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HM is a professional supplier of custom billet aluminum parts from China.

We work with over 7 different types of aluminum, offering various manufacturing capabilities like die-casting, CNC machining, CNC turning, surface treatment, and more.


HM, Your Leading Custom Billet Aluminum Parts Supplier

CNC machined custom billet car parts are used worldwide for repair parts, limited-edition vehicles, custom car projects, and replacement of old parts that are no longer mass manufactured. You can request rapid prototyping and low-batch manufacturing for aluminum engines, interior, and exterior components.

In the automotive industry, CNC aluminum billet machining is a common way of creating concept cars, lighting, transmission, steering parts, and more. We will follow your design or help you develop it—be that a universal car part or a unique custom solution.

We offer CNC milling, CNC turning, and high-precision manufacturing processes to create the perfect custom billet aluminum part for your automotive project. Check out our selection of CNC billet aluminum parts today!

Custom Billet Aluminum Parts Series

  • Anodized Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

    It features a highly optimized structural design that is good for any mechanical machine. And application, featuring a custom precision tolerance.

  • Brushed Custom Billet Aluminum Parts
    Brushed Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

    The parts provide high precision and consistent operations. It constructs by using solid aluminum that guarantees extreme durability and strength. 

  • High Precision Custom Billet Aluminum Parts
    High Precision Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

    High-quality control mechanical parts are helpful in the mechanical and automotive field and repair. That is available in diverse designs depending on your specifications.

  • Stainless Custom Billet Aluminum Parts
    Stainless Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

    The stainless steel custom billet aluminum parts feature long-term sustainability. You can utilize them at any automotive car part.

  • Undrilled Custom Billet Aluminum Parts
    Undrilled Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

    Highly valued mechanical parts are widely applied in various industrial industries, including electronics, motorcycle, mechanical, automotive, aerospace, etc. 

  • Custom Window Crank Billet Aluminum Parts
    Custom Window Crank Billet Aluminum Parts

    Custom window crank billet aluminum parts come with universal measurements that perfectly fit most applications. Like car windows, residential, commercial, industrial windows, etc. 

Properties of Aluminum Billets

As a professional supplier from China, HM works with many types of materials, including more than 7 different aluminum alloys. The alloys include:

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6061
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075

In general, aluminum is lightweight, easy to machine, corrosion-resistant, low-cost, and versatile. Specific alloys enhance one or more of these qualities, making them suitable for specific applications. Al 5052, for instance, is the most common alloy used for car parts. Al 6061 is also very useful in cars.

Properties of Aluminum Billets
CNC Billet Applications

CNC Billet Applications

HM has fulfilled over 50,000 different projects. Among them were some common CNC custom aluminum billet car part applications. For instance, aluminum billets make transmission, engine blocks, door handles, tire rims, fasteners, steering components, and more.

Also, aluminum billets are used to supply automotive service tools like jack stands, etc. Billets of aluminum are very versatile, and their applications are countless.

CNC Machining

A billet is a bar of metal that we can use in die-casting and CNC processes. HM operates with CNC turning, CNC milling, and various high-precision manufacturing methods like laser cutting and EDM.

Billet machining is great for strength, short lead times, cost-effectiveness, and precision. However, costs may increase in mass production, and a solid billet may not always be optimal for a design. Yet, aluminum billet parts remain a great option in custom designs of car parts.

CNC Machining
Why HM Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

Why HM Custom Billet Aluminum Parts

HM is the top-choice custom billet car parts supplier from China for over 1000 clients worldwide. We have 20 years of experience and various certifications to prove our expertise in the field. Our R&D staff will work with you to perfect your design, while our CNC machines will bring it to life.

Our products have high accuracy with a tolerance as small as 0.002um. You can trust us to manufacture important aluminum car parts—and they will seamlessly fit into the overall car design.


Tested Quality

HM is a responsible supplier, certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949:2016, and PPAP. We have passed many regulations and factory audits, gaining the trust of our clients.

Our custom billet aluminum parts undergo strict quality control with our advanced testing equipment like a 3D coordinate measuring machine, spectrometer, flaw detector, 2.5D projector, salt spray testing, and more.

New Designs

At HM, we commit to constant growth and improvement. We create over 100 new molds every month.

Our R&D staff works with clients to deliver a tailored custom solution for any aluminum billet car part request.

Powerful Capacity

The HM factory spans over 25,000 square meters, allowing us to have large production output and advanced development.

Each year, we manufacture 5 million parts for clients worldwide. We have already delivered over 50,000 projects, working 24/7.

Surface Treatment

Besides our CNC machining capabilities, we also offer all sorts of surface treatments for your custom billet car parts.

For example, you can request polishing, anodizing, sandblasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, engraving, and more. These surface treatments will improve the durability, corrosion resistance, and appearance of your aluminum billet parts.

Quality Checking
How Does Billet Aluminum Parts Produce?

Custom Billet Aluminum Parts 1

Aluminum Blocks

The billet aluminum parts are the finished carved parts from aluminum blocks. Measurements are seized from the initial replaced equipment parts. 

CNC machining turns a particular part like the computer’s 3D wireframe pattern from specific measurements. 

The expert engineers then provide the cutter tool lists and carving orders to complete parts.

Custom billet aluminum parts are not explicitly copied from the original. Designers made them stylish, just like billet aluminum-made handles, which have a more excellent look and feel.

Depending on applications, various billet aluminum parts are produced with CNC machining.

What are the Standard Specifications of Billet Aluminum Parts?

The following are the standard specification of billet aluminum parts, especially for motorcycle parts.

  • Exquisitely designed rear sets
  • Well-manufactured in China
  • A Complete CNC 6061 aluminum billet parts
  • With stainless steel hardware
  • High-standard roller bearings 
  • Achieves smooth brakes and switched lever action
  • The greatly tough pivot that rarely breaks crashing
What Industries Utilize Billet Aluminum Parts?

Numerous industries prefer to utilize custom billet aluminum parts. 

The following are some industries.

  1. Electronic
  2. Industrial
  3. Motorcycle
  4. AUTO
  5. Aerospace
  6. RF connector
  7. Engine parts
  8. Lighting fixtures
  9. House materials
What Surface Treatments Available for Customizing Billet Aluminum Parts?

As a leading manufacturer, HM does many surface treatments for the best billet aluminum part finishes. 

Custom Billet Aluminum Part

The surface treatments include:


Polishing billet aluminum parts achieve shiny surfaces. There are simple and recommended steps for polishing your billet aluminum parts.


Sandblasting is the process of knocking off scales, paint, dirt, and rust. It achieves clean uncovered aluminum surfaces.


Painting billet aluminum parts adds color and provides less-maintenance metal surfaces. Like particular painting, this process also requires primer and top-coating. 


Galvanizing your billet aluminum parts prevents corrosion and oxidations. Any aluminum parts exposed to saltwater or acid rains need to be galvanized.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating the billet aluminum parts enhance the appearance and maximize corrosion performance. This process electroplates chromium on a thin layer of the surface. 

Heat Treatment

Heat treatments for billet aluminum parts come in various types, including annealing, natural aging, homogenizing, and more. Heating treatment temperature ranges up to 240 to 1000°F.

Chemical Film

Chemical filming billet aluminum parts protect and bond aluminum surface capabilities.

What are Aluminum Grades Used for Billet Aluminum Parts?

Depending on your applications, various aluminum grades are available for customizing billet aluminum parts.

5052 Aluminum

The 5052 aluminum grades are typically used for various applications, including the billet parts. It has high strength, flexibility, and advanced corrosion resistance.

6061 Aluminum

The 6061 aluminum is known for its formability, machinability, and excellent strength.

5052 Aluminum

This aluminum grade is easy to bend and shear. 5052 aluminum can withstand saltwater effects and corrosion.

2024 Aluminum

The 2024 aluminum grade has average machinability and low corrosion resistance. It is ideal for the structure under tension applications.

7075 Aluminum

The 7075 aluminum alloys are the most substantial aluminum grade. This aluminum has an average rating for anodizing response and corrosion resistance.

What are the Advantages of Customizing Billet Aluminum Parts?

Requesting for customization of your billet aluminum parts come in various advantages.

The following tells us some of them.

  • Low quantity billet aluminum parts also have a lesser cost
  • High degree precision
  • The billet aluminum parts are structurally stronger
  • Have a short lead time
  • Environment friendly processed
  • Replaceable
  • Easy and quick to repair
How Do Billet Aluminum Parts Different from Other Aluminum Parts?

Custom billet aluminum parts, specifically billet truck parts, differ vastly from casting or forging parts.

Custom Billet Aluminum Parts Difference

The following factors make the billet aluminum parts more different than other aluminum. 

The billet parts are produced using a milling process from an aluminum block. And the finished pieces of aluminum speck are worth changing on the dollar than the original billet cost.

The precise milling computer ordered machine used for cutting each part is more high-quality and valuable.

Custom billet aluminum parts need an expert to achieve the exact strength, finish, and structure.

Purchasing more billet aluminum parts indeed heighten your sales as they are more reliable and excellent billet aluminum components.

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