Custom Driveshaft Manufacturer in China

HM manufactures custom driveshaft from a variety of superior quality metal materials such as steel, aluminum, and more.

HM Custom Driveshaft

HM is your go-to expert whether you need custom driveshafts for 4x4s, trucks, Jeeps, buggies, Ford, and other vehicles. We have built a good reputation in the industry and ensure your complete satisfaction by providing customized driveshafts of the finest quality at reasonable costs.

Our team is highly capable of customizing every driveshaft in accordance with your exact specifications. Just send us your detailed requirements and we will provide the best-customized solution for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your inquiries.

Custom Steel Driveshaft

  • 2.5” Custom Steel Driveshaft
    2.5” Custom Steel Driveshaft
  • 2” Custom Steel Driveshaft
    2” Custom Steel Driveshaft
  • 3” Custom Steel Driveshaft
    3” Custom Steel Driveshaft
  • 4
    4" OD Custom Steel Driveshaft
  • Custom Steel Corvette Driveshaft
    Custom Steel Corvette Driveshaft

Custom Aluminum Driveshaft

  • 3″ Aluminum Driveshaft
    3″ Aluminum Driveshaft
  • 3.5″ Aluminum Driveshaft
    3.5″ Aluminum Driveshaft
  • 5
    5" OD Aluminum Driveshaft

Custom Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

  • 3.25″ Carbon Fiber Driveshaft with U-Joints
    3.25″ Carbon Fiber Driveshaft with U-Joints

Available Materials

Your driveshaft can be made out of carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and other metals you need. When you want an affordable driveshaft, a steel driveshaft is an ideal option. Driveshafts made from aluminum are lighter and can carry more horsepower than steel driveshafts at 3.5″ and 4.0″. And driveshafts made from carbon fiber are the ideal choice when you need the safest, strongest, and lightest. Nevertheless, carbon fiber driveshafts are not advised for continuous street usage. That is because the heat produced by continuous usage will harm the yoke bonds.

Available Materials
Custom Driveshaft Colors

Custom Driveshaft Colors

The driveshafts come in a wide range of colors.

However, the steel driveshafts usually come in black color. Driveshafts made of aluminum are usually unpainted. Due to that, they have a silver appearance. Other customers polished their aluminum driveshafts to a stunning shine so that they will look fantastic in display cars. Driveshafts made of carbon fiber are usually available in black. However, we can customize the driveshafts to any color you want.

Tube Outside Diameters

Our driveshafts have tubes that come in these outside diameters:

  • 0″ OD
  • 75″ OD
  • 0″ OD
  • 5″ OD
  • 0″ OD
  • 0″ OD
Tube Outside Diameters
Information Needed for Custom Driveshaft

Information Needed for Custom Driveshaft

When you want to order custom driveshafts, you need to give details such as:

  • Engine specifications (horsepower, make, max RPM, engine displacement, & torque)
  • Vehicle data (make, year, weight, model, & estimated max MPH)
  • Driveline information (transmission, min distance to exhaust, high & low gear ratios, current driveshaft OD, rear differential gear ratio, number of splines on output shaft, & rear tire size)
  • Driveshaft measurements
  • Slip yoke & U-joint

Custom Options

HM can produce driveshafts that are customized to your vehicle and purpose. Below are some of the specifications we can customized.

  • tube length
  • wall thickness
  • size splines
  • pattern
  • material
  • outside diameter
  • other specifications
Custom Options
Custom Driveshaft Features

Custom Driveshaft Features

Superior Quality

All materials we used for custom driveshafts have been carefully selected to deliver great performance even during the most demanding applications. They have superior quality and no compromises.

High Durability

Our driveshafts have a higher level of durability and more powerful torque in everyday automobiles and vehicles that demand durability and reliability.

Your Reliable Custom Driveshaft Supplier | HM

Your Reliable Custom Driveshaft Supplier
Your Reliable Custom Driveshaft Supplier1

HM is trusted by many due to our unmatched customization expertise and superior workmanship. All of our customized driveshafts have undergone high-RPM and high-speed testing and balancing. We are providing our global customers with custom driveshafts that have excellent durability and reliability. Whether you need standard, custom, or high-end custom driveshafts, you can find them here at HM. We manufacture various types of driveshafts from premium quality aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, etc.

Contact us for your inquiries.

Custom Driveshaft for Various Vehicles
Custom Driveshaft for Various Vehicles

Each of our driveshafts is specially created and constructed for your vehicle. We can custom manufacture driveshafts for any type of vehicle such as:

  • Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Buggies
  • Toyota
  • 4x4s
  • Chevy
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • And many more
Types of Custom Driveshafts
Types of Custom Driveshafts

The driveshafts have a lot of types such as:

  • Industrial Driveshaft
  • Agricultural Driveshaft
  • 4-Wheel Truck Driveshaft
  • Automotive Driveshaft
  • Racing Driveshaft
  • Heavy Duty Driveshaft
  • Off-Road Driveshaft
Choose HM to Customize Your Driveshaft!
Choose HM to Customize Your Driveshaft!

HM manufactures the highest quality and most durable driveshafts made from aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber. We are specialized in custom driveshafts to fit any customer need.

What are the Advantages of Steel Driveshaft?

Steel driveshafts are more affordable to buy than driveshafts made of other materials. They are also strong enough to withstand some abuse while yet being able to effectively reduce vibrations and noises while you are driving.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Driveshaft?

Aluminum driveshafts have two advantages.

The first of these benefits is a significantly lower weight than steel driveshafts. Using aluminum driveshafts will result in a weight reduction of between 10 and 20 pounds. The engine also benefits from this reduction in weight since it will be easier for the engine if there is less weight to rotate.

The second advantage of aluminum driveshafts is their superior resistance to extreme weather conditions. In particular, many drivers frequently switch to aluminum driveshafts in snowy conditions. That is because they are also resistant to rust.

What are the Processes of Manufacturing Custom Driveshafts?

The common production processes of driveshafts include:

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