Custom Aluminum Manifold Manufacturer in China

HM is a leading supplier providing standard, build-your-own, or assembled-form aluminum manifolds for your projects.

HM Aluminum Manifold

Our range of aluminum manifolds is manufactured using extruded and precisely machined 6061 aluminum materials.

HM manifolds are designed with ports that can be threaded with various pneumatic fittings. This design allows convenient media distribution to supply multiple lines from one source. Thus, making them ideal for various fluid handling systems, pneumatic control systems, and plumbing requirements.

We manufacture these manifolds in different pressure ratings and sizes. You can choose from 150PSI, 200PSI, 500PSI, and 800PSI. Size selections also include ½ manifold x 4 (1/4) outlets, ½ manifold x 4 (1/2) outlets, ½ manifold x 5 (1/2) outlets, 1 manifold x 4 (3/4) outlets, and more.

HM also provides custom aluminum manifold size or pressure ratings to meet your requirements.

Aluminum Air Manifold

Our aluminum air manifolds are widely used for medical, housing, automotive, and other applications.

Aluminum Manifold Block

We offer aluminum manifold blocks with ±0.01mm tolerance and up to Ra 3.2 surface roughness.

Aluminum Exhaust Manifold

You can assure that our aluminum exhaust manifold is designed with durability and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Intake Manifold

HM offers aluminum intake manifold with 57mm inner diameter for smoother airflow.

Aluminum Engine Manifold

We designed aluminum engine manifolds with multiple input ports to ensure versatility.

High-Pressure Aluminum Manifold

Our high-pressure aluminum manifold is designed with 2 screw holes for easy installation.

Wide Range of Port Types and Sizes

Our aluminum manifolds are designed with various port types such as NPT, BSP, and SAE. You can choose sizes up to 3/8F.

Output Spaces

We designed each manifold with 1.5-inch spacing in each output port center. Thisallows large pneumatic component installation.

Up to 10 Stations

We manufacture aluminum manifolds with multiple stations. Thus, allowing media to be distribute in the system evenly.

Wide Operating Temperature

HM aluminum manifolds can operate in a wide environment temperature up to 149°C/300°C.

Quality Anodization Treatment and Finish

All our aluminum manifolds are treated with a non-conductive anodized coating for excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Usually, we anodized our manifolds with black colors. It also has a red or blue color to denote the supply and return line.

However, HM can offer anodization treatment with over 30 color selections.

Anodization Treatment and Finish

Main Features of Our Aluminum Manifolds

Our aluminum manifolds are manufactured with beneficial features including:

  • Convenient to use
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mounting versatility
  • No seams
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Dovetail design for paired mounting
  • Leak-proof
  • Two to 10 stations

Common Applications

We specifically designed aluminum manifolds for different applications including:

  • Injection mold cooling water
  • Pond aerators
  • Specialty machines, and more

Additional Configuration Options

You can purchase our aluminum manifolds with more configuration options such as:

  • 90-degree output ports
  • Ball valves
  • Flow meters
  • Junction block
  • Regulators
  • Dual air manifold
  • Terminal blocks
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