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HM offers different types of CNC clutch levers such as models, sizes, styles, and shapes.

We can produce clutch levers according to their applications such as bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.

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Cost-effective CNC Clutch Lever Solutions

CNC clutch levers are used for brakes located in the left handlebars. It is widely used for motorized vehicles, bicycles, ATV, and more that connect the engine to rear-wheel power. If you are looking for a CNC clutch levers manufacturer and supplier, HM is the right choice for you.

We offer complete selections of CNC clutch levers. It has different features, styles, sizes, and more. HM offers different surface treatment that includes anodizing, polishing, powder coating, and chrome plating.

We can assure you that we use the highest quality materials with full certifications. HM is an international and certified CNC clutch lever producer in China. We passed different certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949:2016, and ISO45001.

We can offer different CNC processes for your CNC clutch levers and customize your ideal specifications. HM can satisfy all your requirements.

CNC Clutch Lever Series

  • Pivot Brake Clutch Lever
    Pivot Brake Clutch Lever

    The pivot brake clutch lever is placed on the left portion of the handlebar. It is used to fasten and unfasten the power from the engine to the steering wheel.

  • Motorcycle Clutch Handle Drum Brake Lever
    Motorcycle Clutch Handle Drum Brake Lever

    We produce motorcycle clutch handle drum brake levers with top quality and brand-new features. It is also made from top-grade aluminum alloy.

  • Short Long Brake Clutch Levers
    Short Long Brake Clutch Levers

    Our short long brake clutch levers are specified with 1.5cm width, 5cm height, and 14.7cm length. It is used as motorcycle accessories, comes in custom colors.

  • Aluminum Adjustable Brake Clutch Levers
    Aluminum Adjustable Brake Clutch Levers

    We produced aluminum adjustable brake clutch levers with an attractive anodized finish. It is fully adjustable, brand-new, and 100% high quality.

  • Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Clutch Brake Lever
    Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Clutch Brake Lever

    This aluminum alloy motorcycle clutch brake lever works by shifting force and motion at the lever. It features surface painted finish, making it rust and corrosive resistant

  • Aluminum Handlebar Brake Clutch Lever
    Aluminum Handlebar Brake Clutch Lever

    This product can be custom-made based on your requests. It features universal fitting which means it can fit almost all motorcycles and enhance the overall racing style.

  • Anodizing Motorcycle Racing Clutch Lever
    Anodizing Motorcycle Racing Clutch Lever

    An anodizing motorcycle racing clutch lever is aging-resistant and abrasion protected. It can guarantee maximum durability and strength after being installed.

  • Motorcycle Adjustable Clutch Drum Brake Lever
    Motorcycle Adjustable Clutch Drum Brake Lever

    This can be adjusted according to any user’s comfort level. And also it features extendable folding.  Plus, it comes in custom sizes, colors based on your specifications.

  • Motorcycle Body Parts Adjustable Brake Clutch Lever
    Motorcycle Body Parts Adjustable Brake Clutch Lever

    This clutch lever is completely adjustable. Plus, it is easy to install and effective to improve motorcycle appearance. It comes in different colors for your choice.

CNC Clutch Levers Fabrication

HM is handling the fastest and most effective manufacturing method for your clutch levers, the CNC machining. This is the automation of the movement which is used to control different machinery that includes mills, lathes, grinders, and more. Each process helps the fabrication faster and work thousand of clutch levers at the same dimensions, finishes, and styles.

We have professional engineers and designers who optimize CNC clutch levers designs, material options, and more. We offer advanced CNC machines, equipment, and hardworking dedicated staff.

HM can produce a wide variety of styles, sizes, finishes, and more CNC clutch lever options. We can offer customized CNC clutch levers based on your ideal finishing, styles, sizes, and more options.

CNC Clutch Levers Fabrication
CNC Clutch Lever Materials

CNC Clutch Lever Materials

CNC clutch levers are commonly available in a variety of materials suitable for CNC machining.  Clutch levers are available in billet aluminum and stainless steel with both ideal surfaces for different CNC processes.

Aluminum: Aluminum is a preferred material that is commonly machined materials. It is easier to shape, drill, turn, and more for CNC machining. Aluminum clutch levers have great thermal and mechanical properties which are more advantageous in different CNC processes.

Steel: Steel clutch levers are excellent for 5-Axis, CNC machining, CNC drilling, CNC turning, and CNC milling.

Die-cast aluminum is one of the popular CNC clutch levers. It is great material and machinability durable for long-term use. The other options are forged and cast. It is easier to bend without breaking.

You can choose a broad selection of CNC clutch levers. We can offer mass production and provide customized supplies.

CNC Clutch Lever Functions

The CNC clutch lever functioned through clutch assembly with complete components such as plates, hubs, springs, level, and cables. CNC clutch lever allows smoothly engaging or stopping the spinning wheels. It allows changing the speed that connects to the front wheel.

These are the important components that allow in controlling the high speed of a motorcycle.

We produce the best performance of CNC clutch levers. We assure smooth operations and functions and a longer life span.

HM can custom a wide range of CNC clutch levers from your ideal sizes, styles, colors, and more. We can fabricate different models according to their applications available in adjustable options.

CNC Clutch Lever Functions
CNC Clutch Levers Applications

CNC Clutch Levers Applications

HM CNC clutch levers are widely used for motorcycles, bikes, ATVs, and are more suitable for different models.

We can offer customized CNC clutch levers like adjustable options available in different models and sizes. It is available in universal selection which performs smoothly.

CNC clutch levers are available in different colors and finishes such as matte, glitters, glossy, and more. It is suitable for different surface treatments to meet the ideal appearance and textures such as powder coating.

HM can handle different CNC processes to meet your special requirements and ideal CNC clutch levers specifications, features, styles, and more.


CNC Clutch Lever
CNC Clutch Lever

CNC clutch levers are resistant to corrosion, weather, and scratches which develops a longer life span. HM assured to provide anti-color aging.


CNC clutch levers are available in long or short sizes which are applied according to a couple of finger use. That’s why HM designed adjustable CNC clutch levers for comfortable use.

HM also ensures comfortable clutch levers even wearing bulky gloves through between the throttle grip and the lever back. We can ensure strict quality control, advanced equipment, and CNC machines while meeting your demands for your CNC clutch lever request.

Finer Adjustment

The fine adjustment will help the rider easier set up to meet the best positions. HM is offered the perfect adjustment, especially for motorcycles. We can handle the different processes to produce high-precision CNC clutch levers.

HM equipped CNC machines and equipment for CNC clutch levers fast fabrication. It has complete services such as milling, turning, and more for surface treatments.

Our CNC machined clutch levers have great adjustment suitable with small and large finger use or bulky gloves. It has fine finishes, an attractive appearance, and most of all durable with peeling resistance.

Surface Treatment Solution

HM CNC clutch levers have a variety of surface treatments such as:

  • Anodizing
  • Powder coating
  • Chroming
  • Sandblasting
  • Polishing, etc

We can meet your ideal surface treatments and follow your desired finishes for your CNC clutch levers. HM can fully satisfy your needs to get the best quality supplies. Please contact us directly.

Benefits and Advantages

Our CNC clutch levers are durable and high-quality. It is made of aluminum alloy, steel, and strong metals. It is essential for all riders and bikers for a better experience.  It is adjustable that provides the highest level of comfort and safe control. The following are CNC clutch levers’ benefits and advantages:

  • Versatile and corrosion resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • Customizable and scratch-resistant
  • Peeling proof and long life span
  • Add motorcycle beauty
  • Improve functionality and comfort

HM ensure satisfying and high-precision CNC clutch levers. We can handle strict quality control to ensure you can get the best quality supplies according to your request and requirements.

Send your inquiries and HM can satisfy your needs.

Quality Checking
What are the Features of a CNC Clutch Lever?

CNC Clutch Lever has numerous features such as:

  • A wide range of modern color combinations is available.
  • Even with one hand, it is possible to adjust while driving.
  • Excellent ergonomics and a precise grip feel.
  • CNC milled aluminum that is ultra-lightweight.
  • Wind force at the lever’s end as a result of air slots.
  • A predefined turning point is included in the long version.
  • Each component of levers is handcrafted to the specifications and the type of motorcycle.
  • The form has been ergonomically optimized.
  • The breaking point is predetermined.
  • Material of excellent quality.
  • A 3D-designed pattern with a touch of REAL Carbon Fiber inlay.
What are the Types of a CNC Clutch Lever?

There are various types of CNC Clutch Lever that is present to sustain your needs.

It includes the following:

  • The very first Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Lever in the industry.
  • The new design incorporates the features desired by concrete efficiency motorists.
  • CARBON is available as an OEM replacement part.
  • Late-model OEM Superbike and Supersport applications are available.
  • The RC2 is a totally fresh edition of the on-the-fly location expandable lever.
  • This is intended for OEM-style master cylinders.
  • It is a true replacement to the massively effective and race-tested Roll-a-Click lever.
  • The SC2 was designed to be the great accompaniment for the CRG RC2 lever line.
  • The CRG SC2 Clutch Lever is designed specifically for sportbikes.
  • It modifies major characteristics for Superstock racing as well as Custom Sport bikes.
  • It was designed to work with a wide variety of motorcycles that use a cable-actuated clutch.
  • Another well-known type of clutch lever in the cycling world.
  • It provides a lot of adjustabilities when compared to stock.
  • They are slightly less expensive and the quality is high.
  • A newly designed adjuster system that places the adjuster within reaching distance while riding.
  • These kinds of levers are purchased in pairs, each with one brake and one clutch lever
What Are the Applications of Clutch Lever?

There are plenty of applications of the clutch levers in the industry. It has different models and options based on its applications.

Here are clutch lever applications:

  1. Bicycle

It is an adjustable CNC bicycle clutch lever with complete bore, piston, and banjo bolt size options.

Its dimensions are measured by hand.


  • Adjustable
  • Number of position lever adjustment
  • excellent lever position for all users
  1. Motorcycle

Motorcycle CNC clutch lever is a quality anodized finish with a luxury touch. This is great for all users with small hands.

The advantage to those who have difficulties with OEM clutch levers.


  • Adjustable distance from handlebars
  • Folding extendable levers
  • compatible
  1. ATV

The ATV CNC clutch levers have great specifications that can be great for a lot of ATV types and models.

There are plenty of designs and options of CNC clutch levers from a variety of designs, colors, styles, and more.

What is the Difference Between Long and Short CNC Clutch Lever?

This is purely a matter of personal taste.

Some prefer a shorter brake lever because they only use two fingers to brake.

Some prefer a long one on the clutch side because they use all four fingers to pull the clutch in.

Shorter levers are more convenient than longer levers for those who only get a pair of fingers to operate.

Shorter levers are said to provide less leverage; while this is true theoretically, it is not so in practice.

Even if the lever is short, your fingers will remain the same distance away from the pivot point, resulting in no lost leverage.

So, technically, you are losing leverage potential, but it depends on how levers were operated.

This may or may not affect you personally.

What Materials are Used to Make a CNC Clutch Lever?

High-quality components are used in the making of CNC clutch lever.

It includes:

  • chrome-plated micro sealable shafts
  • hardened steel hinge
  • stabilizer bar parts
  • chrome-silicon cantilever springs
  • aviation-grade stainless steel
  • chromium alloy fasteners

They have a hard-anodized knee and a carbon steel hinge framework for added strength and durability.

The same component can be used as a brake or clutch lever.

High-strength aluminum is forged and then CNC-machined to create this product.

This thorough manufacturing process ensures a longer lifespan, maximum flexibility, and a precise fit.

For long-term use, the surface is oxidized.

How Does a CNC Clutch Lever Functions?

The non-slip rough surface of a CNC Clutch Lever provides a perfect feel for your fingers on the joystick.

The high-quality CNC joystick control raises sturdiness and solidity, preventing it from easily being broken.

CNC Clutch Levers that function properly are essential for your road safety.

It is completely designed for dirt bikes, which excellently safeguard your bikes mostly from harm during a crash.

These levers have a fantastic appearance and will undoubtedly give the motorcycle some very cool modifications.

What is the Cost of a CNC Clutch Lever?

If you want a CNC Clutch lever that is long, be prepared to spend more money.

Basically, the length of CNC Clutch Lever is determined by the budget you have available.

You must think about the cost of the CNC Clutch Lever as well as the length you want to buy.

Is CNC Clutch Lever Adjustable?

CNC Clutch Lever is indeed adjustable.

By adjusting the fixed bolt on the lever, you can change the range from the lowest to the highest pointer.

This will aid to the finest clutch or brake reaction.

What are the Common Designs of a CNC Clutch Lever?

The anodizing treatment makes a nice sparkle and a lively surface effect.

The design itself increases corrosion and abrasion resistance and allows it to fully express its uniqueness.

Each of these CNC Clutch Levers built with a unique set of technologies to perfectly match its intended purpose.

What Are Several Components of a CNC clutch Levers?


It has three main functions that follow inertia. Inertia maintains the rotating mass that guides the engine rotation. The second is providing ring gear to engage. The third is providing driving friction for the disc.

Driven Friction Disc

It connects to transmission input that translates the wheel movement. It contains sprung hubs that absorb torques and engines vibration when engaging drive.

Pressure Plates

This is the critical part of the assembly that applies pressure. It is fixed to the flywheel that contains springs to rotate together.

Release Bearing

It provides medium actuation with static and rotating clutch. It absorbs force and reduces wear into rotating components to release the clutch.

Pilot Bearing

It is suitable for all clutches assembles. Without pilot bearings, it occurs problems and releases issues.

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