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HM is a trusted manufacturer of aluminum manifolds for your pneumatic solenoid valve installation.

Our aluminum manifold is available in diverse sizes, gas types, and working pressures.

You can also customize the aluminum manifold with us. Email us now!

HM, Your Leading Aluminum Manifold Manufacturer in China

HM aluminum manifold is ideal for organizing various gas or fluid lines within pneumatic circuit. We manufacture aluminum manifold to meet the requirement in various industries. Depending on your application, aluminum manifold includes flex hoses, cap tray, and heavy frame.

Moreover, aluminum manifolds are popular for their longer life and durability. You can guarantee that this product has anti-corrosive nature and high tensile strength.

HM can also offer custom aluminum manifold according to your gas types, working pressures, and sizes. You can send us your layout and we will create your design!



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Aluminum Manifold Series

  • Intake Manifolds
    Intake Manifolds

    It is also known as an inlet manifold. The intake manifold is usually made from aluminum and cast iron. It works by distributing air to the engine’s cylinder. It also holds the fuel injectors on many cars.


  • High Quality Manifold Block
    High Quality Manifold Block

    These high-quality manifold blocks are widely used for construction and in-road building machines and agricultural and municipal services mobile equipment. It is used for regulating fluid flow in a hydraulic system.


  • casting aluminium alloy gravity casting aluminum intake manifold
    Casting Aluminium Alloy Gravity Casting Aluminum Intake Manifold

    These gravity casting aluminum intake manifolds are produced using a gravity casting machine. It features a base plate with discharged ports and a tapered pipe portion.


Aluminum Manifold Specifications

The aluminum manifold is providing convenient junction points for gas and fluid distributions. We can apply different surface treatments like anodizing for wear and corrosion resistance.

Input Options: 1/8-inch NPT, ¼-inch NPT, 3/8-inch NPT, ½-inch NPT, ¾-inch NPT, 1-inch NPT

Output Options: ½-inch NPT, 3/8-inch NPT, ¼-inch NPT, 1/8-inch NPT, 10-32 UNF

Operating Pressure: 3,000 PSI hydraulic, 1,000 PSI air

The aluminum manifold is manufactured from various aluminum alloy materials such as 6061, 6082, 6063, A380, and many more. They can be polished, sandblasted, chrome-plated, powder-coated, and many more.


Aluminum Manifold Specifications
Aluminum Manifold Design

Aluminum Manifold Design

HM aluminum manifold is used to install various pneumatic solenoid valves. It has a compact design that lowers installation costs. The design can eliminate tubing large portions within the system that lead to quicker dismantling, minimal system complexity, overall low maintenance costs, and less leakage.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we can provide different types of the aluminum manifold to meet your application requirements. This product is suitable for heavy industrial equipment and mobile machinery that requires multiple valves.

HM offers different aluminum manifolds for your different applications. We have single-piece aluminum manifolds, aluminum modular manifolds, and many more.


Custom and Standard Aluminum Manifold

HM has rich experience in customizing aluminum manifolds to meet all your expectations. We can custom aluminum manifold according to your number of stations, pressure ratings, housing materials, port sizes, functions, and flow rates. At HM, we can produce a custom aluminum manifold specific to your valve’s brand.

Our standard aluminum manifold is suitable for standardized mounting patterns, such as ISO 15407 and ISO 5599. Meaning, it can be used with other brands of valves. HM is always the best choice when it comes to custom and standard aluminum manifolds. We are available 24/7 to accommodate your inquiries.


Custom and Standard Aluminum Manifold
HM Aluminum Manifold Production

HM Aluminum Manifold Production

The aluminum manifold is fabricated through our advanced CNC capabilities. These capabilities allow us to produce over 100 new designs of aluminum manifold per month.

In addition, HM has 100 sets of CNC milling, drilling, turning, and machining. Using these machines, we can precisely manufacture aluminum manifolds in simple and complex designs.

HM is your one-stop aluminum manifold solution, from fabrication, machining, welding, assembly, surface treatment, packing to shipping. We passed various certifications like ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001, and many more.

Choose HM for your aluminum manifold requirements!



aluminum manifold feature
aluminum manifold features

Multiple Stations

HM aluminum manifolds have two to ten station that distributes gases or fluids throughout your applications. The unused stations are plugged to block flow into the port.

Anodized Finish

Our aluminum manifold is anodized through a technique that develops a non-conductive coating. An anodized aluminum manifold provides wear and corrosion resistance. Mostly, the common color of aluminum manifold is black. However, we can provide over 30 anodic color coatings to match your requirements.

Output Spacing Options

HM provides aluminum manifold with 1.5-inch spacing of center-to-center output port. It can cater the space requirements for larger components installation.

Porting Options

HM offers aluminum manifold with various porting options. It is categorized in input port and output port. In every port of aluminum manifold, there are various thread sizes. We provide 1/8 NPT to ¾ NPT thread sizes for the input port. Also, 10-32 UNF to 3/8 NPT for the output port.




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What is the Purpose of Aluminum Manifolds?

Purpose of Aluminum Manifolds

Purpose of Aluminum Manifolds

Aluminum manifolds can thread several lines in a system with a single gas source or fluid fittings into the ports to provide a convenient connection.

These aluminum manifolds can plug multiple hoses into one fitting then fastened to a support structure.

This system removes Adel clamps at hose connections and removes tee-type fittings when connecting more than two hoses to one source.

The aluminum manifold fittings have taper pipe threads and a bolt-on construction.

They are designed for low-pressure applications involving air, water, or other suitable substance.


How are Aluminum Manifolds Specificated?

Extruded aluminum manifolds are machined and anodized to guard against corrosion. Many sizes are in stock but offer custom manifolds to your specific needs.

Each of the three sizes has dovetail locking channels, pre-drilled mounting holes, and screws for easy coupling and installation.

The following are the specification of aluminum manifolds:

  • Inlet size: 3⁄4″, 1″, 11⁄2″ or 2″
  • Aluminum construction 
  • NPT (F) standard
  • Maximum pressure: 150psig
  • Maximum temperature: 300°F
  • Porting inline

Using temperature gauges and pressure gauges flow rate options:

  • 1.5 gallons per minute
  • 2.5 gallons per minute
  • 8.0 gallons per minute
  • 10 liters per minute
  • 30 liters per minute


What are the Advantages of Aluminum Manifolds?

Advantages of Aluminum Manifolds

Advantages of Aluminum Manifolds

A manifold system has many advantages: cost savings, space savings, fewer leaks, and easier maintenance.

The most significant savings are in assembly and installation costs, as well as in space needs.

Easy to install manifold. Thread fittings into the ports to feed several lines from one source. They are mounting holes provided on both sides.

  • Extruded aluminum construction is lightweight and durable.
  • Anodizing protects against corrosion and indicates manifold function.
  • Connectivity options include port size variations.
  • Simple to install
  • These configurations fit most installation conditions.
  • Typical Manifold Setups Stocked for rapid delivery.


What Applications Do Aluminum Manifolds have?

Applications of Aluminum Manifolds

Applications of Aluminum Manifolds

Depending on the application, manifolds are utilized in fluid power. Manifolds are used in hydraulics and pneumatics to mount valves or combine pipework. They link valves to pipes.

Gases and fluids are distributed via manifolds in the oil and gas industry. 

They can converge many junctions into a single channel or diverge it into several. 

Simplicity manifold systems divide a single supply input into several outputs, while more complicated systems integrate integral valves or a network interface.


Why Choose Aluminum Manifolds?

Aluminum Manifolds

Aluminum Manifolds

The company provides a wide range of Aluminum Manifolds to meet the clients’ diverse needs. Most of the clients appreciate their excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

Aluminum manifolds are anodized to resist corrosion.

This versatile metal is known for its lightness and flexibility. Its versatility in shape and fabrication may be produced in many forms and used for various purposes.

While aluminum gains strength as it cools, it is more prone to dents and scratches than steel. Steel resists warping and bending due to weight, stress, and heat. These toughnesses make it a rigid industrial material.

  • Versatile
  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Ductile metal

Aluminum manifolds work well in many situations.


How to Select the Appropriate Aluminum Manifold?

Selection of Aluminum Manifolds

Selection of Aluminum Manifolds

The clients are curious about purchasing an aluminum manifold. But before buying, you should know first the right way to choose aluminum manifolds.

There are several factors to consider while choosing a manifold system. Among them are:

  • Pressure- The oil or gas exerts pressure as it flows. 
  • Flow- The pipe and valve sizes determine the maximum flow rate.
  • Temperature- Uses and applications of present and future manifold equipment should be considered.
  • Choosing a Port and Valve- The number and type of ports vary depending on the manifold’s application. Port diameter is based on NPT sizes because inputs and outputs determine supply ports.

Manifold systems are critical components in the distribution of liquids and gases in the oil and gas industry and other industries. They are crucial safety junctions in many processes. Choosing high-quality manifolds that are expertly designed and constructed for your facility’s demands is critical.


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