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Are you looking for a versatile aluminum sprocket? HM got you covered. We are a leading aluminum sprocket supplier with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. We provide a one-stop experience for your needs.

We offer various designs for custom aluminum sprockets, number of teeth, pitch diameter, and outside diameter. Get in touch now!

HM, Your Leading Custom Aluminum Sprocket Supplier

HM Aluminum sprockets are a simple mechanical wheel. It is manufactured with teeth or small notches. It is developed to rotate and works with the links of a chain or belt. Due to its lightweight and durable features, aluminum sprockets are utilized for various applications including motorcycles, cars, bicycles, tools, and other machinery.

As a professional manufacturer, HM can supply aluminum sprockets in any chain size with any bore, tooth, and hub configuration. It can be customized according to your needs. We use the high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, CNC machined to meet your specific sprocket requirements. Message us today!

Aluminum Sprockets Series

  • Aluminum chain sprocket
    Aluminum Chain Sprocket

    We manufacture aluminum chain sprockets using high-quality 6061-grade alloy or 61S alloy. The aluminum chain sprocket offers good weldability and has excellent mechanical properties.

  • aluminum roller chain sprocket
    Aluminum Roller Chain Sprocket

    We provide aluminum roller chain sprockets in various chain sizes with bore, tooth, and hub configurations. Whether you purchase bulk or one-off quantities, we can cater to your needs.

  • Small Standard Pinion Sprocket
    Small Standard Pinion Sprocket

    Our small standard pinion sprocket can be aluminum or stainless steel. It is applicable in many industries, such as manufacturing plants, building material shops, construction works, etc.

  • Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Rear Sprocket
    Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

    Our aluminum alloy motorcycle rear sprocket has a wide range of surface treatment choices. You can find heat treatment, plating, powder coating, etc.

  • custom conveyor large rear sprocket
    Custom Conveyor Large Rear Sprocket

    We can custom conveyor large rear sprocket according to our client’s requirements. It is functional for applications like food machinery, escalator, etc.

  • Industrial Racing Go Karting Aluminum Sprocket
    Industrial Racing Go Karting Aluminum Sprocket

    The industrial racing go-karting aluminum sprocket is excellent for transmission machine application. The sprocket has a long life and provides maximum power transfer.

  • Machining Motorcycle Aluminum Rear Sprocket
    Machining Motorcycle Aluminum Rear Sprocket

    Our machining motorcycle aluminum rear sprocket has stable quality. You can choose different surface treatments such as anodized, powder coating, and more.

  • mini bike aluminum rear sprocket
    Mini Bike Aluminum Rear Sprocket

    The product is 100% brand new and high-performance racing design. Our mini aluminum rear sprocket has self-cleaning grooves to increase sprocket life.

  • motorcycle transmission parts rear sprocket
    Motorcycle Transmission Parts Rear Sprocket

    This sprocket is heat-treated to enhance sprocket longevity and reduce surface friction. It is also CNC machined for high performance and a long lifespan.

HM Aluminum Sprocket Materials

HM sourced high-grade aluminum materials in producing sprockets. We work with high-quality 6061-grade aluminum alloy, 7075-T6, etc. These materials offer good weldability, have good mechanical properties, are versatile, and are impermeable. Aluminum is an excellent electrical conductor, non-combustible, and non-magnetic.

Thus, you can ensure that all our products are the strongest and lightest sprockets on the market today. It offers stable performance in various applications.

HM aluminum sprockets
HM aluminum sprockets specifications

HM Aluminum Sprocket Specifications

HM aluminum sprockets have a number of differing characteristics. Before mass production, HM considers these specifications to meet your custom needs. It includes aluminum sprockets:

  • Number of teeth
  • Total length of a tooth
  • Pitch Diameter
  • Outside Diameter

Also, we accept your specific request on aluminum sprockets production. You can also choose the surface treatment, color, logo, and packaging of your custom sprockets. You can receive a free product sample for you to check the quality.

HM Aluminum Sprocket Applications

HM aluminum sprockets are used on bicycles, motorcycles, or push bikes, to pull a linked chain to rotate the bike’s wheels. It is also used in tracked vehicles like tanks and farming machinery. Film projectors and film cameras also utilized this product. It holds the film in place and move it as photographs are taken.

At HM, you can find cost-effective motorcycle aluminum sprockets, scooter aluminum sprockets, ATV aluminum sprockets, etc. We supply aluminum sprockets for all kinds of motorcycle chains models and for other machineries.

HM aluminum sprockets applications
Why HM aluminum sprocket

Why HM Custom Aluminum Sprockets

HM is a reputable supplier in China for more than 20+ years. We are an ISO9001, and ISO45001 certified company, dedicated to delivering superior quality aluminum sprockets in the market. All products are tested and in compliance with important standards and verification.

We provide high-precision and high-accuracy aluminum sprockets suited for wear-intensive conditions and applications. Its flatness and concentricity tolerances are less than 0.1mm. Our incredibly low manufacturing tolerances guarantee exceptionally long service life aluminum sprockets.

With a team of passionate and skilled employees, we look forward to building long-term business partnerships with clients worldwide. Choose HM today!


HM aluminum sprocket process
HM aluminum sprocket manufacturing

Wide Range of Options

A wide range of aluminum sprocket options is available to suit your projects. We supply aluminum roller chain sprocket, small standard pinion sprocket, aluminum alloy motorcycle rear sprocket, industrial racing GO karting aluminum sprocket, and more.

It is available in all chain pitches 520, 525, 530, etc. Ranges from 36-54 teeth on most applications. For your custom request, just send your details immediately. We provide high-quality aluminum sprockets for almost all motorcycles.

Extremely Strong and Lightweight

Aluminum material is robust, strong, and lightweight material. Manufacturing sprockets from aluminum gives various advantages in mobility aircraft, motorbikes, film cameras, film projectors applications, etc. It is also heat-treated and anodized for extended wear.

Special Stronger Teeth

You can trust that our products are designed from a special tooth that increases chain contact and outstandingly extends the sprocket life. It is well-shape and CNC machined for long-lasting, heavy-duty use.


HM aluminum sprockets can be anodized in gold, red, black, blue color, etc. Multiple colors to choose from are accessible. This process provides aluminum sprockets with excellent corrosion resistance, a high-level finish, and durability.

Quality Checking
What are the Benefits of an Aluminum Sprocket?

Here are some of its benefits and advantages:

  • Self-lubricating and is also rustproof, light, and long-lasting.
  • Productive and cost-effective.
  • Heat treatment at its most advanced.
  • Precision machining for increased power and efficiency.
  • Hardened by shot peening.
  • Hardened teeth with a distinctive hardening thermal treatment for maximum durability.
What is the Mechanism of Aluminum Sprockets?

A chain or belt connects two sprockets, one of which is the driver and the other the driven.

Pressure then drives them, causing power to be transmitted or the rate of mechanical components to change.

Aluminum sprockets with more teeth can move more weight, but they generate more friction.

The chain must be replaced if they have been refined or connected at the tip rather than blunt.

What is the Dimension of an Aluminum Sprocket?

A gearing calculator should be used to figure out how many teeth are on the aluminum sprocket.

The width and pitch of the driven sprocket must correspond to the size and pitch of the chain and drive sprocket used.

You should specify the following upon ordering:

  1. The desired number of teeth
  2. Size of the chain
  3. The year, make, and prototype of the motorcycle wheel currently in use
What are the Various Aluminum Sprocket Elements?

Each aluminum sprocket differs in a number of ways, including the following:

  1. A number of teeth: The total number of teeth on the sprocket, each of which is referred to as a tooth.
  2. Pitch Diameter: The diameter of the sprocket at the spot in which the loop reaches the sprocket.
  3. Outside Diameter: The diameter of the sprocket at the teeth’ end tips.
  4. Pitch: The total length of a tooth, usually measured in inches. It is in between pins on a chain.
What are the Different Types of Aluminum Sprocket?

Sprockets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as with differing amounts of notches.

Aluminum Sprockets are classified into several types.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most common types and their applications:

  1. Double DutyAluminum Sprocket
  • It has two teeth for each pitch, allowing the links to be progressed to a fresh set of teeth.
  • Hunting teeth have an irregular number of teeth, which means they survive longer.
  • Each tooth directly interacts with the sprocket half as often as other types.
  1. Multiple Strand Aluminum Sprocket
  • It is used when more power is required, or when more items are driven by a drive shaft.
  • It is typically used with a heavier compressive load and has an opposite mounting function.
  1. Idler Aluminum Sprocket
  • Used where long extents of chain can prevent whipping and guide around the obstruction.
  • It also aids in the prevention of unequal load distribution.
  1. Pilot Bore Aluminum Sprocket
  • It has a spherical display that can be injected into the drilled desired dimensions.
  • It is commonly used in manufacturing factories, as well as bikes and motorcycles.
  • It can then be secured with grub screws, pins, locking bushes, and other similar devices.
  • It has a separation through the taper and flange that allows them to clamp onto the shaft.
  1. Countershaft Aluminum Sprocket
  • It is also recognized as the transmitting aluminum sprocket.
  • It is the smallest aluminum sprocket and is attached to the motorcycle’s transmission.
  1. Wheel Aluminum Sprocket
  • It is the biggest aluminum sprocket.
  • The wheel aluminum sprocket is linked to the motorcycle’s rear wheel.
What Makes a Gear Different from Aluminum Sprocket?

Both are used to transfer electricity in machines or to relocate some objects by linking to them.

The biggest distinction of both an aluminum sprocket and a gear are how they actually work.

Both are wheels with notches designed for use in machines and equipment.

They appear very similar, but their operation and function differently.

Typically, gears are linked with each other to transfer motion to them, which further causes movement elsewhere.

As a result, aluminum sprockets generally work straight with some portion of the equipment.

Gears frequently move with each other and utilize their collective movement to stimulate greater linear motion.

How Does Aluminum Sprocket Actually Works?

With all of that going on in your head, it’s time to explain how an aluminum sprocket actually converts energy.

As with a car, when the throttle is pressed, the engine on a motorcycle converts input into force via combustion.

The power is then transferred to the countershaft aluminum sprocket via the motorcycle’s transmission.

The countershaft aluminum sprocket grasps the motorcycle chain and starts turning it.

By turning the wheel, the chain secures the sprocket and converts the engine power into forwarding momentum.

How Long Does Aluminum Sprocket Lasts?

A number of factors will come into play, the most important of which is the user.

The aluminum sprocket’s lifespan is directly proportional to how it is treated and maintained.

Riding conditions, usage rates, and storage are also important considerations.

What are the Factors to Consider in Buying the Best Aluminum Sprocket?

Upon selecting the best Aluminum Sprocket, the following should be considered:

  1. Colors Offered

Check the available colors for various bike models. Additional color options are available in the Custom Aluminum Sprocket Section.

  1. Product Technology

Ordered in stealth or aluminum for chain sizes.

  1. Gorgeous Appearance

The contrast cut finish is an excellent choice for improving the performance and appearance of the motorcycle.

  1. The Core is Made of Aluminum

The core is lighter than the steel sprocket that came with the bike. Available in gold color in tooth and stunt bike sizes.

  1. Life of a System

Steel teeth reduce chain friction and keep chain temperatures low, extending the life of the chain. Saving money while extending the life of the system

  1. Large Availability

For street and off-road applications, choose a product that is ready in 7 business days with a contrast cut or 6 weeks fully anodized.

  1. Sprockets at the Front Standard

For durability, use chrome-moly aluminum. Many motorcycle manufacturers use it as standard equipment.

What Materials Does Aluminum Sprocket is Made of?

The hubs on our roller chain sprockets are made of high-quality aluminum.

This contributes to the design’s strength and durability.

Aluminum sprockets are made with fiberglass nylon for the body.

Glass-reinforced nylon has several material advantages that lead to the total sturdiness of the sprocket design.

Aluminum and nylon work together to build an incredibly durable layout that will last for a long time.

It is made of aluminum because it’s lighter, which makes it an ideal choice for motorbikes or push bikes.

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