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HM manufactures all kinds of steel shafts that feature perfect finish, corrosion resistance, high strength, and premium quality.

HM Steel Shaft

Steel shafts are a common part of machines and vehicles. They have a circular cross-section and a length is greater than their diameter. Also, they are rotating or transmitting components. They transmit power through a machine, engine, motor, and other driving devices.

At HM, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality steel shafts, on-time deliveries, superior customer service, and competitive prices. Our steel shafts can also be customized to your exact specifications.

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Steel Shaft Characteristics

The steel shafts come in many different characteristics such as:

  • Stepped shaft
  • Hollow shaft
  • Cross shaft
  • Eccentric shaft
  • Smooth shaft
  • Tempered shaft
  • Precision shaft
  • Input shaft
  • Pinion shaft
  • Hub shaft
  • Special or custom-shaped shaft
Steel Shaft Characteristics
Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

To manufacture the steel shafts, we have done a variety of machining processes such as:

Steel Shaft Surfaces

The steel shafts come in a variety of surface types such as:

  • Outer & inner cylindrical surface
  • Groove & transverse hole
  • Splined surface
  • Threaded surface
  • Conical surface
Steel Shaft Surfaces


The steel shafts are commonly used for:

  • Industrial fans
  • Mechanical presses
  • Generators
  • Vehicles
  • Machines
  • Rails
What are the Different Types of Steel Shafts?

There are different types of steel shafts such as:

  • Transmission Steel Shafts – Transmission steel shafts transmit energy between the power source and the equipment that absorbs it. Countershafts, factory shafts, and line shafts are examples of transmission shafts.
  • Machine Steel Shafts – Machine steel shafts are a crucial component of machines.
  • Axle Steel Shafts – These kinds of shafts are commonly used in automobiles.
  • Spindle Steel Shafts – Spindle shafts are rotating shafts that have a fixture to hold a workpiece or a tool.
What is the Most Common Material for Steel Shafts?

The majority of motor manufacturers either use SAE 1045 hot-rolled steel or cold-rolled steel. The strength, hardness, and wear resistance of these steels are excellent.

What Kind of Steel is Used for Manufacturing Shafts?

To manufacture standard shafts, the commonly used material is mild steel. And when you need shafts that have an excellent strength, an alloy steel such as chromium-vanadium, nickel-chromium, or nickel will be used.

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