Custom Aluminum Spacer Manufacturer

HM is a leading manufacturer of custom aluminum spacers from China.

Our aluminum spacers come in all sorts of non-standard sizes, like washers and rods, and are accurately made for any application.


HM, Your Leading Custom Aluminum Spacer Supplier

HM, custom aluminum spacers are designed to reduce wear and tear, reduce vibrations, level a surface, eliminate friction, and provide a basic seal between objects. Any complex machine requires spacer rods, shims, and washers.

Aluminum spacers have many advantages, such as a lightweight material, greater corrosion resistance, conductivity, and alloy-dependent strength.

As a professional supplier from China, HM provides custom aluminum spacers in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 12” x 12” with thicknesses ranging from .005″ to 1″. You can also place requests with hole size, length, and outer diameter measurements.

We offer various designs for custom spacers, bearing spacers, bolt spacers, hinge spacers, insulating spacers, and more.

Aluminum Spacer Blocks Series

  • Hollow block spacer
    Hollow Block Spacer

    The hollow block spacer is used to place the brace bars at an exact distance coming from the border of the concrete structure. It features high strength that can carry high loads.

  • high precision aluminum block
    High Precision Aluminum Block

    The high precision aluminum block is constructed exclusively for injection molding, engine generator, automotive, electrical, mechanical, 3D printer parts, and other industrial uses.

  • High Quality Profile Joint Spacer Block
    High Quality Profile Joint Spacer Block

    Most recommended components for all machinists, both wood and metal workers, desire to have flexible solutions for layout assembly. Customizable with various sizes and models. 

  • Silver aluminium spacer block
    Silver Aluminium Spacer Block

    Silver aluminum spacer block is designed through distinct friction welding technology found helpful in a comprehensive series of machining structures and industrial assembly fields. 

  • Custom Cnc Machining Aluminum Spacer block
    Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Spacer block

    Spacer block is typically designed for heavy-duty equipment, machinery, and automotive spare parts. Features with high strength, durability, endurance, and operational consistency.

  • Aluminum Spacer Block M5 Threaded for 3D Printer
    Aluminum Spacer Block M5 Threaded for 3D Printer

    Custom-made design that guarantees stable and long-lasting function. That is generally used to increase transmission spacing and multiple blocks.

  • customized threaded galvanized carbon aluminum spacer block
    Customized Threaded Galvanized Carbon Aluminum Spacer Block

    100% made from a combination of sturdy metals that bears excellent durability. Varies in custom sizes, shapes, and other specifications on your industry’s needs. 

Custom Aluminum Spacer Design

HM can produce all types of aluminum spacers, including aluminum washers, aluminum standoffs, aluminum spacer rods, etc.

You can request any hole size, thickness, and outer diameter. We can also manufacture spacers without inner holes.

You also choose the surface treatment, color, and finish of your custom spacers.

Custom Aluminum Spacer Design
CNC spacer production

CNC Spacers Production

Our 6S factory in China supports rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and mass production, depending on your request.

You can order any quantity of your custom spacers, and we will quickly ship your products.

With 20 years of experience, our production capabilities keep growing to meet the demands of our clients.

CNC Aluminum Spacer Application

We offer various designs for custom aluminum spacers to suit your application. We manufacture bearing spacers, bolt spacers, hinge spacers, insulating spacers, and more. These spacers are used in any construction and hardware industry, like machinery, furniture, etc.

HM custom aluminum spacers reduce friction, vibrations, uneven surface, and improve seals between two surfaces.

Anodizing Solution for Aluminum Parts
Why HM Custom Aluminum Oil Pans

Why HM Custom Aluminum Spacers

Being one of the best CNC custom aluminum spacer suppliers in China, HM offers 24/7 customer support, advanced manufacturing practices, R&D service, and high-quality products.

Our CNC machines are capable of outputting up to 5 million parts per year, with 100 new designs developed each month. We have 100 sets of high-precision CNC machines with tolerances of +- 0.002um.

We have passed many certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and  IATF16949:2016. Moreover, we boast comprehensive raw material testing and verification.

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Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications


Suitable Choice of Material

As a professional aluminum spacer supplier from China, HM uses many aluminum alloys to fulfill your unique requirements. We work with Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, and other alloys available for custom spacers.

Al 6061 is typically optimal for most spacers due to its excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with anodizing.

High-Precision Options

At HM, our CNC machines have tight tolerances of 0.002um, allowing us to supply high-precision aluminum parts. Such accuracy is crucial for the functionality of aluminum spacers.

Our products will fit your projects like a perfect puzzle piece.

Metric Aluminum Spacers

Although standard aluminum spacers are measured in Imperial inches, our custom services allow you to request metric aluminum spacers. The hole sizes can range from 3-12mm, and outer diameters may measure at 6-19mm.

You can request any custom length aluminum spacers for your application.

Anodized Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum spacers are often anodized to improve their hardness and corrosion-resistance. HM offers multiple anodizing options, with types I, II, and III anodizing.

We also offer polishing, sand blasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, and other surface treatments as per your requirement.

Quality Checking
What is the Purpose of Aluminum Spacer Blocks?

These aluminum-made spacer blocks are ideal for various pipes and conduits trench. It is a framework suit around the end of every pipe. 

Aluminum Spacer Blocks

Various bore pipes are designed to have attached spacer blocks. The aluminum spacer blocks are commonly square that support the circular frames. 

The aluminum spacer blocks are valuable for installing multiple pipelines in one bore to avoid damages. When installing spacer blocks, you must have a larger bore to ensure suitably block dimensions.

What are the Standard Features of Aluminum Spacer Blocks?

The aluminum spacer blocks have multiple standard features, including:

Raised the V-groove support plate off of the track

Allows you to move the transmission components like screws

Suitable with several liner executors

Maximizes transmission spacing

Made from high-quality aluminum

Commonly has about 55 grams weight

What are Industrial Applications of Aluminum Spacer Blocks?

The aluminum spacer blockers are created for various industrial applications, like the following.

  • Office building
  • Industrial equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronic
  • Machinery
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Hotels
  • Food Factory
  • Beverage Factory
  • Printing Shops
  • Advertising Company
  • Home Use
  • Garment Shops
  • more
What is Processing Services Available for Aluminum Spacer Blocks?

Below are some processing services offered for aluminum spacer blocks.


CNC machines do the turning process. When the workpiece pivots, the distinct point cutting material settles stationary ahead of its axis.

The process operates according to the machine. Each of the cutting materials or the pieces functions to reach material removal.


This process is also ideal for machining aluminum spacer blocks. It functions as cutting more-point along its axis rotates.

Milling Aluminum

The workpiece consistently stays on its axis. Either the cutting material or the workpiece does the feed motion during operation. Combining both can also do the process.


Drilling Aluminum

The drilling process does the workpiece holing. The specific sizes’ points rotating cutting material moves straight to the drilled surfaces in such a process. Drilling using CNC machines achieves adequate holes.

What are the Surface Treatments for Aluminum Spacer Blocks?

Custom aluminum spacer blocks are manufactured with various surface treatments depending on applications or requests.

Some of them are:

  • Zinc Plating

Zinc plating the aluminum spacer blocks uses the zincate process and the cyanide solution next. 

You can ask HM for a more proper zinc plating surface treating your spacer blocks.

  • Engraving

Engraving aluminum spacer blocks give permanent marking and a high-contrasted aluminum surface.

The best-engraved aluminum surface combines immense average power and maximum peak power.

  • Sand Blasting

Sandblasting aluminum spacer blocks allows removing the paints. Even sandblasting is typical for steel materials, there are some occurrences where aluminum sandblasting treatments are needed.

The aluminum spacer blocks can also be polished, anodized, and brushed.

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