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HM is your professional manufacturer of custom aluminum pistons from China.

As a one-stop supplier, we will create a custom design with you, manufacture low-volume or mass orders, conduct quality control, and ship worldwide any type of aluminum piston.

Your Leading CNC Aluminum Piston Supplier

All modern engine pistons are manufactured with aluminum because of the high strength-to-weight ratio of the metal. Pistons have to be durable enough to withstand the high wear of the engine, and strong enough to generate power. 

We manufacture some of the most reliable high-performance V8 aluminum pistons. With a large R&D department, we can develop any custom aluminum piston design specifically for your application. 

You can specify piston parts and sections, choose an alloy, including hypereutectic aluminum, and select a design type. You can also request die-casting or CNC services, as well as surface treatments

Simply contact us, and HM will support your project!

Aluminum Pistons Series

  • Diesel Engine Piston
    Diesel Engine Piston

    Diesel engine piston features excellent wear resistance, exhaust strength, and high thermal expansion. This piston ensures a secure fit to resist maximum combustion pressure.

  • Excavator Piston
    Excavator Piston

    Excavator piston is proven very efficient. These pistons can extremely resist operational and harsh environmental conditions like humidity, high temperatures, etc.

  • Aluminum Alloy Racing Piston
    Aluminum Alloy Racing Piston

    This piston features vertical gas leveling which is used in letting the oxidation pressure enter beyond the piston ring. Aluminum alloy racing piston is used for drag racing purposes.

  • Toyota Aluminum Engine Piston
    Toyota Aluminum Engine Piston

    Toyota aluminum engine piston is made from top-grade aluminum. This is a piston exclusive for Toyota cars and engines. It ensures wear-resistant features.

  • Aluminum Air Compressor Pump Piston
    Aluminum Air Compressor Pump Piston

    This piston is made of low-density aluminum material. Its low-density properties make this piston perfect for lightweight air compressors.

  • Customized Performance Forged Piston
    Customized Performance Forged Piston

    HM provides customized performance forged pistons. Its durability and strength make it stand out in high-performance applications.

  • Direct Inject Aluminium Cylinder Piston
    Direct Inject Aluminium Cylinder Piston

    This piston is made of high strength, easy machining, and better thermal aluminum. It is used to decrease fuel utilization and allows less CO2 release.

  • High Precision Non-Standard Piston
    High Precision Non-Standard Piston

    High precision non-standard piston features an electronic stepper motor which provides high accuracy. It is ideally used for small-span biomedical fluid transfers.

  • High Quality Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Piston
    High Quality Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Piston

    This piston has outstanding properties, from heat resistance to durability. It is commonly used in the engineering, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Custom Aluminum Piston Design

HM aluminum pistons have nine parts and sections. They include the crown, ring grooves with fitted piston rings, the raised lands, piston pin hole with a piston pin or a wrist pin that connects to a connecting rod, pin bosses that support its ends, and the bottom skirt. You can specify all these parts according to your needs. 

Our machinery and employees can manufacture the 3 main types of aluminum pistons: flat top, dome, and dish. Depending on your idea, engine configuration, and power requirements, we will advise you on the perfect aluminum piston design. 

You can check our FAQ or contact us for more information.

Custom Aluminum Piston Design
Aluminum Piston Productions

Aluminum Pistons Production

Aluminum pistons can be manufactured by either casting or forging. A cast piston is made by pouring molten metal into a mold. A forged piston is shaped using intense pressure that achieves perfect material structure. Both types of pistons will undergo CNC machining to fashion out all the details.

We have 100 sets of CNC milling and turning equipment, as well as 10 sets of automatic die-casting equipment. With our advanced machinery, we are able to achieve a tolerance of 0.002um.

For greater precision, you can request a hypereutectic aluminum piston, which is a silicon-based alloy with low thermal expansion. 

Aluminum Pistons Application

HM wholesale CNC custom aluminum pistons are used in many types of engines, including motorcycle engines, racing engines, power train engines, ship engines, diesel engines, chainsaw engines, truck and industrial vehicle engines.

Moreover, we accommodate designs for many brands like Toyota, Chevy, and Ford. And, any engine structure, like V8, or stroke cycle.

Aluminum Pistons Application
Why HM Aluminum Pistons

Why HM Aluminum Pistons

Being one of the most successful CNC custom aluminum piston suppliers in China, HM offers 24/7 customer support, great production capabilities, and high-quality products.

Our factory outputs up to 5 million parts per year, with 100 new designs developed each month. 

We have passed many certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and  IATF16949:2016. Our raw material undergoes comprehensive verification, and aluminum pistons are subject to rigorous quality testing.  

We have 1000 happy clients worldwide that choose our company. Choose us today as well!


Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications


Forged Aluminum Pistons 

Forged aluminum pistons are stronger, more reliable, and better aligned than most other types of pistons. While cast pistons handle 500hp, forged pistons handle 7000hp. 

Hypereutectic Piston & Other Alloys

As a professional manufacturer from China, we work with a variety of alloys. Commonly, aluminum pistons use hypereutectic alloys with improved strength, lighter weight, and low thermal expansion. We also work with: 

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052

Racing Piston Design

Racing aluminum pistons are high-performance, advanced pistons with optimized design with thinner parts, anti-detonation grooves, and other details. These are common piston designs that HM can manufacture for you. 

Coated Aluminum Piston

At HM China, we offer a wide range of surface treatments for your custom wholesale aluminum pistons. We offer thermal coatings, skirt coatings, anodizing, chrome plating, and zinc plating. Additionally, you can request a finish, such as polishing or sandblasting. 

Quality Checking
What are Aluminum Pistons?

Aluminum Piston

The aluminum pistons are formed from either forges or cast aluminum alloys. They resist high temperatures. 

They are the central part of reciprocating engines. An aluminum piston is composed of changing circular aluminum pieces. 

The aluminum piston transfers the force from extensive cylinder gas to crankshaft by the piston rod.

Aluminum pistons are known for their light and wide applications. They are designed with numerous types depending on your utilization. 

Why is Aluminum Good for Pistons?

Aluminum materials are the most preferred material for manufacturing pistons. Because of the particular characteristics of aluminum, it is ideal for gasoline and diesel engine applications.

The aluminum material has low density, immense thermal conductivity, easy cast, and forging techniques. 

The aluminum for the piston is easy to machine, reliable, and has excellent recycling characteristics.

What are the Parts of Aluminum Pistons?

The aluminum piston operates together with its various functional parts. The following defines the aluminum piston parts and their functions.

Aluminum Piston Parts

Aluminum Piston Rings

The piston rings sustain gas compression between the cylinder wall and piston. It seals the cylinder for producing combustion gas to prevent opening leakages. 

The aluminum piston rings are consist of three types: the wiper ring, compression ring, and oil rings.

Piston Skirt

The piston skirt is the cylindrical thing seated on the piston circular section. 

This skirt has grooves for piston oil and compression ring mounting. The piston skirts are also accessible in various designs to suit particular applications.

They are available in two types – the full skirt and the slipper skirt.

Piston Pin

The piston pin is the one that connects the piston and connecting rod. It supports the connecting rod bearing to pivot. 

Small piston pin functions in the highest temperature engine experiencing. There are three types of piston pin available – the fixed pin, semi-floating, and full floating. 

Piston Crown or Head

The piston crown or head is also called a piston dome located at the top of the piston. The piston head connects with combustion gases. 

This piston head is usually made from special alloys for preventing melting. It is commonly constructed with cavities and channels. 

There are various kinds of piston heads utilized in different engines.

Connecting Rod

This connecting rod is also known as a con rod. It is a piston engine component that connects to the piston and crankshaft.

The con rod moves with a crank in piston reciprocating motion into the crankshaft rotation.

Piston Bearing

The piston bearing is the component that is placed where pivotal movement happens. This part has semi-circular pieces that suit the holes.

This bearing has cups at the vast end where the crankshaft and rod are connected. They are coated to enhance sturdiness and back up a load of piston and conrod motions.

What are the Types of Aluminum Pistons?

There are multiple types of aluminum pistons, named according to their shape.

  • Flat-Top Aluminum Piston

Flat Top Aluminum Piston

This type of aluminum piston is designed with a flat-top form, as its name describes. It has the smallest surface space value. 

This aluminum piston is suitable to form effective combustion. 

The flat-top creates the most significant equal flame distribution. It produces excessive compression for lesser combustion chambers.

  • Dish Aluminum Piston

Dish Aluminum Piston

The dish aluminum piston has a plate-like design with outer edges curling up lightly. 

This type of dish piston is utilized for elevated applications without high-lift camshaft requirements.

  • Dome Aluminum Piston

Dome Aluminum Piston

The dome aluminum piston maximizes the outer area accessible on the top of the piston. If you have more surface area, you can have less compression. 

Other Types:

  • Deflector pistons
  • Crosshead pistons
  • Racing pistons
  • Trunk pistons
  • Slipper pistons
How Does the Aluminum Piston Functions?

The following defines various functions of aluminum pistons.

The aluminum piston transmits a working gas force.

Seal off the operating chamber.

Leading connecting rod linear

Controls in two movement engines charge exchange.

Performs heat dissipation

Its piston rings lead the sealing elements.

Operating chamber changeably bounding.

Do the four strokes engine discharging and drawing. 

Guides the connecting rod

Back up blending formation according to the piston surface shape.

What Types of Aluminum are Used for Pistons?

There are various types of aluminum utilized for pistons. Select the most suitable one according to your applications.

Cast Aluminum Piston

Cast Aluminum Piston

The cast aluminum piston is excellent for stock engines.

You can purchase them at the lowest price point.

This aluminum piston can is melted and poured into a mold. It is formed to achieve the finished product.

Casting an aluminum piston needs minimal machining. This piston is not applicable for high-performance applications.

Hypereutectic Aluminum Piston

The hypereutectic aluminum is perfect for practically 600 to 650 horsepower in natural engines.

It is also a cast piston combined with about 16% silicone—the added silicone increase lower than aluminum. The aluminum gets harder when combined with silicone.

The hypereutectic will have a lesser ductile alloy due to the high silicon content. This aluminum piston is suitable for typically aiming engines.

4032 Forged Aluminum Pistons

4032 Forged Aluminum Pistons

This type of aluminum is suitable for engines forming about 1000 horsepower aspirated.

The forged type of aluminum used for the piston is vital in marketing. Unlike cast aluminum, the forged aluminum is not molted. It only requires a simple molding force. 

This 4021 forges aluminum has about 11% silicone content and an alloy with more minor extended characteristics. It has closer tolerance to prevent the piston from rocking and forms piston higher stability.

2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons

This aluminum piston is ideal for engines that create about 1200 horsepower and moving power-adders machines.

The 2618 aluminum has only about 2% silicon content – the low silicon content forms high-expansion features. It has a more flexible alloy that provides extended resistance to ignition.

Because of the said feature, this aluminum piston endures harsh conditions. Its durability ultimately gives in after innumerable heat cycles.

What are the Characteristics of Aluminum Pistons?

The aluminum piston should have stable characteristics to function effectively, like the following:

  • Lightweight
  • Low noise operation
  • Mechanically sturdy
  • High gas temperature
  • Losses inertia to minimize bearing by changing motion
  • Durable enough to keep pressure hammering impacts
What are the Uses of Aluminum Pistons?

The aluminum piston has numerous uses and applications.

They reduce inertia that enhances the mechanical engine effectiveness.

The aluminum piston compact the inner cylinder fluid. However, it increases fluid temperature and pressure.

Using aluminum pistons also provides management directions.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Pistons Over Cast Iron Piston?

The aluminum piston is lighter than a cast iron piston.

Using aluminum pistons, accelerate higher with low vibration. It has excellent tensile strength than a cast iron piston.

The aluminum piston regulates heat better than a cast iron piston.

Aluminum pistons are diecast pressure to stabilize weight and minimize balance needs.

Unlike cast-iron pistons, aluminum pistons don’t require aging.

The aluminum pistons are easy to equip with low dust discharge than cast iron pistons.

What Temperature Does Aluminum Piston Melts?

The aluminum piston melts about 1350 degrees. But if your aluminum piston is combined with the cast, you need a higher melting point added with the oil gallery.

Under solid pulling of the cylinder, the ignition exceeds 5000 degrees temperature.

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