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HM anticipates quickly establishing productive business partnerships with new clients all around the world. All of our products including brass pulley have been certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and IATF16949:2016 APPROVED PPAP standards management. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our brass pulleys or would want to talk about placing a special order.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Greater tensile strength
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Available finishing possibilities

HM Brass Pulley

The brass pulley from HM is designed with extreme strength and durability. It is the most straightforward tool used for lifting and supporting any object or transferring a direction of a flexible cord, cable, rope, or chain that carries on it. Each brass pullet is built with specialized features and qualities, meeting the desired operational specifications while being cost-effective. 

HM offers the highest precision brass pulley for all industry standards. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides a range of top-quality brass pulleys for custom applications. HM is your one-stop shop that has a 100% guarantee of giving all your needed brass pulleys and other related components.

Brass Pulley Series

Brass Double Pulley Fixed Ring
Brass Double Pulley Fixed Ring

HM double brass pulley fixed rings are specifically designed for strength and durability. Lower quality imitations quite often snap during installation. When using two or more pulleys, it helps to reduce the amount of effort. Choose HM for your custom brass pulley.

Forged Sash Pulley Square End Curved Wheel
Forged Sash Pulley Square End Curved Wheel

Forged pulley, made from brass, traditional manufacturing process, resulting in a high-quality product. HM has been produced using a traditional method with modern processes. A brass pulley is a consistently highly finished quality product. 

Cast Brass Radius End Sash Pulley
Cast Brass Radius End Sash Pulley

Designed for longevity and performance, this vintage Radius-End Sash Pulley with a 1 3/4-Inch Wheel is made of durable, rust-resistant brass. Its heavy-duty wheels are tightly fitted to ensure smooth operation. Choose from an array of classic finish options. 

Miniature Precision Motion Control Brass Pulley
Miniature Precision Motion Control Brass Pulley

The miniature precision motion control pulley is made of brass and is mounted to a double-shielded ball bearing made of hardened martensite stainless steel. It is designed for use with elastomer O-ring belts in applications requiring low torque, smooth operation, and low noise. 

Brass Press-Fit Style Sash Pulley
Brass Press-Fit Style Sash Pulley

Press-fit style sash pulleys are authentic and easy to install. They are still a great choice for restorations or new construction. Solid wrought brass, easy press-fit installation—no screws required, great reproduction of the classic style. At HM you can find what the best for your brass pulley needs.

Brass Pulley Nickel Plated Double
25mm Nickel Plated Double Brass Pulley

The 25mm nickel-plated double brass pulley wheel for smooth operation and a nickel-plated finish for protection. Nickel Plated/Brass finish, double wheel, suits rope up to 5mm in diameter. Designed to support movement and direction change in the direction of a force applied to the cord.

HM Brass Pulley Advantages Services

Exceptional Services
Exceptional Services

Excellent extrusion quality is guaranteed by our raw materials. Our highly technological and professional production team makes the brass pulleys better.

Custom Upgrades
Custom Upgrades

Quick action to create a brass pulley that is suited to the styles and forms of the clients’ needs. We swiftly and affordably create new goods.

Affordable Costs
Affordable Costs

In order to assist our clients to remain competitive in their markets and grow alongside them, HM offers brass pulleys at wholesale prices.

Technical Assistance
Technical Assistance

Our professional service is exceptional, and we offer our customers technical assistance. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we can provide top-notch products.

Different Types of Brass Pulley for Industrial Choice

Different brass pulleys remain prevalent and necessary in various industries. Moreover, they are much more efficient and valuable in specific applications. The following are the highlighting types of pulley that can be configured and manufactured by using brass materials:

  • Moveable brass pulleys
  • Fixed brass pulleys
  • Compound brass pulleys
  • Round brass pulleys
  • Conveyor pulleys
  • Step pulleys

Whether you are still for other types and customizations of brass pulleys, please do contact us or visit our website for more information!

Different Types of Brass Pulley for Industrial Choice
High-Innovative Brass Pulley

High-Innovative Brass Pulley

All brass pulley from HM is purely made from the finest brass materials. It is available in various finishes and designed in aesthetic and artistic ways. Moreover, this brass pulley undertakes stringent quality checking and inspection for its configuration, smoothness, and finishes. 

Our brass pulley is made with extraordinary strength and sturdiness, providing adequate support. However, we offer our brass pulley in numerous designs, shapes, dimensions, weights, and broadness. We can also customize every product as per the customers’ requests. 

Highlighting Uses of Brass Pulley

The brass pulley is mainly used for:

  • Lifting heavy items or loads
  • Acts as durable support for objects or long-range moving ropes
  • In some cases, it is also used for fetching water from deep well
  • For motion transfer
  • Opening a trap door of tree houses

Always be on the look for HM for solid and durable pulleys to assist your purpose. 

Highlighting Uses of Brass Pulley

Trustworthy Manufacturer and Provider of Brass Pulley - HM

Trustworthy Manufacturer and Provider of Brass Pulley - HM
Trustworthy Manufacturer and Provider of Brass Pulley - HM

If you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer and provider of a brass pulley to support your business and projects, HM is always the excellent choice. We are a certified ISO and IATF16949-approved company in China and are also entrusted as the leading supplier worldwide. We have an expert quality team responsible for implementing regular inspection and testing for all brass pulleys. 

The brass pulley from HM consists of the qualities and features required in different industries. As a professional manufacturer, we can do OEM/ODM and customize your desired brass pulley. If interested in our brass pulleys, message us for your inquiries. We assure you that all components are of zero-defect quality.  

HM Brass Pulley Advantages

HM manufactures a brass pulley that brings out impressive advantages:

  • Durable and excellent support
  • Applied in any direction movable along with different loads
  • Required minimal maintenance and no lubrication
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Quiet operation
  • Can withstand long-lasting use
  • Precisely configured 
  • Customizable 
  • Corrosion protected
HM Brass Pulley Extensive Production Process

HM has the most organized production line for any brass pulley to ensure that every component is produced accurately. All processes involved are:

  • Comprehensive brass material selection
  • Research and design
  • CNC procedure
  • Entire product testing and verification
  • Product quality in-depth inspection
  • Excellent surface treatment

HM is pleased to work with you. Rest assured that our assistance will benefit the success of your business. 

Why Choose HM as Your Brass Pulley Business Partner

Strong and Professional Manufacturer
Strong and Professional Manufacturer

From the raw materials to the completed goods, our organization handles everything. Every year, HM designers release new products. We currently produce over 5 million components annually, including brass pulleys, and our service staff is able to offer consumers professional, high-quality service. 

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

HM specializes in creating and producing brass pulleys of various forms. Numerous sectors utilize our products regularly. We consistently produce high-quality goods with great accuracy. HM offers cutting-edge technology and high-quality products at affordable prices. We look forward to responding to your inquiry and providing you with the world’s best products and services.

Support Customers' Customization
Support Customers' Customization

We look forward to working well with you, and we are confident that your company will benefit greatly from our remarkable results. Safe, eco-friendly, practical, and effective packaging services will be offered in an effort to increase the safety of your products. Choose HM as the top brass handrail quality source for your customized brass railing business needs. 

HM- Your Expert Brass Pulley Supplier in China
HM- Your Expert Brass Pulley Supplier in China

HM has strict quality control using our state-of-the-art testing equipment. All varieties of brass pulleys are expertly manufactured by HM. Various brass pulley variations can be customized to meet customer demands. 7/24 online support, instant quota within 1 day. Contact us now.

  • “We are really grateful to HM Services. With high-quality and durable materials, they provide a brass pulley. The lowest price and professional supplies are also provided by HM.”

  • “Good corrosion resistance, a long service life, and consistently high quality are all qualities of the brass pulley. HM comes highly recommended. They offered me discounts to help me establish my brass pulley business.”

  • “HM helped me with my brass pulley enterprise! Their goods, especially the brass pulley, are the best in terms of sturdiness and lifespan. To grow my business, from now on HM is my trusted supplier of the brass pulley.”

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