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HM is a professional supplier of custom aluminum oil pans from China.

Our specially designed custom aluminum oil pans offer unparalleled performance in racing, marine, and industrial applications.


HM, Your Leading Custom Aluminum Oil Pans Supplier

CNC machined custom aluminum oil pans make up a vehicle’s oiling system in the engine. Every detail matters: for example, a full-length kick-out allows for a greater distance between the oil level and the rotating assembly, resulting in increased power and additional ground clearance.

Power made from oiling system components can either make or break a car. This is why quality and attention to detail is crucial for our manufacturing of aluminum oil pans.

We offer internal oil pump designs with dual sumps, dry or wet-sump, baffle plates, small and big blocks, windage trays, dipsticks, high-pressure oil pumps, crankshaft scrapers, and more features you can always contact us about.



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Custom Aluminum Oil Pans Series

  • Aluminum Oil Sump Pan
    Aluminum Oil Sump Pan

    Helps maintain a more constant oil temperature, improved cooling efficiency. Good quality engine, compact, convenient, and easy to use.


  • E34 Oil Pan
    E34 Oil Pan

    Good working conditions E34 oil pan parts, high production efficiency, easy to realize mechanization, and automation. We supply a full range of aftermarket auto parts.


  • steel oil pan
    Steel Oil Pan

    Efficient filtration and comprehensive protection. Each part has been carefully designed to ensure the perfect function.


  • Oversized Engine Oil Pan
    Oversized Engine Oil Pan

    We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of auto parts. Such as an oversized engine oil pan, a good quality engine.


  • Accent Automatic Engine oil sump pan
    Accent Automatic Engine Oil Sump Pan

    One-stop solution for auto parts. In function, before it circulates through the engine, a pump forces the oil from the pan through a filter to remove grit and other impurities.


  • Oil Sump Pan for For BMW N20
    Oil Sump Pan For BMW N20

    The oil sump pan for BMW N20 featured that an oil reservoir that lubricates, helps clean, and cools moving elements throughout the engine. We keep good quality and competitive prices to ensure our customers’ benefit.


Quality Manufacturing

Our factory has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949:2016, and PPAP certifications. To provide high-quality manufactured products, we have strict quality control with advanced testing equipment.

We test quality using a 3D coordinate measuring machine, spectrometer, flaw detector, 2.5D projector, leak testing, and more.


Quality Manufacturing
CNC Oil Pans Production Flexibility

CNC Oil Pans Production Flexibility

Our factory in China meets the demands of outputting 5 million CNC parts each year. We offer rapid prototyping, low-batch production, and mass production, depending on your request.

Our 6S factory management system allows us to work efficiently and supply 1,000 clients worldwide with custom aluminum parts.


CNC Aluminum Oil Pan Application

HM custom aluminum oil pans can be made to fit particular cars. Our custom oil pan fabrication covers Mustang, Camaro, Ford, and Chevy designs.

Your oil pan replacement or drag racing business will have a spectacular start with our custom aluminum oil pans.


CNC Aluminum Oil Pan Application
Why HM Custom Aluminum Oil Pans

Why HM Custom Aluminum Oil Pans

HM is your reliable custom aluminum oil pans supplier from China. We offer a great range of different oil pan designs, and our R&D staff will develop your custom product for you. We develop around 100 new designs each month, altering features according to clients’ requirements.

We are able to manufacture custom oil pans with specific cars in mind as well. We will design the perfect oil pan for a Mustang or a professional drag racing car.

With over 20 years of experience, we have lots to offer. We have passed certifications, quality testing, mastered rapid prototyping, and more.

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As a professional oil pan supplier from China, HM works with a variety of aluminum alloys and grades to offer you the most suitable solution. We have Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, and other alloys available for custom oil pans.

Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, as well as great thermal conductivity, allowing the pan to draw more heat and power from the oil.

Custom Design

HM has a range of oil pan designs for you to choose from, and you can request custom features as well. Our aluminum oil pans are specially designed to best suit your application.

We manufacture trap-door baffling systems for oil control, oil recovery pouches, and crank scrapers for power savings. Our high-capacity sump designs and several other features result in custom oil pans optimized for you.


HM custom aluminum oil pans from China have a lot of specifications. These include the size of blocks, height and volume dimensions in quarts, length of kickout, and more.

The most common are small-block 302 and 351W block oil pans used in Ford muscle cars.

CNC Finish

We are your one-stop custom CNC aluminum parts supplier—so we offer a variety of finish options.

Your custom oil pans can be polished, anodized, sandblasted, chrome-plated, zinc plated, powder-coated, engraved, and more.




Quality Checking




What are the Common Designs of a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

Each of these oil pans is built with a unique set of technologies to perfectly match its intended purpose.

The trap door baffling systems are combined for oil control and recovery factor canisters.

The crank chisels are made for power savings and a high load sump design.

A variety of other features are also present to create custom aluminum oil pans that are the best for their application.

These custom aluminum oil pans have a retro finned design and look fantastic.

All of these come with a drain plug and are ready to use right away.

In addition, the design adds oil capacity for enhanced cooling and lubrication.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

It comes in a variety of forms, dimensions, colors, and designs that can fit your needs while also saving money.

These custom aluminum oil pan guarantee the best performances and itis extremely useful.

Here are some of its benefits and advantages:

  • High-quality production.
  • It has accuracy and dependability when it comes to the manufacturing process.
  • All oil pans are tig welded and are made of thick aluminum.
  • The pan is of higher quality and has fewer leaks and cracks.
  • Each oil pan is subjected over several backflow assessments.
  • It is installed on an exhaust system several times during the manufacturing process.
  • It will surely fit into its intended application.
  • It is available in a variety of batch sizes.
  • To drain away static charge and minimize its impact, a special conductive paint is used.
  • It is skillfully manufactured from aluminum and is intended for oval track racing.
  • The custom oil strainer is positioned low in the pan to ensure proper oil pickup while sideways.
  • Precision welded for long-lasting performance are included to avoid oil destitution and engine failure.
  • To ensure performance, the leak, road, fit, peel, and salt are all tested.
  • Prevents the occurrence of environmental contamination such as dirt and water.
  • It improves the engine’s life expectancy.
  • It works exactly as clients require.
What Materials are Used to Make a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

Custom Aluminum Oil Pan can be gold iridate, ceramic coated or powder coated for a long-lasting and durable finish.

High-quality aluminum was used to create this product and it retains the drain plug requirements.

Steel inserts are used in the majority of models to avoid sheared strings caused by over-torquing.

To ensure performance, fit and road testing is required.

A steel drain plug insert is standard on most spectra premium custom aluminum oil pans.

This steel insert on a custom aluminum oil pan extends the life of the oil pan by increasing sturdiness.

Most of the Custom Aluminum Oil Pans are made of die-cast metals and come in refined or black finishes.

What are the Different Types of a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

There are several types of the custom aluminum oil pans, demonstrating that they are really useful in your application.

Here are its different types:

  1. The Econo-Series Custom Aluminum Oil Pans
  • It is designed for serious mechanical vehicles as well as high-performance street engines.
  • These pans have thick steel cores and are reasonably priced.
  • Each pan contains a rubber set, special oil pickup, metallic drain plug, and trap door baffles.
  1. Street Use Custom Aluminum Oil Pans
  • These pans are designed for high-performance street use.
  • Have more oil capacity than the factory pans.
  • Slosh baffles assist in keeping oil in the sump.
  • The gasket set that comes with these pans is included.
  • Magnetic drain plug, oil pick-up, and bolts are its components.
  1. Aluminum Oil Pans That Have Been Fabricated
  • These pans are lightweight and strong because they are welded from aluminum.
  • These rubber set, oil pick-up, metallic drain plug, and bolts are included with pans.
  • The trap door baffling regulates oil flow to the engine to maintain a comprehensive flow of oil.
  1. Custom Aluminum Oil Pans for the Road & Strip
  • It significantly boosts motor oil potential without sacrificing performance.
  • This engine is suitable for customized muscle car engines.
  • It is yellow and chrome, powder-coated zinc, chevy orange, and black are all options.
  • Oil control is perplexing and bolts and gaskets are available for purchase separately.
  1. Custom Oil PansMade from Brecciated Aluminum
  • These cast-aluminum oil pans look like factory pans, but they are made with a different process.
  • A hygienic, iconic look is achieved by casting aluminum and polishing it.
  • The finished design is polished and finished and it fits perfectly for custom engine projects
  • Oil pan bolts are included with these pans.
  1. Factory Fit Custom Aluminum Oil Pans
  • The industrial style pans are intended to replace worn or repulsive engine oil pans.
  • These are pans in chrome or powder-coated in a long-lasting
  • Chevy finishes are available in orange, ford blue, and satin black.
  • Bolts, gaskets, and pickup are sold separately.
  1. Custom Aluminum Oil Pans with a Slam-Guard
  • The handle plate is welded into Slam-Guard oil and transmission pans.
  • They safeguard the pan from destruction done by individual vehicles, dips, and other irregularities.
  • Available in chrome, black, or silver powder-coated finishes for driveways or rocks.


What are the Features of a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

Custom Aluminum Oil Pans have a variety of features such as the following:

  • For turbocharged engines, there are several pans currently offered with oil drain holes.
  • Some models provide more clearance beneath the pan’s lowest part.
  • Others provide more clearance in the pan’s front or back.
  • Simple and Easy to Utilize
  • Design with a low profile for high ground clearing and security
  • Fit – Custom Aluminum Oil Pans that are smaller in size than the stock oil pan has been developed.
  • Cooling – it sheds heat better than the stamped steel pan that came with the car.
  • Aesthetic appeal – If your car is a masterpiece, a remanufactured oil pan can add a lot of bling.


What is the Cost of a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

If you want something huge, be prepared to spend more money.

Basically, the size of a custom aluminum oil pan is determined by the budget you have available.

You must think about the cost of the custom aluminum oil pan apparel as well as the features you want to include.


What are The Factors to Consider When Buying a Custom Aluminum Oil Pan?

When it comes to finding the best Custom Aluminum Oil Pan, consider these factors:

  1. Size
  • Make sure your it is capable of handling the weight that will be placed there during the installation.
  1. Location
  • The surface must be level, stable, and out of water’s way.Do not put it in a slope or a depression.
  1. Security
  • Customized aluminum oil pan can be unsafe in certain situations.
  • Placing devices that allows you to lock it can make sure to protect from dangers.


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