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HM is your leading manufacturer of custom aluminum elbows from China. 

As an expert supplier, we will create a custom design, offer many manufacturing options, and produce high-quality and cost-effective aluminum elbows. 


Your Professional CNC Aluminum Elbow Supplier - HM

Custom CNC aluminum elbows often make the perfect pipe fitting or connector. Our employees will design an elbow that is guaranteed to suit your project. You can choose an existing model or request from us measurements, specifications, and features.

As a professional manufacturer from China, HM provides custom aluminum elbows in a variety of outer diameters with thicknesses starting from .005″. You can also design elbows with different turn angles, such as 180 or 30 degrees. 

We will die-cast or CNC any type of aluminum alloy to meet and exceed your expectations. Our factory capabilities and client-oriented approach make us who we are. 

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Aluminum Elbow Series

  • stainless steel Fitting elbows
    Stainless Steel Fitting Elbows

    Stainless Steel Elbow Fittings are widely used for the main pipeline branch. It is used for connecting two pipes at the same time. It comes with different pipe connection methods such as flange connection, thread connection, etc.

  • Aluminum 45 Degree Elbow
    Aluminum 45 Degree Elbow

    The aluminum 45-degree elbow is utilized for connecting two pipes with different or the same nominal diameters to change the pipe direction by 45 degrees. It is manufactured using casting, forging, press, and push methods.

  • male threaded aluminum elbow
    Male Threaded Aluminum Elbow

    The male threaded aluminum elbow is available in 90-degree. These elbows are quick and easy to install. It is constructed using a wide range of high-quality aluminum materials.

  • 60 degree aluminum elbow
    60 Degree Aluminum Elbow

    60-degree aluminum elbows are available in different diameters. It comes with 1.5mm up to 1.8mm wall thickness. Swages are also available on both ends of the elbow.

  • aluminum mandrel bent elbow
    Aluminum Mandrel Bent Elbow

    Aluminum mandrel bent elbow is available in 180-degree, 120-degree, 90-degree, and more. It is bent using a CNC mandrel bender to ensure a high-quality bend in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

  • Custom Logo Aluminum Elbow
    Custom Logo Aluminum Elbow

    Aluminum elbows can be customized with your brand logo. Aluminum elbows features anti-rust, and oil resistance. It is also available in OEM size, diameter, and thicknesses.

  • PVC pipe fitting cast iron 90 degree elbow
    PVC Pipe Fitting Cast Iron 90 Degree Elbow

    PVC pipe fitting cast iron 90-degree elbow allows you to shift the direction of the flow by 90-degrees. It is widely used especially if the pipeline has to navigate around the machinery or inside the walls.

  • Fire Water Monitor Components Iron Aluminium Elbow
    Fire Water Monitor Components Iron Aluminium Elbow

    Firewater monitor components iron aluminum elbow features high strength, corrosion resistance, and low density. These elbows offer strong resistance to deformation. It also offers dimensional stability and high accuracy.

  • Best Electrical Conduit Emt 90 Degree Aluminum Elbow
    Best Electrical Conduit Emt 90 Degree Aluminum Elbow

    These are manufactured according to ANSI C80.3 or UL797 standards and specifications. It is widely used for changing the direction of the wire route and conduit by 90-degrees. It can be concealed or exposed installation.

Custom Aluminum Elbow Design

You can specify the shape, angle, radius, and length. For instance, the elbow can have a circular or an oval opening, or both openings may have different shapes to suit your design.

Some of the popular angle options we offer include 180-degree, 90-degree, 70-degree, 60-degree, 45-degree, and 30-degree aluminum elbows. You can request a short-radius elbow, and any outer or inner diameters. Common lengths are 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch aluminum elbow tubing. Also, we offer joint and adjustable elbow designs.

Naturally, you can request any other features, such as flanges, screws, threaded options, sharpness of the turn, male or female fittings, and more.

Custom Aluminum Elbow Design
Aluminum Elbows Production

Aluminum Elbows Production

Aluminum elbow pipes can be manufactured by either casting or CNC machining a pipe and welding it into an aluminum elbow. Elbows are mainly welded by the hot mandrel bending from raw aluminum. 

Aluminum is a lightweight and strong material resistant to corrosion and with great thermal conductivity. You can request a particular aluminum alloy for elbow production. 

We have 100 sets of CNC milling and turning equipment, as well as 10 sets of automatic die-casting equipment. With our advanced machinery, we are able to achieve a tolerance of 0.002um.

We also offer a range of surface treatments to suit your requirements. 

Aluminum Elbows Application

HM aluminum elbows are used in many industrial and construction applications. Elbows can connect HVAC ducts, engine pipes, railing frames, and more.

In any industry that requires two pipes or tubes connected, aluminum elbows presents the perfect solution. Such pipes can house gas, liquid, or small bulk solids like grain.

Aluminum Elbows Application
Why Choose HM Aluminum Elbows

Why Choose HM Aluminum Elbows

As a leading custom aluminum elbow pipe supplier in China, HM presents a one-stop solution for unique designs, certified quality, and an excellent partnership. 

With a team of 20 R&D engineers, we develop over 100 new molds and designs each month. You can choose from a variety of features, finishes, colors, and engravings. 

Our raw material undergoes comprehensive verification, and aluminum elbows are subject to rigorous quality testing. We carry out hardness, pitting resistance, and flaw detection tests, among others. Quality is ensured at every step of the process.

Over 1000 clients worldwide have already chosen us.

We are available 24/7 for your support. 


Perfect Dimensions 

We can manufacture aluminum alloys according to ASME and other dimensions. Following precise specifications of size, type, schedule, and thickness, HM can supply the perfect aluminum elbow pipe fittings for your application.

Choice of Alloys

As a professional manufacturer from China, we work with a variety of alloys. To suit your idea, we offer: 

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052

Adjustable Design

If you are not sure of the exact specifications that you need, you can request adjustable aluminum elbows made from several sections that can be bent or added to achieve the perfect custom elbow. 

Enhancing Treatments

At HM, we offer a wide range of surface treatments, including anodizing, plating, polishing, sand blasting, powder coating, engraving, and more. These surface treatments enhance the properties of aluminum and improve the overall appearance of your elbow tubing. 

You can specify any type of treatment, colour, or logo design. 


Quality Checking
What To Keep In Mind When Using Aluminum Elbows?

As a user, it is essential to ensure a cost-efficient aluminum elbow. Thus, you must evaluate relevant information to help you maximize aluminum elbow benefits.

Aluminum Elbow

  • Aluminum is light and soft means they have easily been worn and is not suitable for abrasive products.
  • They also can be crushed or bent due to improper and poor handling during shipping.
  • Moreover, they do not contain carbon means they are prone to atmospheric or environmental corrosion.

When using aluminum elbow together with other metals, you must comprehend the basics of electrolysis and galvanic corrosion, particularly when combining copper or steel with aluminum.

Bear in mind that water, saline, and other elements will degrade the said materials.

What Are The Applications of Aluminum Elbow?

Aluminum possesses excellent versatility, strength, and flexibility. Thus, there is a wide range of industries that benefit from accurate aluminum elbow utilization,

  • In the Medical Industry

The aluminum elbow can effectively secure edges in wheelchair frames, collapsible stretchers, bed frames, and crutches.

  • Automotive Industry

Furthermore, Aluminum elbow is beneficial in fuel tanks, hydraulic systems, and fuel lines employed by various aircraft, automobile, and rail transport manufacturers.

  • Other Major Industries

Aluminum elbow utilized to reinforce chain-link walls, dining tables, and personal electronic appliances.

Additionally, the aluminum elbow is practical to use for the following purposes:

  • Furniture
  • Tank Fittings
  • Electricity & Energy Appliances
  • Trusses
  • Bridges
  • Cranes
  • Milk churns

The above information is just a few of aluminum elbow applications. 

Also, the thermal conductivity aspects of aluminum elbow make them a great alternative to steel or other heavy metals in refrigerators, engines, HVAC systems, and other industrial usages.

Contact your manufacturer for aluminum elbows’ essential details.

Why Is Aluminum Suitable For Pipe Elbows?

Aluminum conducts thermal heat very well. 

It makes aluminum elbow an excellent choice for temperature control applications, like refrigerators, solar power, air conditioning systems, and other relevant utilization.

Additionally, the metal can survive high temperatures and hold a wide pressure range.

What is the Leading Aluminum Grade Used for Aluminum Elbow?

Aluminum comes in several alloys. Along with many different magnesium and silicon combinations, aluminum forms tangible alloys. 

In particular, owing to its superior weldability and excellent corrosion resistance, most prominent manufacturers utilize aluminum alloy 6061 for multiple medium and high-strength applications.

Aluminum Elbow

6061 Aluminum Elbow

Aluminum 6061 has a great scope of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. 

Aluminum grade 5083 is also commonly utilized for marine applications.

Moreover, aluminum 6061 keeps most of the good qualities aluminum possesses. It is also convenient to work with by most commonly used production techniques.

What Are The Salient Properties of Aluminum Elbows?

Aluminum Elbows are considered best due to their exceptional features and properties. 

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Durable functioning
  • Malleable
  • Resistant to heat
  • Heightened strength
  • Exceptional conductivity
  • Impeccable finish
  • Improved service life
  • Specifically designed

The above features and properties make elbows even more marketable and prevalent among industrial applications.

What Are The Tests Done To Ensure Quality Aluminum Elbows?

The Aluminum Elbow undergoes various tests and inspections to heighten product service. 

Bear in mind that the presence and guidance of experts in this field are necessary when conducting all the inspections and tests. It is beneficial for more accurate and proper handling of the product tested.

Further, the observation and regulations of experts must adhere to the industrial structure standards. The tests include: 

  • Hardness test
  • Flaring test
  • Flattening test
  • Pitting resistance test
  • Positive material identification test
  • And third-party inspection

These examinations allow various production test certificates approval, verifying products quality and long-lasting service.

What Are The Standard Features Of Aluminum Elbow?

Various expected features of the aluminum elbow are as follows:

  • Aluminium Alloy: 


  • Dimensions : 

ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, MSS-SP-43

  • Size:

Seamless elbow sizes can range from approximately 1/2 inch to 24inch.

On the other hand, Electric Resistance Welded, Welded, and Fabricated Elbow range from 1/2 inch to nearly 48 inches.

  • Type:

Seamless elbow – a seamless elbow does not have any welding seam.

Electric Resistance Welded(ERW) – ERW elbow have a welded joint in its cross-section.

Welded elbow – same processes with the seamless elbow, but includes a seam on the elbow body.

Fabricated – done through accurate calculations of elbow cut segments.

  • Thickness: 

Schedule 5S, 10S, the 20S, S10, S20, S30, Standard wall (STD), 40S, S40, S60, XS, 80S, S80, S100, S120, S140, S160, Double Extra Strong (XXX) Schedule, and as specified.

  • Form: 

45-degree elbow, 90-degree elbow, 180-degree elbow, Reducing Elbow, Long Radius Elbow, and Short Radius Elbow

  • Surface:

Galvanized or Normal black or Shining black

What Are The Remarkable Benefits Of Using Aluminum Elbows?

Aluminum elbows have multiple benefits to their users. The leading advantages of utilizing aluminum are:

  • Corrosion-resistance (it does not easily rust)
  • The average weight is lighter than steel
  • Faster and more convenient to install and modify
  • Hassle-free to fit with compression couplings owing to their lightweight characteristic

Aluminum elbows are also an inexpensive alternative, so they are frequently used as a solution for non-abrasive plastic conveying. 

They are also an excellent choice for air-only conveying lines.

What Are The Typical Classifications of Aluminum Elbows?

Aluminum elbows ranges in different types:

  • As per Fluid Directions

45-degree elbow

The 45-degree elbow is to modify pipe direction by 45 degrees.

 It is the second generally used type in industrial channels.

90-degree elbow 

The 90-degree aluminum elbow alters fluid direction by 90 degrees, also named the vertical elbow.

It is the most used kind in all the pipeline designs.

180-degree elbow

This type of elbow enables a change in direction at an angle of 180 degrees. 

Since it typically results in low pressure, its applications are limited to minimum deposition and lower turbulence designs.

Aluminum Elbow

  • As per Elbow Length and Radius

The 90-degree elbow of Short Radius

The 90-degree elbow possesses a short diameter compared to other elbows. 

So this variety of piping elbow is frequently used when there is a lack of space.

The 45-degree elbow of Short Radius

This elbow comes along copper, plastic, steel, cast iron, and lead.

 It could also be bound to clamps of stainless steel and rubber. 

The 90-degree elbow of Long Radius 

This kind of 90-degree steel pipe elbow adjoins various lengths of pipe or tubing. 

It is suitable for hoses connections such as water pumps, deck drains, and valves.

The 45-degree elbow of Long Radius

This elbow creates descending frictional resistance and decreases pressure.

  • As per connections types 

Buttweld Elbow 

It is the most common connection type.

The end elbow and pipe end connects through direct welding, also called butt to butt weld. 

Buttweld Elbow is beneficial for increasing pressure and temperature compared to other elbow connection types.

Socket weld elbow 

This connection is ideal for small diameter pipelines.

Socket weld elbow also connected with butt to butt weld. 

However, the ends of the socket weld elbow have a ladder-shaped area where you can insert the pipe ends.

Threaded Elbow 

This elbow has a similar shape to the socket weld elbow. But the only difference is that the ladder area inner surface has threads, making the elbow easier to install and un-install.

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