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HM offers a wide range of aluminum couplers such as air couplers, cable runway couplers, motor shaft jaw couplers, and many more.

We utilize CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling to produce custom aluminum couplers to meet your specific requirements.

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Custom Aluminum Couplers

Aluminum couplers can be used for attaching two adapters or two pipes together. Given its strong corrosion resistance, it is mainly designed for handling liquids. Aluminum couplers have seen a wide array of applications, including agriculture, food and beverage, petroleum operations, and construction. It can facilitate the transfer of the fluids, saving the time for some traditional connections. The advantages of our product lie in that it can be recyclable, corrosion-resistant, endurable and lightweight. If you need the couplers in various sizes, here our aluminum couplers will be an ideal solution for you.

Detailed Specifications for Reference
Working Pressure125 PSI
Weight2.7 LBS
PackagingCarton box
Surface treatmentCoated
Part typeCamlock fittings

Aluminium Coupler Series

  • Shaft Coupler
    Shaft Coupler

    Our shaft coupler is manufactured for high reliability and high performance. It is engineered to allow some degree of axial, parallel, or angular misalignment.

  • Flexible Coupler
    Flexible Coupler

    Our flexible coupler transmits torque straightforwardly when the shaft is slightly misaligned. It can accommodate up to 3° of misalignment and parallel misalignment.

  • Air Hose Coupler
    Air Hose Coupler

    Our air hose coupler is perfect for a wide range of systems like air compressors, aircraft control, and automated manufacturing operations.  It is also suitable for tire mounting, mining, agriculture, construction, etc.

  • motor rigid shaft coupler
    Motor Rigid Shaft Coupler

    We can manufacture motor rigid shaft couplers in a wide range of sizes. It can be available in 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, and customized. Send us your requirements for your motor rigid shaft coupler.

  • anodized aluminum coupler
    Anodized Aluminum Coupler

    Whether you need to connect together the two fittings, our aluminum coupler with an anodized finish is the answer. We can custom your anodized aluminum coupler in many different colors and sizes you want.

  • Aluminum Alloy Electric Coupler
    Aluminum Alloy Electric Coupler

    Our aluminum alloy electric coupler has a compact and small structure. It is convenient to disassemble and fix. Also, the aluminum alloy electric coupler will not cause shaft damage. Additionally, the coupler is sturdy and durable.

Application of Aluminum Couplers

Application of Aluminum Couplers
Application of Aluminum Couplers
  • Agriculture: Given that aluminum is resistant to corrosion and acid, our aluminum couplers can be applied in the irrigation system to connect or disconnect the pipes or hoses without any tools.
  • Plumbing systems: Aluminum is an important part in plumbing systems. The anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties can ensure the safety and quality of water supply. Meanwhile, the NPT female thread can accommodate most fluids after installation. What’s more, it plays an important role in preventing leaks and controlling water pressure. All in all, the application of aluminum couplers in plumbing systems can convey the fluids efficiently and smoothly. 
  • Construction: Aluminum couplers are advantagous when applied in construction. It enjoys excellent thermal performance which can reduce heat loss in cold weather and yields higher interior temperatures. Meanwhile, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, aluminum is highly endurable which can save you the maintenance or repair fees.
  • Aerospace and automotive industries: Aa for aerospace, aluminum coupler is an ideal solution for manufacturing aircrafts due to its distinctive lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties. More specifically, it can be used in manufaturing aircrafts like the fuselages or wings. Also, it can be applied in constructing the bodies of rockets and other space devices. In the automotive industry, it is typically used in fuel tanks to improve vehicle performance and save energy.

Key Features and Advantages

Key Features and Advantages
Key Features and Advantages

Lightweight: Aluminum has a low density of 2.7 kg per dm³, which makes it suitable for the applications where it sets high requirements on weight.

Corrosion-resistant: Thanks to the unique characteristic of aluminum, a thin layer of oxidation will be formed on the surface of the metal when exposed to oxygen. This can prevent it from rust or corrosion.

Flexible and versatile: Aluminum is also a kind of flexible metal compared with other metals. Therefore, it can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes.

Durable: Our aluminum coupler can withstand high tensile strength and enjoy great rigidity, helping it extend its lifespan.

Recyclable: Aluminum is recyclable. Despite that it can be used for a long time, it can still retain its original properties. Therefore, our aluminum couplers can be a cost-effective solution for you.

Easy installation: Aluminum is lightweight, so it will cost less labor in installation. That means it requires less time and no other tools for installation, which makes it cost-effective for large-scale application.

Excellent craftsmanship: Our products are manufactured with high precision. We stick to achieving zero tolerances in the manufacturing process.

Low Maintenance fees: Aluminum can be exposed to harsh environments without any damage. It scarcely fades from scorching sunshine or torrential rain. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about repainting it again in several years. That means you don’t spend extra money for maintaining it.

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