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HM offers a wide range of aluminum bearing housing with various sizes and designs.

We manufacture aluminum bearing housing to meet your specifications such as specially designed bearing housing for your special applications.

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HM Your Trusted Aluminum Bearing Housing Manufacturer and Supplier

HM aluminum bearing housing is designed to support bearings, protect from contaminants, and house monitoring equipment. It provides solutions for customizable mounted bearing, maximizing performance, cost-efficient maintenance, and service life of the incorporated bearing.

Aluminum materials are ideal for producing bearing housing because of their superior corrosion resistance, alloy-independent strength, and lightweight. Depending on your needs, HM provides custom aluminum bearing housing. Some of them are pillow block, Plummer block, plain bearing housing, etc.

Being a trusted aluminum bearing housing manufacturer in China, we can offer a wide selection of designs and sizes.

Aluminum Bearing Housing Series

  • alloy precise aluminum bearing housing
    Alloy Precise Aluminum Bearing Housing

    Alloy precise aluminum bearing housing has valuable bearing properties. It is used in various applications because of its quality.

  • Aluminum Electric Motor Bearing Housing
    Aluminum Electric Motor Bearing Housing

    Aluminum electric motor bearing housings are standard assemblies. It is invented to make the shafts & bearings installation become easy.

  • GBW High-precision bearing housing
    GBW High-Precision Bearing Housing

    GBW high-precision bearing housing provides high working accuracy, high system rigidness, and high-speed execution. It is easy to use.

  • Good quality CNC machining aluminum bearing housing
    Good Quality CNC Machining Aluminum Bearing Housing

    These types are widely used for automotive and motorcycles. Different dimensions, materials, and formations are available for you.

  • gravity casting bearing housing
    Gravity Casting Bearing Housing

    This gravity casting bearing housing ease the shafts and bearing installation. At the same time, it also protects the bearing and increases their working life.

  • Linear Aluminium Shaft Bearing Housing

    The linear aluminum shaft bearing housing is available in different sizes and configurations. These are commonly used in machine tool operations.

  • turbo aluminum bearing housing
    Turbo Aluminum Bearing Housing

    Turbo aluminum bearing housing is used to support bearings. It is also used to secure bearings from contamination.

  • alloy aluminum bearing housing
    Alloy Aluminum Bearing Housing

    This is used as connecting rod and bearings. Also, this is mostly required in industrial compressors and internal combustion engines.

  • Custom high pressure die-cast electric motor aluminum housing with bearing holes
    Custom high pressure die-cast electric motor aluminum housing with bearing holes

    This features end plates, heat sinks, and delicate frames. Widely used because of its high durability properties.

Standard Design of Aluminum Bearing Housing

Modular assemblies such as aluminum bearing housing are designed to protect bearings. In addition, simplifying maintenance, making it easy to install shafts and bearings, and extending operating life.

HM manufactures different sizes of aluminum bearing housing. Generally, we produce standard aluminum bearing housing, including:

  • Pillow (split Plummer) Block Housing
  • Non-Split Plummer Aluminum Block Housing
  • Flanged Housing
  • Take-Up Housing
  • Two-Bearing Housing

Our aluminum bearing housing is manufactured to exceed duty requirements. It includes the speed, operating environmental conditions, and load. If ease of maintenance and installation is your concern, split Plummer housing is the ideal choice. It can accommodate pre-assembled shafts and simplify bearing maintenance or inspection.

Standard Aluminum Bearing Housing
Custom Aluminum Bearing Housing

Custom Aluminum Bearing Housing

HM offers customized aluminum bearing housing according to our customer’s requirements. For instance, where non-standard materials, unusual sealing arrangements, or special shaft center heights of construction are specified.

Custom aluminum bearing housing provides high-performance and hygienic bearing unit solutions for diverse consumer needs. HM is an expert in customizing aluminum housing bearings according to the client’s drawing. Please contact us if you have the need for drawing, annual quantity, or other technical parameters.

Aluminum Bearing Housing Application

HM aluminum bearing solution provides a reliable solution for maximizing the bearing performance. Most machines and engines need to have aluminum bearing housing. It can support and protect bearings.

Additionally, HM aluminum bearing housing offers high bearing protection from toxin substances and contaminants. Usually, it is applicable for equipment that needs wheels. This product is generally mounted for machines, generators, motors, equipment, automobiles, and other structures.

Aluminum Bearing Housing Application
Aluminum Bearing Housing

Why HM Aluminum Bearing Housing

HM is one of the best manufacturers in China supplying high-quality aluminum bearing housing to customers worldwide. We provide advanced manufacturing practices, 24/7 customer support, and professional R&D services.

Our CNC machine capabilities allow us to produce over 100 new designs of aluminum bearing housing per month. HM has 100 sets of accurate CNC machines to provide you with high-quality aluminum bearing housing.

Moreover, all our products have passed international certifications including ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and many more. HM conducts quality testing and verification before we ship our products to you.

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Smooth Finish

All our aluminum bearing housing can guarantee aesthetic appearance and a smooth finish.

Strong Flexible

HM aluminum bearing housing is popular for lightweight and flexible. It makes them easy to mount in motors, generators, and many others.

Corrosion Resistance

The aluminum materials are recognized to have corrosion resistance properties. The aluminum bearing housing has a protective coating. Because of its corrosion resistance properties, it can enhance longevity and durability.

Quality Checking
Why is Aluminum Great for Bearing Housing?

Aluminum Bearing Housing

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and wears, making it ideal for bearing housing materials.

Moreover, the aluminum materials are absolutely durable and strong.

It has full capability to protect the bearing device. Thus, aluminum is recommended because of its desirable characteristics and tensile strength.

Aluminum materials are accessible to machines and process forming as a bearing housing.

This is an often-used material because it is not easy to crack and leak.

What is the Aluminum Bearing Housing Used For?

The aluminum bearing housing is an essential component of most engines or machines.

The aluminum bearing housing is used for protecting and supporting the bearing.

It stands as a house or case of bearing devices.

Moreover, the aluminum bearing housing offers a reliable solution to maximize the bearing performance.

The aluminum bearing housing provides high bearing protection against contaminants and toxin substances.

Additionally, an aluminum bearing housing is usually used for devices that require wheels.

It is commonly mounted for generators, machines, automobiles, motors, equipment, and other structures.

What are the Features of Aluminum Bearing Housing?

These are the following features of aluminum bearing housing:

Strong Flexible

The aluminum bearing housing is recognized as being flexible and lightweight. Due to its flexibility, an aluminum bearing house is easy to mount.

Smooth finish

The aluminum bearing housing has a smooth finish. It has an aesthetic appearance and appeal. 


The bearing housing from aluminum materials is extremely durable and sturdy. They are not easy to damage and break down. Moreover, the aluminum bearing housing can last and serve longer.

No deformation

An aluminum-bearing house will never deform easily. This housing will train from its original shapes, structures and looks even used for a long time. The aluminum bearing housing is hard to deform because of its sturdiness.

Corrosion Resistance

The aluminum bearing house originated with a protective coating. They can resist corrosion that can enhance their durability and longevity.

How to Choose a Right Aluminum Bearing Housing for Business?

Customize Aluminum Bearing Housing

Choosing the right aluminum bearing housing will minimize the business and operation’s failure.

Selecting the perfect aluminum bearing housing will save more cost.

It is very important to make the right decision in choosing aluminum-bearing housing.

Here are the following factors and criteria to consider in choosing a fit aluminum bearing housing:

  1. External bearing bore measurements
  2. Application itself
  3. Capacities
  4. Consider the styles of bearing fit
  5. Inside and out quality
  6. Surface treatment
  7. Check for the price


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