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HM offers custom aluminum blower wheels to meet customers’ requirements.

We utilize more than 100 sets of high precision machines to produce high-quality products at a very reasonable price! 

HM, Your Leading Aluminum Blower Wheel Supplier

HM aluminum blower wheel is used to move forced cooled, ambient, or heated temperature air to specific areas. This high-performance product creates high air volume for various air-moving purposes.

Industries such as HVAC, cooling and refrigeration, medical equipment, industrial, air curtains, and electronics, are using HM aluminum blower wheel.

Moreover, we provide CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC machining capabilities to produce aluminum blower wheels according to your specifications. We can supply you with the best quality product through our in-house CNC machining capabilities.

Custom your aluminum blower wheel with us!

Aluminum Blower Wheel Series

  • double blow wheel blower fan
    Double Blow Wheel Blower Fan

    The double blow wheel blower fan has speed control from 0-10V input. This type is also IP44 rated with -25 to +55°C working temperature.

  • forward curved centrifugal impeller radial blower fan
    Forward Curved Centrifugal Impeller Radial Blower Fan

    This unique type is CE and CCC-certified product. It has good quality and long service life. Its blades are heavier and narrower.

  • Industrial Centrifugal Plug Fans blowers
    Industrial Centrifugal Plug Fans Blowers

    Industrial centrifugal plug fans blowers are a fan used in industrial and consumer products. Its function is to shift air and further gases.

  • inline duct ventilation exhaust fanaluminum blower wheel
    Inline Duct Ventilation Exhaust Fanaluminum Blower Wheel

    This other type is installed close to the vent.  Using this can prevent air exiting problems. Plus, it has good quality and easy to install.

  • motor High pressure blower fan
    Motor High Pressure Blower Fan

    This motor high-pressure blower fan is used for trouble-free airflow. It is highly required in all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

  • backward curved centrifugal impeller radial blower fan
    Backward Curved Centrifugal Impeller Radial Blower Fan

    This is a centrifugal fan with backward curved blades. It gives outstanding cooling to a stressful environment. Also, it is a nonoverloading fan.

Custom Aluminum Blower Wheel Design Options

HM provides custom aluminum blower wheels for OEM requirements and replacement. Aluminum blower wheels are also known as squirrel cage, paddle, or radial wheels for centrifugal blowers. HM offers numerous design options of custom aluminum blower wheel, such as:

  • Tangential Crossflow
  • Single and Double Inlet
  • Backward Curve
  • Forward Curve
  • Backward Inclined in Press-lock
  • Riveted
  • Tabbed
  • Spider Construction

We also provide aluminum blower wheels in custom coatings and finishes. Sizes range from 1-inch to 36-inch diameter with corresponding widths. Depending on your requirements, we can produce aluminum blower wheels to meet your specifications.

Custom Aluminum Blower Wheel Design Options
Aluminum Grade of Blower Wheel

Aluminum Grade of Blower Wheels

HM aluminum blower wheels are fabricated from 5052-H32 aluminum. The 5052 series is the highest non-heat-treatable alloy grade. The fatigue strength is higher compared to most aluminum alloys.

Additionally, 5052-grade aluminum alloy has specifically excellent resistance to saltwater corrosion and marine atmosphere. It also has excellent workability, which can be formed and drawn into complex shapes such as blower wheels.

Aluminum Blower Wheel Application

This high-performance blower wheel creates high air volume for various air-moving applications.  The aluminum blower wheel also known as a squirrel cage fan is widely used in the following applications:

  •       Ventilation
  •       Air conditioning
  •       Heating
  •       Dehumidifying in commercial and industrial applications

It is also used for special applications like corrosion resistance, explosion-proof, high speed, extra heavy-duty, and high temperature with mechanically reinforcing rods & rings. In addition, Hm supplies high-performance aluminum blower wheels for use in Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer applications.

Aluminum Blower Wheel Application
Aluminum Blower Wheel Designs

Aluminum Blower Wheel Design

The aluminum blower wheel is typically used in plug fan arrangements. It does not require ductwork because it mounts directly to enclosures for circulating air. The rotation of the aluminum blower wheel is clockwise or counterclockwise. It has small forward-curved blades slinging out and scooping the airflow as the wheel rotates.

HM aluminum blower wheel is manufactured to develop high-volume airflow with small static pressure. It makes the design ideal for a furnace. The aluminum blower wheel is also optimal for a convection-heated oven that requires maintaining a temperature within the space.


Aluminum Blower Wheel Features
Aluminum Blower Wheel Features

Rugged Design

The aluminum blower wheel provides a rugged appearance. It can be buffed, colored, or brushed by anodizing. The aluminum blower wheel has outstanding paint adhesion. HM provides a wide range of surface treatments that will meet your requirements.

Easy to Install

The aluminum blower wheel has structural cast-on discharge flanges. It makes them easy to mount to motors, frames, cabinets, etc.

Wide Selection of Alloys

Aluminum alloys are popular for high-temperature resistance, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, etc. As a leading aluminum blower wheel manufacturer in China, HM works with diverse alloys, such as:

  •       ZLD104
  •       A380
  •       Al6062
  •       Al6063
  •       Acd12
  •       Al5052
  •       Al075
Quality Checking
What is the Use of Aluminum Blower Wheel?

Aluminum Blower WheelAluminum Blower Wheel

Fan mounted on the clear surface of the collectors are frequently used for air circulation, controlled cooling, and debris collecting.

What are the Applications of Aluminum Blower Wheel?

Aluminum blower wheels are utilized in a great number of applications, including aircraft components, household appliances, marine and transportation industry components, heavy-duty cooking utensils, and bulk food production equipment.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Blower Wheel?

Advantages of Aluminum Blower WheelAdvantages of Aluminum Blower Wheel

The aluminum blower wheel has a variety of advantages. 

It is the strongest alloy among the more popular non-heat-treatable qualities, and it is also the most expensive.

The endurance value of the aluminum blower wheel is greater than that of most other metals.

Furthermore, this quality displays exceptionally high tolerance to oxidation caused by the oceanic environment and seawater.

It is a straightforward situation to deal with.

It is capable of being formed or molded into complicated forms, and its somewhat greater durability in the hardened state reduces the shredding that happens in 1100 and 3003, compared to the former.

How Would a User Know that the Aluminum Blower Wheel is Getting Bad?

Users could notice continual buzzing sounds or sounds that alter or develop worse if you raise the airflow rate.

Those are all symptoms of difficulties with the power source.

In certain situations, you might also detect smoking or scents of burns while operating, in which situation you must stop instantly.

How Would You Know the Rotation of Your Aluminum Blower Wheel?

Make references to the arms of clocks. Whether they are angled counterclockwise, as seen in the illustration to the left.

That is the area in which the blower wheel would rotate or work, and it is also the position in which the planned air circulation would occur.

How Often Should the Aluminum Blower Wheel Be Clean?

At a minimum, you must get the aluminum blower wheel and duct maintained every several seasons.

Keep in mind that the air you consume is critical to your well-being.

Together with washing the engine, ducts systems, and grates in a residence, we sterilize the duct systems during a cleaning service.

What Does Aluminum Blower Wheel Do?

Aluminum Blower WheelThe blower wheel is part of the power supply and transports enormous quantities of air thru the ductwork.

Dirt or oil on the blower wheel slows the wheel’s movement and reduces the quantity of air your engine can blow throughout your household.

What Results in the Failure of an Aluminum Blower Wheel?

Blower engine failures can be caused by a variety of factors, including old age, damaged bearings, excessive power demand, electrical failures in the circuitry, and debris collection.

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