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HM is a leading manufacturer of the brass spindle in China. We offer an extensive range of brass tap spindles, different thread sizes, shapes, screw sizes, etc. Over 100 molds were developed every month. We provide free manufacturing analysis in every quote. Let’s start now.

  • Durable solid-brass construction
  • Available in more than four finishes
  • Ideal for both hot and cold applications
  • Smooth, durable, and longer life

Your Professional Brass Spindle Supplier

The brass tap spindle is made up of pure brass material. It can be used in kitchen sink mixers, tee cock, big cock, and washbasin. They are suitable for a variety of faucet brands. Ideal for both hot and cold applications. It is incredibly smooth, robust, and high-performance.

HM manufacturing brass spindles for more than 20 years. The spindles come in various features and specifications. It involves finishing type, technique, weight, and pressure.  Our series of brass spindles come in 2-1/4 soot, 2-1/2 soot, 2-3/4 soot, three soot, and more. You can work with our team to create the perfect component for your needs.



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Brass Spindle 12 Inch
Brass Spindle 1/2 Inch

The brass spindle with 1/2 inch is practical for commercial faucet applications and taps of bathroom/kitchen faucets. Suitable for a hot and cold quarter-turn faucet.


34 Brass Spindle
3/4" Brass Spindle

The brass spindle has a 3/4″ socket thread size. It is made of a solid brass body and stem. Special ceramic disc inserts. The opening system can be anticlockwise or clockwise.


35MM Rotatable Brass Spindle
35MM Rotatable Brass Spindle

HM produce a 35mm rotatable brass spindle ideal for hot and cold water applications. It is suitable for standard single-handle faucets. ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved.


45MM Brass Spindle
45MM Brass Spindle

The total length of the 45mm brass spindle is 84mm to 86mm. Its full spindle length – is 44mm to 45mm. Body diameter at the black ring: 36mm. The maximum turn angle is 100°.


25MM 2-Way Brass Spindle
25MM 2-Way Brass Spindle

Our 25mm 2-way brass spindle has high-performance and consistent quality. Available in gold and black. Corrosive-resistant, suitable for various faucet manufacturers.


90 Degree Brass Spindle
90 Degree Brass Spindle

HM 90-degree brass spindle is durable and resistant to corrosion. It provides optimum strength and durability. Made of high-quality brass and premium chrome plating.


HM Brass Spindle Advantages

High durability
High durability

Because brass spindles are more robust, they are the best option for most situations where severe abrasion is a concern. The dimensions must be suitable to fit specific uses precisely.


Longer life
Longer life

The shelf life of these brass spindles is comparatively long. Thus, it suggests that they can continue to offer dependable service in specific applications until they are entirely worn out.


Excellent weathering ability
Excellent weathering ability

HM brass spindle exhibits high resilience to various unfavorable weather and environmental conditions. It is effective for hot and cold water mixers.


Superior dimensional stability
Superior dimensional stability

This brass tap spindle is a shock-resistant grade that combines high toughness, machinability, and size stability during heat treatment with superior impact.


Top 4 Brass Tap Spindle Properties

The features of brass tap spindle components include the following:

  • Easy installation – With its sturdy, compact design, the part can be installed quickly for any plumbing usage. Whether in industrial, commercial, or household sanitary fittings.
  • Precise diameter – The dimensions must be suitable to fit into the required machinery or application precisely.
  • Impact-resistant – With high-grade construction, the spindle exhibits high mechanical strength, toughness, shock-resisting, good hardness, and so on.
  • High-temperature tolerance – The brass tap spindle is available in tolerance up to +/-0.0005. It can withstand higher temperatures without degrading until 2035.


Top 4 Brass Tap Spindle Properties
HM Brass Spindle Main Applications

HM Brass Spindle Main Applications

Brass spindles are widely used in numerous applications, which are mechanical and decorative. It mainly involves applications that require low friction.

Some of these applications include the following;

Plumbing – These brass spindle parts are frequently used in various plumbing applications. They provide quality and dependability for a range of piping and plumbing applications.

  • Bathroom Fitting
  • Sanitary Fittings
  • Kitchen Sink Mixers
  • Washbasin Mixers
  • Tee cock, or Bib cock.

HM Capabilities on Brass Spindle

HM has excellent machining skills for the brass spindle. Here’s the reason why you choose us.

Supply reliability – Whether you need a brass component for business, brand, or marketing, HM delivers following your timetable. To adapt to changes in production demand, backup inventories might be produced.

Cost savings – HM can produce precision brass spindle components at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. Through leveraging, equipment options, multi-spindle machining, and CNC turning.

Manufacturing support – Each new project is carefully examined by our knowledgeable personnel. They identify design changes that result in better brass spindle components, material savings, and quicker turnaround times.

HM Capabilities on Brass Spindle

HM: One-Stop Brass Spindle Partner in China

Brass Spindle Supplier
Brass Spindle Supplier1

HM has focused on brass fittings manufacturing for over two decades. We supply high-quality brass parts like a spindle. In addition, we design and manufacture custom brass tap spindles worldwide. A comprehensive turnkey of brass spindle solutions is offered. It includes precision electronics, instruments, machinery, automotive, and more.

Following the industry norms and guidelines, we utilize quality raw materials and modern machines. It guarantees brass spindle performance and longer life. Our expert team will serve you for consultation and feedback. Then, we can give you free samples to meet your requirements. Send us emails or call us immediately!

Surface Treatment Options

Brass spindles have several surface finishing coatings.

There are quite a few of them, but some of the more significant ones are as follows:

  • Anodized
  • Galvanized
  • Plating
  • Sandblasting
  • Polishing
  • Laser Engraving
Quality Compliant

Our knowledgeable specialists carefully plan and construct the given variety of brass spindles.

In strict accordance with the benchmarks and criteria for quality established internationally, including:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISO45001
  • IATF16949:2016

HM Brass Spindle Production Workflow


The programmers are in charge of programming the CNC machine to produce code within the numerical system during this stage. CAM software transforms the CAD files during CNC programming to ensure interoperability.


Preparation of Material
Preparation of Raw Material

The raw elements are kept in a collection known as a workpiece. The experts also evaluate the raw materials’ appropriateness concerning the brass spindle’s needs. In addition, dimensions and shape are factors in establishing suitability and getting the raw materials ready.


CNC Machining
CNC Machining

Once the program files are loaded, and the workpiece is connected to the machine, the machining operation begins. The CNC machine is now executing the numerical system’s code generator.


Surface Treatment & Inspection
Surface Treatment & Inspection

Specific surface coating finishes are currently applied to the CNC-made brass spindle based on your requirements. There are many different surface treatment options, making it simple to choose the one that best meets your needs.



This procedure is automated like every other step in the complete manufacturing process. All brass tap spindles are put into specific containers for packaging and sealing before delivery.


Brass Tap Spindle Manufacturer
Your Best Brass Tap Spindle Manufacturer in China

Over 20 years of brass spindle manufacturing experience. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and IATF16949:2016 Approved company. HM provide strict quality control, raw material testing, and various finishing options.


  • “We have twice worked with HM; they provide good quality and a friendly approach. You adapt to changing economic and market demands. You can ensure that all brass tap spindles are well-known and dependable, which is why we choose HM.”


  • “Brass tap spindle is a great addition to our business line. We have worked with you numerous times, which has been a pleasure. We hope to keep up the excellent service, high-quality goods, and affordable prices.”


  • “We don’t need to worry about the quality of brass tap spindle because HM is top-notch. The company has extensive management experience and a strict attitude. Sales staff are friendly and upbeat, while the technical staff is competent and responsible. I would highly recommend HM.”


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