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HM is your #1 carburetor manufacturer and supplier from China.

We offer all types of carburetor such as up-draft carburetor, horizontal type carburetor, and down-draft type carburetor. HM use the highest quality materials in producing carburetor.


HM, Your Leading Carburetor Supplier

HM carburetors are designed to mix air and fuel for proper combustion. It is a vital component of an automobile engine that allows it to run smoothly. It is cost-effective, precision-made, and reliable.

Our range of carburetors is solid and durable. It is made from high-grade materials and is practical to use. This is easy to install with a long service life in various applications.

HM is an experienced carburetor manufacturer for more than 20 years. We serve 1000+ clients worldwide. Our company supplies all types of carburetors such as float carburetor, model airplane carburetor, outboard engine carburetor, etc. Through our sophisticated machinery and advanced manufacturing technology, we can produce the most satisfying product at the best price.

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Carburetor Series



  • Barrel Carburetor
    Barrel Carburetor

    We produced barrel carburetors that come in two-barrel and four-barrel designs. These are mainly used to accommodate higher airflow rates.


  • Car Carburetor
    Car Carburetor

    We provide car carburetors that are used in merging air and fuel together for simplifying internal combustion. It is widely used in the automotive industry.


  • Auto Carburetor
    Auto Carburetor

    An auto carburetor is a necessary component of an automobile engine. Overall, these are used to adjust the air and fuel mixture amount. It is high-quality ideal for any vehicle.


  • Motorcycle Carburetor
    Motorcycle Carburetor

    The motorcycle carburetor is used to provide an interior combustion engine with fuel and air mixture. We manufacture this using top-grade aluminum.


  • PWK Carburetor
    PWK Carburetor

    Our PWK carburetor is widely used in many industries because of its superior performance. Plus, these are the perfect carburetors for any motorcycle brand.


  • Lawn Mower Carburetor
    Lawn Mower Carburetor

    Our lawn mower carburetor is used to mix fuel and air together to decrease fuel utilization and increase power. They are high speed and perform good conduct.


  • Brush Cutter Tiller Carburetor
    Brush Cutter Tiller Carburetor

    We provide a brush cutter tiller carburetor that has heavyweight and more dynamic performance. It is ideal for clearing weeds, small hedges, and grass.


  • Japan Tech Motorcycle Carburetor
    Japan Tech Motorcycle Carburetor

    Japan tech motorcycle carburetor is an important part of a bike engine. It is broadly used for commercial use, industrial, and domestic use.


  • Chinese Brushcutter Carburetor
    Chinese Brushcutter Carburetor

    Chinese brushcutter carburetors feature brushcutter parts for use in garden and agriculture equipment. It offers ultimate efficiency and great performance.


Custom Carburetor Design

HM manufacture all types of carburetors such as up-draft carburetor, down-draft type carburetor, and horizontal type carburetor. We use the highest quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or brass. Our high-quality carburetor is made of the following components:

  • Throttle Valve
  • Choke Valve
  • Float Chamber
  • Strainer
  • Idling system
  • Mixing Chamber,
  • Metering system, etc.
Carburetor Materials

HM Carburetor Materials

HM Carburetors are structured with various parts from different materials. It works together to operate its core function. The molded body of the carburetor is manufactured from aluminum or lightweight alloy.

Also, HM uses high-grade steel or stainless steel for moving pieces of a carburetor. Some small parts like fuel jets and tiny screws are made from brass materials. You can trust HM for a long-lasting and versatile carburetor for your applications.

Carburetor Application

HM produces thousands of carburetors for more than 50,000 various projects. HM carburetors are utilized in spark-ignition engine. This product control the vehicle’s speed and regulates the air-fuel ratio. It converts the main fuel petrol into fine droplets. It mixes air and fuel for internal combustion engines smoothly and properly.

Also, carburetors also used in small engines machines. It includes rototillers, lawn mowers, and other equipment. Carburetors are very durable and uses in several applications.

Carburetor Applications
Why HM Carburetor

Why HM Custom Carburetor

HM is a leading carburetor manufacturer in China. We have engaged in this industry for more than 20 years. Our company serves 1000+ clients around the world and continuously develops high-technology products.

As a professional supplier, we obtained various certifications to prove our knowledge and expertise in this domain. It includes ISO9001, IATF16949:2016, ISO14001, ISO45001, and more. Our team is familiar with these standards and regulations. We will work closely with you to create the best carburetors that can boom your brand. Custom carburetors at a very cost-effective rate at HM!


Carburetor Manufacturing Process
Carburetor Types

Suitable Choice of Material

HM provides the widest selection of aluminum alloy materials in carburetor manufacturing. You can choose the right alloy grade such as:

  • ZLD104
  • A380
  • Al 5052
  • Al 6063
  • Al 6061
  • Al 6082
  • Al 075
  • Acd12

Wide Range of Applications

Based on your applications or projects, HM can custom carburetors at a cost-effective rate. Whether you need carburetors for bikes or vehicles, lawnmowers, generators, chainsaws, or brushcutter, HM can supply you with the finest quality products.

High-Precision Carburetors

HM is a dependable supplier with advanced CNC machines – 0.002um tight tolerances. Thus, our products are guaranteed with high precision, exquisite workmanship, and reliability.

Surface Treatments

HM offer secondary manufacturing operations to carburetors such as chromate treatment, electroplating, zinc plating, chrome plating, anodizing, powder coating, etc. These processes lead to a more durable finish, more corrosion resistance, extended life, and a good appearance.

Quality Checking
What is the Carburetor Used For?


The carburetor is usually used in various engines and machines.

Carburetor supplies a blend of air and fuel. The carburetor adapts or changes the fuel to the great droplets, ensuring the best and smooth functions.

Moreover, the carburetor is typically used in different devices where gasoline or fuel is required.

The primary application of the carburetor is for spark-ignition motors, machines, or engines.

The carburetor is an essential element to control and regulate the vehicle and machine’s speed.

The carburetor is commonly used for motors, cars, mowers, other vehicles, and moving engines.

What are the Different Parts of the Carburetor?

These are the different parts and components of carburetor:

  • Choke Valve

The choke valve is used to regulate the engine’s fuel and airflow. It improves the carburetor’s ability in low temperatures. This is commonly positioned as a semi-open.

  • Idle and Transfer port

In addition to the primary nozzle in the carburetor’s venturi par.

  • Idling System

The idling system is insisted on a path straight to the venturi line from the float section.

It delivers a wealthy assortment during idling and at a lower rate—the idling system functions when the throttle is unrestricted below 15% and during idling.

  • Mixing Chamber

In the mixing chamber, the combination of fuel and air emerged. The mixing chamber’s function is to be delivered in the engine cylinder.

  • Float Chamber

The float chamber constantly supplies the fuel, and it operates as a fuel storage tank. It includes different components such as float valves. In the float chamber, it holds the fuel level.

When the floating drive or run is lowered, the fuel level declines in the float chamber. They open or unlock the fuel supply valve. The float chamber authorizes fuel discharge into the float chamber.

The float moves upward as the fuel level boosts, closing and stopping the fuel supply.

  • Throttle Valve

Suddenly, the throttle valve on an engine operating at a very high rate will generate a high input manifold vacuum. This component will remove exhaust into the engine intake during v/v overlap.

  • Metering System

Controlling the fuel flow to the nozzle is the central metering system’s function. It is accountable for forming a proper assortment of air and fuel.

The metering system is composed of two parts: the metering orifice and the fuel discharge nozzle.

  • Venturi

The venturi is the slowly diminishing cross-sectional open line. It reduces the air tension of the chamber.

  • Strainer

Before coming into the float chamber, the strainer must filter or strain the fuel. The strainer is composed of wire mesh. This part removes or separates all particles and contaminants. 

What is the Carburetor Made From?

Carburetor Design

Carburetors can be produced from different ranges of materials.

The carburetor is commonly formed from lightweight and strong aluminum alloy materials.

Aluminum alloy is one of the excellent materials and best for manufacturing carburetor devices.

The carburetor that is made from aluminum alloy is extremely durable and corrosion-resistance.

Moreover, aluminum materials are well-known due to their lightweights, stability, and rigidity.

What are the Advantages of Carburetor?

The carburetor brings several advantages and benefits. These include:

  1. Using the carburetor will give an excellent mixture of fuel and air.
  2. The carburetor is very powerful and features high-precision.
  3. It has a sturdy and reliable construction, ensuring a long lifespan.
  4. The carburetor manipulates or regulates the engine speed.
  5. This element has tensile strength that can handle different engine loads.
  6. The carburetor offers a simple installation and easy maintenance.
  7. They are easy to remove or replace.
What Makes the Carburetor Better than the Fuel Engine?

The carburetor is known as a serviceable and satisfactory device in most applications.

A carburetor consists of more unique and desirable characteristics than a fuel engine.

The carburetor is easy to repair and fix when problems occur.

When the carburetor is damaged or troubled, it can be fixed without coming into the shop.

That’s why most customers switch to using the carburetor rather than the fuel engine.

The carburetor is much affordable and offered at a reasonable price when it comes to the cost.

While the fuel engine is costly and more expensive.

Most carburetors are durable, long-lasting, and more dependable.

How Long Does the Carburetor Last?

The carburetor is usually composed of strong metal material.

Due to its rigid and enduring construction, the carburetor has a long existence, allowing for long-term usage.

The carburetor device is hard to break and damage.

The carburetor device can last for more than 20 years before the replacement.

However, the existence of the carburetors will be based on their construction, design, and how they are used.

The proper maintenance and installation of the carburetor will expand its life.

What are the Different Types of Carburetors?

There are three popular types of carburetor, these are:

Up-Draft Carburetor

The updraft carburetor is a mechanical element that usually uses indifferent moving devices. The updraft carburetor authorizes the air and fuel flow upward. The air exits at the top and enters the bottom with the carburetor. 

Horizontal Type Carburetor

The horizontal type carburetor is mounted or placed in a horizontal position. The horizontal type carburetor minimizes the flow resistance to the right angle nonattendance.

Down-Draft Carburetor

The downdraft carburetor functions with lower fuel passages and pathways. This economical device is used for regulating the flow of air and fuel. It also manipulates and controls the engine’s speed and performance.

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