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HM is one of the leading aluminum connecting rods suppliers from China. 

We manufacture custom aluminum connecting rods using advanced equipment, a wide selection of alloys, a cost-effective approach, and innovation.


HM, Your Professional CNC Aluminum Connecting Rod Manufacturer

Aluminum connecting rods are shock absorbers, designed to spread and minimize stress loads over uniformly shaped areas. A connecting rod is also the part of a piston engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. 

Available in all configurations and sizes, our connecting rods are engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, such as in drag racing engines. 

Being among the best aluminum connecting rod manufacturers in China, HM will fulfill all your design, feature, and production needs. With 20 years of experience, our R&D team will provide you with the best design to suit your application.

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Aluminum Connecting Rods Series

  • Car Engine Connecting Rod
    Car Engine Connecting Rod

    The car engine connecting rod is a part that attaches the piston to the crankshaft. During the process, it will encounter buckling, tension, and strain bending.

  • connecting rod for small engines
    Connecting Rod for Small Engines

    This is a part used to fasten the piston to the crankshaft in a small engine. It is composed of a high-end rod and a little end.

  • Die Forged Steel Connecting Rod
    Die Forged Steel Connecting Rod

    This is a type of connecting rod processed through forging. From a blank piece of metal, this helps the metal to become connecting rod.

  • Forged Metal Connecting Rod
    Forged Metal Connecting Rod

    The forged metal connecting rod has high strength compared to any type of connecting rod. All HM products have good quality.

  • lathe turning aluminium connecting rod
    Lathe Turning Aluminium Connecting Rod

    The lathe turning aluminum connecting rod is manufactured using cast aluminum alloy. It is designed to resist active stresses from piston motion.

  • Original Quality Commins Engine Connecting Rod
    Original Quality Commins Engine Connecting Rod

    This rod type can hold extreme impact and is very super durable. It has lightweight, high strength, and nonmagnetic features.

  • Bus Compressor Air Connecting Piston Rod
    Bus Compressor Air Connecting Piston Rod

    This is a high-performance piston rod. It is used in building material shops, construction, retail, repair shops, and more application.

  • Outboard Manufacturer Crankshaft Connecting Rod
    Outboard Manufacturer Crankshaft Connecting Rod

    This is the best connecting rod. It is one part of a piston engine used to fasten the piston to the lever. It is required in the marine and automotive industries.

  • Iso customized aluminium engine connecting rods
    Iso Customized Aluminium Engine Connecting Rods

    This rod has a longer lifespan. Also, its features include ribbed pin end, bushing, double ribbed cap, lipped cap relief, etc.

Custom Aluminum Connecting Rod Design

HM aluminum connecting rods can be purchased in standard dimensional configurations, lengths, B.E. / S. E. diameters, and widths. Some types include plain, fork-and-blade, and master-and-slave. We also manufacture custom projects. 

Some of the additional features we can include in the design are ribbed pin end, bushing, double ribbed cap, lipped cap relief, radial groove bushing, dual oil P.E. reservoir, tapered shapes, and different types of beams. You can also specify functional features like tensile strength.

We supply aluminum connecting rods in the following makes: GM, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mopar, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and VW. 

Aluminum Connecting Rod Design
Aluminum Connecting Rod Production

Aluminum Connecting Rod Production

There are two different options for aluminum connecting rods: billet aluminum and forged aluminum. To make a billet aluminum connecting rod, a solid block of aluminum that is 12-feet long and 3/4-inch thick is CNC machined. Forged and cast connecting rods are shaped using molds. 

Billet aluminum connecting rods have greater strength and durability than forged ones. Also, you can choose from many aluminum connecting rod material alloys. 

We have 100 sets of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis high-precision CNC milling and turning equipment, achieving tolerances of 0.002um. Precision, strength, and low-volume production support make HM the first-choice manufacturer for many clients.

Aluminum Connecting Rod Application

HM aluminum connecting rods are used in car engines—especially in high-performance drag racing vehicles, steam engines, air compressors, trucks, bikes, bulldozers, road rollers, etc.

Nowadays, all types of machines depend on pistons, connecting rods, and crankshafts. Any internal combustion engine would need aluminum connecting rods.

Aluminum Connecting Rod Application
Why Choose HM Aluminum Connecting Rods

Why Choose HM Aluminum Connecting Rods

As a leading custom billet aluminum connecting rod supplier in China, HM prioritizes innovation, factory capabilities, and tested quality. 

After 20 years in the industry, we have developed over 50 000 projects, continuing to create 100 new molds each month. Our R&D staff is always ready to design your ideal aluminum connecting rods. 

To turn a CAD into a product, our factory boasts a range of advanced equipment like sets of CNC and die-casting machinery, as well as everything needed for surface treatments. 

The HM factory has 6S management, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certifications, raw material verifications, and strict quality control testing. 

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Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications

Solid Beam Design

Solid beam connecting rods are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions with maximum boost and special fuels. Aluminum connecting rods of this configuration withstand the most powerful output to beat every racing event.

Selection of Alloys

Aluminum alloys have great tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and more. Different alloys improve one of these characteristics. Being one of the leading aluminum connecting rod manufacturers from China, we work with: 

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052

Durability On The Streets

The HM aluminum connecting rods have great durability in street engines because of our billet technology. Our aluminum alloys have enhanced fatigue strength to withstand daily use.

Anodized Aluminum Rods

At HM, we offer a wide range of surface treatments to improve durability and appearance. For example, different types of anodizing, various plating, polishing, sandblasting, colored powder coating, laser engraving, and more. 

Quality Checking
What are Aluminum Connecting Rods Made From?

Aluminum Connecting Rods

The aluminum connecting rods is highly made from strong aluminum materials.

Aluminum is an excellent choice for connecting rods due to its corrosion resistance.

Moreover, the aluminum connecting rods is manufactured from non-hazardous materials and nontoxic elements, which is great for the environment.

Aluminum 6061 and aluminum 7075 is the ideal choice for aluminum connecting rods.

These materials have excellent electrical and thermal properties.

The connecting rods made from aluminum can resist and handle thermal flow in both high and low temperatures.

What are the Functions of Aluminum Connecting Rods?

The aluminum connecting rods give excellent contact between the crankshaft and piston.

It connects the crankpin to the piston pin.

The primary aluminum connecting rod’s purpose is to change the piston’s linear into the crankshaft’s rotary motions.

The aluminum connecting rod bears the energy jab from the piston to the crankpin, and therefore it must be extreme, severe, and as rays as possible.

The aluminum connecting rods is exactly fitted in batches of equal significance in demand to retain machine ratio.

The aluminum connecting rods cause energy and lower the shaking because the reciprocating weight is smaller.

What are the Different Parts of Aluminum Connecting Rods?

These are the following parts of aluminum connecting rods:

Parts of Aluminum Connecting Rods

  1. Bearing inserts – The bearing insert is attached to the bearing cap. A bearing insert is made in two pieces suitable jointly on the crankshaft. This part is where the connecting rod transits with the reverse ranking.
  2. Small End –The small end part is connected to the piston pin’s front.
  3.  Big End – It is connected at the side of the crank pin.
  4. Bolt and Nut – The bolts and nuts affix both flanks of the big ends. Thus, the connecting rod is inclined to use by blending all these components.
  5. Wrist pin – A wrist pin assists to connect the connecting rod and engine piston. The wrist pin runs the pivots and the small end of the connecting rod on the diligent piston.
  6. Bushing – The bushing is fixed in both connecting rod’s ends. It is matched with a solid eye connected to the connecting rod’s short ending.
  7. Bearing cap – The bearing cap of the aluminum connecting rod prevents running. It offers tight support and authorizes the bearing cap to be tightened precisely. It has adjustments for wear.
Aluminum Connecting Rods and Stainless Steel Connecting Rods: Which is Better?

The aluminum connecting rods is applicable for heavy-duty and supercharged applications.

While the stainless steel connecting rods are not an excellent choice for some applications.

Aluminum connecting rods have a unique strength that stainless steel connecting rods cannot provide,

Aluminum connecting rods are often used for high-power engines due to their great strength when it comes to strength.

This connecting rod is much better because of its unique torque than the stainless steel connecting rods.

Moreover, the aluminum connecting rods can handle various applications compared to the other connecting rods.

Aluminum connecting rods gives a cost-effective solution in the long run, while stainless steel connecting rods requires more significant expenses.

Additionally, the aluminum connecting rods are much more lightweight than stainless steel connecting rods.

How Long Does the Aluminum Connecting Rods Last?

Since aluminum is a strong and durable material, you can expect a long lifespan of aluminum connecting rods.

The aluminum connecting rods have long service life than the other connecting rods.

The existence of most aluminum connecting rods is 100, 000 miles.

However, aluminum connecting rods’ life will depend on their use and applications.

If they are used in light applications, then the aluminum connecting rods can have an extended life.

But if the aluminum connecting rods are used for supercharged and heavy-duty applications, its life will have limits.

What are Customization Options for Aluminum Connecting Rods?

The aluminum connection rods can be customized into various options.

They can be custom in different sizes, thicknesses, and dimensions.

Moreover, the aluminum connecting rods can custom any finishing and designs.

The aluminum connecting rods can be designed with silver or natural aluminum colors.

You can also request any customization for aluminum connecting rods to make them more unique and suitable for your particular needs.

It can also be customized from forged and cast aluminum materials.

What are the Applications of Aluminum Connecting Rods?

Aluminum connecting rods provide desirable fluid flows or movement between crankshaft and piston.

The aluminum connecting rods are usually used for car engine applications, air compressors, and other auto engine parts.

It can be used for any engine code and model.

The most common uses of aluminum connecting rods are the internal combustion of steam engines.

Moreover, aluminum connecting rods are utilized in various situations, especially for automobiles.

What are the Special Features of Aluminum Connecting Rods?

The aluminum connecting rods have consisted of desirable features, including the following:

  • The aluminum connecting rods offers a high anti-galling feature.
  • This aluminum connecting rod is less wear in both partner piston ring and cylinder liner.
  • Aluminum connecting rods lees devouring of lubricant.
  • It provides high strength, high density, and high performance.
  • This element performs with reliable elasticity and superior stability.
  • The aluminum connecting rod contains a strong bearing cap allowing better alignment and strong functions.
  • Its bushings provide excellent reliability and integrity.
What are the Benefits of Using Aluminum Connecting Rods?

Aluminum connecting rods is known as a beneficial and serviceable element due to their mechanical characteristics.

The aluminum connecting rods offers various benefits and advantages over the other connecting rods.

The aluminum connecting rods highly reduce the vibrate and shaking situation.

Moreover, the aluminum connecting rods are much lighter in weight, allowing them to use easily, Thus it enabling the engine to revolve quickly.

This connecting rod is less in maintenance and preparation for operations.

Due to its durability, the aluminum connecting rods can handle high-speed engine applications.

The aluminum connecting rods has a simple construction that offers problem-free operation and less hassle.

You and your customers will enjoy the cost-effectiveness aluminum connecting rods brings.

It reduces any consumption situation during usage.

Additionally, the aluminum connecting rods increase the combustion efficiency.

Another aluminum connecting rod’s benefits are their long service life enabling them to use for a very long time.


How to Choose Suitable Aluminum Connecting Rods?

Aluminum Connecting Rods Series

There are many factors to consider in choosing suitable aluminum connecting rods.

First, consider the particular applications and use the aluminum connecting rods.

In addition, check the aluminum connecting rod’s quality, and it should be best if you choose the fully machined one.

Inspect each aluminum connecting rod’s parts, ensuring a satisfying decision.

Next, determine the staples and designs of the aluminum connection rods.

The most important is to consider the exact sizes making it suitable for the special needs,

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