture:

  • It fits the standards from agricultural manufacturers to farmlands and gardening.
  • Agricultural operations necessitate high production and dependability.
  • It fills a need for large and small parts that keep production lines moving.

3. Construction:

  • Materials used to make construction stuff need CNC machining inherently.
  • It is a part of the majority of building processes.
  • It is a solution to a preferred style of architecture, such as recovery statues.

4. Dental:

  • Implants require machining to ensure that they are precisely the correct shape.
  • It creates the perfect point, angle, or deform on the business end of the equipment.

5. Desktops:

  • It contains lots of tiny parts that should operate consistently and reliably every time.
  • It has layers of tiny wires, engraved numbers, and other details that need CNC machining.

6. Electrical:

  • An electrician’s crew encounters dozens of items that require CNC machining.
  • It is ranging from cut coils and breaker panels to light fixtures and decorative items.

7. Firearms:

  • Any type of weapon, but especially firearms, may necessitate CNC machining.
  • It produces wires, engraved parts, cylinders, sheets, and other firearm components.
What are the Tools and Components Used to Create CNC Hardware Parts?

Here are some of the primary pieces of machinery used in manufacturing CNC Hardware Parts:

  • 3D printers
  • Cylindrical grinders
  • Embroidery machines
  • Foam cutters
  • Glass cutters
  • Laser cutters
  • Turret punchers
  • Wire-bending machines
  • Wood routers
What are the Characteristics of CNC Hardware Parts?

CNC hardware parts have low density and have good ductility.

It can be manufactured using the compression method of processing like extrusion and stretching.

It is really flexible and it can be improved with the help of anodizing process.

It has finer surface treatments that extremely improve or elevate the surface properties of CNC hardware parts.

It is indeed strong and stable in action and has been widely used in the dispensation of hardware products.

What are the Surface Treatments Used in CNC Hardware Parts?

The following surface treatments have been used to make CNC auto parts:

1. Anodizing

It is the process of electrochemical oxidation of different materials.

It is most widely used as an indispensable part of CNC hardware parts’ surface treatment.

2. Polishing

It is the process of using electrochemical action to lessen the irregularity of the surface.

Its goal is to have a flat and bright surface treatment.

3. High Gloss Cutting

It makes use of the inscription machine together with the diamond knife.

The brightness of cutting the highlights depends solely on the speed of drilling.

4. Sandblasting

It is the process of washing and toughening the surfaces of CNC hardware parts.

It makes use of the impact of high-speed sand flow.

5. Two-Color Anode

It is the process of anodizing CNC hardware parts and putting various shades in different areas.

The generated colors greatly reflect the excellent appearance of the material.

6. Drawing

It is the process of manufacturing wherein the sheets are scraped repeatedly with sandpaper.

It can be a straight, random, spiral, or thread drawing.

Does CNC Hardware Parts Available for Customization?

CNC hardware parts have a lot of customization choices that are beneficial to a wide range of industries worldwide.

We collaborate with the best in the industry offering high-quality CNC hardware parts that will last a lifetime.

Our expert developers have considerable experience with highly specialized equipment and components.

CNC hardware parts are designed based on the requirements and it is made by modern technologies in the industry.

What are the Different Kinds of CNC Hardware Parts Available?

Aside from its numerous applications, CNC machining also aids in the production of numerous hardware parts.

Among these are:

  • Axles for Driving
  • Covers timing and Retainers for valve
  • Gearboxes and Cylinder Heads
  • Individualized Elements
  • Motors for Starting and Inside Panels
  • Parts of suspension and Parts of the exhaust
  • Rails for transportation of fuel and Pins for the dowel
  • System bushings and Components of an emissions system
  • The components of the fluid system and Parts of a brake
What are the Different Types of CNC Machines Used for Hardware Parts?

The most frequently used CNC machines used for hardware parts include the following:

  • CNC Mills
  • Electric Discharge Machines
  • Lathes
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Water Jet Cutters
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