Aluminum Coupler Manufacturer

HM offers a wide range of aluminum couplers such as air couplers, cable runway couplers, motor shaft jaw couplers, and many more.

We utilize CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling to produce custom aluminum couplers to meet your specific requirements.

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HM, Your Leading Aluminum Coupler Manufacturer and Supplier

HM has a wide range of aluminum coupler to choose from. Depending on your application, we can provide open and close hydraulic coupler with pressure, aluminum coupler shafts, and many more.

We can also provide tube to tube aluminum couplers for extra heavy-duty applications. Industries like automotive, construction, petroleum, and more are using HM aluminum coupler.

Customized aluminum coupler is accessible to meet your different needs. We use high-grade aluminum alloy and high-performance CNC machines to produce custom aluminum coupler even in complex design.

Aluminium Coupler Series

  • Shaft Coupler
    Shaft Coupler

    Our shaft coupler is manufactured for high reliability and high performance. It is engineered to allow some degree of axial, parallel, or angular misalignment.

  • Flexible Coupler
    Flexible Coupler

    Our flexible coupler transmits torque straightforwardly when the shaft is slightly misaligned. It can accommodate up to 3° of misalignment and parallel misalignment.

  • Stainless Steel Coupler
    Stainless Steel Coupler

    We design stainless steel coupler with 304 stainless steel. They are excellent for corrosion resistance, suitable for natural gas, oil, water, air, and steam.

  • Air Hose Coupler
    Air Hose Coupler

    Our air hose coupler is perfect for a wide range of systems like air compressors, aircraft control, and automated manufacturing operations.  It is also suitable for tire mounting, mining, agriculture, construction, etc.

  • motor rigid shaft coupler
    Motor Rigid Shaft Coupler

    We can manufacture motor rigid shaft couplers in a wide range of sizes. It can be available in 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, and customized. Send us your requirements for your motor rigid shaft coupler.

  • anodized aluminum coupler
    Anodized Aluminum Coupler

    Whether you need to connect together the two fittings, our aluminum coupler with an anodized finish is the answer. We can custom your anodized aluminum coupler in many different colors and sizes you want.

  • Custom motor shaft jaw coupler
    Custom Motor Shaft Jaw Coupler

    We can custom motor shaft jaw coupler according to your surface finish requirements. Whether you need color anodized, clear anodized, sandblast anodized, brushing, polishing, chroming, and many more.

  • Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupler
    Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupler

    It has a spiral-cut design that flexibly fits with two shafts despite its not being perfectly co-linear. Aluminum flexible shaft coupler helps lessen binding effects. We can manufacture this coupler according to your specifications.

  • Aluminum Alloy Electric Coupler
    Aluminum Alloy Electric Coupler

    Our aluminum alloy electric coupler has a compact and small structure. It is convenient to disassemble and fix. Also, the aluminum alloy electric coupler will not cause shaft damage. Additionally, the coupler is sturdy and durable.

Aluminum Coupler Specifications

Our aluminum coupler is manufactured from different aluminum alloy grades. We work with different aluminum alloys like AL6061, 6063, 6082, AL5052, AL7075, and many more.

We also offer different surface treatments for aluminum couplers such as anodizing, sandblasting, brushing, polishing, and chroming. HM produce a high-end aluminum coupler through our CNC machine capabilities with close tolerance of ± .001″.

Aluminum Coupler Specifications
Custom Aluminum Coupler

Custom Aluminum Coupler

HM offers a custom aluminum coupler for the electrical hardware industry. Typically, we produce over 2,500 to 5,000 aluminum couplers annually for different clients in different industries. Our range of custom aluminum coupler works within rain-proof conduit connectors of any size.

For your brand logos and custom part number, we can do roll-engraving onto your aluminum couplers. Just send us your requirements to finalize your design. HM performs the final inspection and in-process testing to ensure your custom aluminum coupler meets your expectation for quality.


HM Aluminum Coupler Design

HM aluminum coupler is fabricated of precisely machined aluminum materials. It is slightly flexible due to its spiral-cut design. Our aluminum coupler is designed to fit two shafts. Typically, it is not perfectly co-linear, however, an aluminum coupler reduces binding effects.

The aluminum couplers are ideal for precision CNC work. They can be cut through our X, Y, and Z linear axis, not in the rotational axis. HM manufactures an aluminum coupler that fits a 5mm-8mm diameter shaft. You can contact us directly for your aluminum coupler needs.

HM Aluminum Coupler Design

Why HM Aluminum Coupler

HM aluminum coupler is available in different designs and sizes to meet your application requirement. Every aluminum coupler exceeds different CNC processing to ensure flexibility, dimensional accuracy, and tight tolerance. It can guarantee long life, durability, and reliability.

HM has rich experience in sourcing high-quality aluminum couplers using our CNC machine capabilities. Additionally, we have full capabilities in supplying custom aluminum couplers such as special packaging, material selection, and surface treatments.

Send us your inquiries for custom aluminum couplers.


Aluminum Coupler Features
Aluminum Coupler

Wide Selection of Surface Treatment

HM provides a wide selection of surface treatments on aluminum couplers. It can guarantee the aesthetic design of the product. The aluminum coupler is available in the following surface treatments:

  • Anodizing
  • Sandblasting
  • Brushing
  • Polishing
  • Chroming

If you have desired surface treatment for your aluminum coupler, please contact us directly.


HM aluminum coupler stocks in sizes ranging from ¼ inches to 6 inches. If you have desired sizes for aluminum coupler, we will produce them for you to meet your application requirements. All our aluminum couplers is conforming to ASM 6061-T6.

Fully Customized

HM aluminum couplers are fully customized according to your needs. It can be customized according to sizes, surface treatments, custom part numbers, brand logos, and many more.

High-Precision Production

With our high-precision CNC machines, HM is capable to produce high-performance aluminum couplers. Our CNC machines have tight tolerance of 0.002um, allowing us to produce precise aluminum couplers to meet your application requirements.

Quality Checking
What are the Notable Features of Aluminium Coupler?

Aluminum Coupler

The aluminium coupler has high-standard features that include:

  • Leveled flanges faces
  • It consists of a nitrile rubber gasket
  • Manufactured suitable for 150# flange
  • Identical flanges bolt hole pattern
  • Available in the different proper thickness
  • Designed for interchanging commercial produced products
  • Formed for lightness, robustness, and high tensile strength
  • Has safety clips to block disconnection
What Aluminium Types are Used for Couplers?

As a manufacturer, we use high-standard aluminium grades for couplings. 

Aluminium grades like:

A356 Aluminium

This aluminium alloy has excellent casting performance. It has outstanding resistance from hot cracking. 

A356 has high-temperature resistant as well as corrosion-resistant features. It maintains the intricate form and accuracy.

This aluminium grade is also available for various surface treatments to achieve your aimed effects.


This aluminium alloy is heat-treatable perfect for producing lightweight components for automotive applications. 

AlSi7Mg Aluminium has excellent corrosion resistance and stable immense-strength ratio properties.


This aluminium grade also has high resistance from weather and water. AlSi11 is known for its versatility and ease of weld. They are typically used for various applications, including couplings.


The AlSi11Mg is consists of elements like aluminium, silicon, and magnesium.

These elements ensure high strength overcoming high temperatures. It is also designed with lasting quality.

AlSi11Mg is known for its lightweight and excellent mechanical property combinations. This aluminum is ideal for heat treatments to maximize its conductivity.

6061 Aluminium

The 6061 is an aluminium alloy contains with magnesium and silicon elements. This type of aluminium has great weldability features.

This aluminium grade is also inexpensive, has high strength, versatility, and lightweight advantages. It is a commonly used material for CNC machining processes.

Where can We Usually Use the Aluminium Coupler?

The aluminium couplers are designed with a wide range of applications. 

They are typically used for the following:

a) Irrigation

b) Chemicals

c) Agriculture

d) Construction

e) Fracking

f) Material handling

g) Petroleum 

How Do Aluminium Couplers Function?

Aluminium Couplings is versatile and is a renowned material for various industries. Consequently, it possesses these distinctive functions:

  • The aluminium coupler detaches efficiently for convenient repairs and maintenance.
  • It must be uncomplicated to unite the shafts and must keep them adequately.
  • Coupling must join shaft units manufactured separately for different purposes, such as a motor shaft and a generator shaft.
  • Ideal to be an aid for the misalignment of connected shafts.
  • To permit mechanical flexibility, such as in the matter of flexible coupling.
  • Lessening and absorbing transmission of shock freight from one pole to another
  • Rendering protection against overloads
  • To alter the vibration characteristics of rotating equipment whenever required.
What Are The Aluminium Coupler Classifications?

Generally, there are two main classifications of the aluminium coupler. Namely,

Rigid Aluminium Coupler

An aluminium coupler is beneficial to join two shafts in symmetrical alignment.

It composes two flanges with hubs, one keyed to the driving shaft and the other to the driven shaft. Two flanges utilize robust bolts to keep in place.

There are three types of rigid aluminium coupler

  • Sleeve or muff coupler
  • A split muff or clamp coupler
  • Flange Coupler

Flexible Aluminium Coupler

An aluminium coupler linked two shafts holding both sidewards and angular misalignment.

The aluminium coupler structure is comparable to a rigid coupler. However, compared to a rigid coupler, it has a flexible feature. 

Aluminum Flexible Coupler

The flexible element is the rubber bush is equipped with brass lining to evade unwanted wear. These rubber bushes grip the misalignment between the shaft.

There are three main types of flexible aluminium coupler shaft:

  • Bushed pin-type coupler
  • Universal coupler
  • Oldham coupler
What Are The Aluminium Coupler Advantages?

Moreover, flexible aluminium couplers-both rigid and flexible aluminium couplers possess some of these salient benefits:

The helical trimming of flexible couplers causes them to act as a spring in the X Y and Z linear axis except in the rotational axis. 

That means you won’t get more backlash.

The aluminium coupler is an instrument that transfers power and torque. 

Couplings do not allow disconnection of shafts during operation. 

Yet, some couplers have torque limits that can drop or disjoin when some torque limit overextends.

Through meticulous selection, structure, and care of couplers, significant conserving is possible in fewer maintenance expenses and downtime.

It can guard the driving and driven shaft components against damaging effects because of misalignment, impulsive shock loads, and shaft expansion or vibrations.

How to Choose the Proper Type of Aluminum Coupler?

In many applications, you need to choose the proper type of aluminum coupler.

Determining what kind of coupling helps you achieve a satisfying and efficient project.

When selecting a suitable aluminum coupler for your applications, here are some factors to consider.

Thread Type

Identifying the exact thread type is essential. Multiple types of aluminum couplers suit your applications.

Here are some types:

NST or National Standard Thread 

NPSH or National Pipe Straight Hose

NPT or National Pipe Tapered

Thread Gender

Thread genders are divided into three types, which includes:

Female Coupler – is designed with internal threads that receive male coupler. 

Male Coupler – is formed with external threads. It is ideally used for applications where discharging water is required.

Ungendered – You can connect even two parts of this gender without using threads.


Consider the list below to know the aluminum coupler types and threads compatibility.

Thread Type and Gender Compatible with:
NH/NST male NH/NST female
NH/NST female NH/NST male
NPT male NPT female, NPTF female, NPTSH female
NPT female NPT male, NPTF
NPSH male NPSH female, NPSM female
NPSH female NPSH male, NPT, NPTF, NPSM

Coupling Sizes

Lastly, if you have already defined the thread types and gender, ensure the appropriate size for your specific applications now.

The aluminum coupler sizes range is about ¾ inches to 6 inches in diameter.

To find out your fitting size, measure the internal diameter of the male coupler. 

It helps determine what aluminum coupler dimension you need.

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