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HM CNC Mechanical Parts Solutions is a leading provider of CNC machining parts with over 20 years of experience. Our team specializes in delivering high-quality and precise CNC machined parts for various industries.

With our state-of-the-art precision CNC machine sets, we are able to offer quick part design services, ensuring fast and efficient product development for all CNC machined parts. Our expertise allows us to meet specific details and requirements, providing custom CNC machined parts tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and send us your inquiries. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect CNC mechanical parts solutions for your business.

CNC Mechanical Parts

CNC machining produces finished mechanical parts in different sizes. They can create metal parts that need high precision to achieve suitable finished components for any application. The CNC-machined mechanical parts formed holes, grooves, tapered, or threads. Using CNC machines, the processes and tolerance are controlled to fulfill exact specifications. Moreover, the CNC machining of mechanical parts is designed and controlled by a computer, creating exceptional functions and outputs.

CNC Bearings

Our small batch CNC machining services offer high-quality bearings in various materials such as steel, brass, and more. Customizable finishes based on your specifications.

CNC Pulleys

Get precise and durable aluminum pulleys through our small batch CNC machining services. Available in customizable finishes and various specifications.

CNC Brakes

We provide small batch CNC machining for brakes, offering excellent quality and customizable finishes. Choose from a variety of materials to suit your needs.

CNC Sprockets

Our small batch CNC machining services deliver reliable and precise sprockets. Available in different materials and customizable based on your specifications.

CNC Couplings

Experience the precision and versatility of our small batch CNC machining services for couplings. Customizable finishes and materials to meet your requirements.

CNC Sealsv
Seal Rings

We offer small batch CNC machining for seal rings, providing perfect finishes and customizable options in materials like aluminum, plastic, steel, brass, and more.

HM CNC Mechanical Parts Advantages

Precision & Accuracy
Precision & Accuracy

HM CNC machines provide mechanical parts with high accuracy and precision. It has tolerances about 0.001 to 0.005 range.

Scalability & Repeatability
Scalability & Repeatability

Our CNC machine produces about 1 to 10,000 high-quality parts. It can manufacture them without compromising the quality and cost.

Material Diversity
Material Diversity

There is a comprehensive range of metal materials utilized to form mechanical parts by CNC machines, achieving functionality.

Custom Finishes
Custom Finishes

HM supports customization of parts surface finishes. We provide various finishing treatments according to our customer’s requirements.

Material Options for CNC Mechanical Parts

CNC machines are compatible with a wide range of materials for creating mechanical parts. Some of the commonly used options include:

  1. Aluminum: This lightweight and versatile material is popular for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
  2. Magnesium: Known for its low density and high strength, magnesium is often chosen for applications that require lightweight yet durable parts.
  3. Stainless Steel: With its exceptional corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, stainless steel is a reliable choice for parts that need to withstand harsh environments.
  4. Brass: This alloy of copper and zinc offers good machinability and is commonly used for decorative or electrical components.
  5. Copper: Known for its excellent electrical conductivity, copper is frequently used in applications that require efficient heat transfer or electrical connections.
  6. Zinc: Often used as a coating or plating material, zinc provides corrosion resistance and can be easily machined for various applications.
  7. Titanium: This lightweight and high-strength material is favored for its exceptional corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, making it suitable for aerospace, medical, and other demanding industries.
  8. Other Metal Materials: In addition to the mentioned options, CNC machines can also work with various other metal materials, such as steel alloys, bronze, and nickel alloys, depending on the specific requirements of the mechanical parts.

Please note that the selection of the material depends on factors like the intended application, desired properties, and budget constraints. It is advisable to consult with experts or material suppliers to determine the most suitable material for your CNC mechanical parts.

CNC Mechanical Parts
CNC Mechanical Parts

CNC Mechanical Parts Surface Finishing

HM offers various surface treatments, suitable for your specific mechanical part applications. Consider the following:

  • Anodizing: It increases parts’ thicknesses and resists corrosion with surface hardness.
  • Brushing: This finishing achieves a satin-like surface.
  • Polishing: To achieve a polished surface, the CNC parts should be smoothened and sanded.
  • Custom: A series of surface treatments are also accessible, depending on your mechanical parts’ applications.

CNC Machining for Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts for automotive, aerospace, and military industries are done by performing the following machining process.

    • CNC Milling: Milling is a fabrication technique that uses high-speed cutting machines. It removes unnecessary materials from mechanical parts. This machining process works with various metal materials, fulfilling high accuracy and precision.
    • CNC Turning: Turning process is forming final mechanical parts using radial, axial holes, grooves, internal diameters, and slots. The CNC turning technique is ideal for metal materials, creating cylindrical and thread features.
CNC Turning
CNC Mechanical Parts Supplier
Choose HM CNC Machining Mechanical Parts Services for Your Projects

Depending on your specific project requirements, HM CNC Machining offers reliable mechanical parts services. Our team can provide customized solutions for stainless O Rings, ensuring the ideal size, dimension, and surface treatment. With extensive experience in various industries, including automotive and green energy, we guarantee top-quality products. Trust our state-of-the-art testing facilities for rigorous quality assurance. Choose HM CNC Machining for your mechanical parts needs.

  • “We regularly receive on-time delivery of the CNC Mechanical parts from HM. Always well packaged to ensure that the items are undamaged. Such a trustworthy supplier. As a result, we never experienced supply issues when trying to meet client demand.” 

  • “HM generally complies with our request for fit-type parts on our products. And the CNC mechanical parts are precisely made from the metal material we require. Just as how our customers wanted to. Our production is considerably increased by HM customization!”

  • “The HM team is one of the best options for anyone who demands top-notch customer service. Thanks to the accurate and understandable information for our order of CNC Mechanical parts, we can accomplish our goals quickly and correctly.”

What is CNC in Mechanical Engineering?

CNC machines are valuable for mechanical engineering projects. 

It sets up and performs cutting, shaping, drilling, and finishing to form accurate engineering parts. 

CNC machining involves setting directions into the computer panels.

What are the Major Elements of CNC Machines?

The major elements of CNC machines include:

1. Control Panel: This is where the operator can input commands and control the machine’s operations.

2. Machine Bed: It provides a stable platform for the machine and supports various components.

3. Spindle: It holds and rotates the cutting tool, allowing it to perform various machining operations.

4. Axis: CNC machines typically have multiple axes (such as X, Y, and Z) that enable movement and positioning of the cutting tool.

5. Cutting Tool: This is the tool that removes material from the workpiece to shape it according to the programmed design.

6. Workpiece: It refers to the material being machined or shaped by the CNC machine.

7. Feed Rate: It determines the speed at which the cutting tool moves along the axes during the machining process.

8. Coolant System: It helps to cool down the cutting tool and workpiece, reducing heat and preventing damage.

9. Motor: CNC machines use motors to drive the movement of the axes and the rotation of the spindle.

10. Control Software: It is the program that converts the design or instructions into machine-readable code, allowing the CNC machine to execute the desired operations.

These elements work together to automate and control the machining process, providing precision and efficiency in various manufacturing applications.


What are the Capability of CNC Machines for Mechanical Parts?

CNC machines with turning and milling techniques provide the ability to form cylindrical parts with tight tolerances. 

They operate with high-speed rotation for cutting tools and produce mechanical parts with high accuracy and precision.

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