Custom Billet Dash Knobs Manufacturer

HM is an expert supplier of custom billet dash knobs from China.

We offer many billet dash knob designs manufactured by CNC machining and your desired surface treatment to complete any car’s dashboard.


HM, Your Premier Custom Dash Knob Supplier

CNC machined custom billet dash knobs are essential for any vehicle’s dash. Off-road cars, rock crawlers, dune buggies, monster trucks, ATVs, classic cars, and muscle cars—all need aluminum billet dash knobs. Not just cars, but boats do as well.

Any button or control can be fitted with a dash knob, such as wiper switches, heater controls, headlight switches, radio switches, HVAC, and much more. You can request push-pull and rotary-type custom billet dash knobs with specific measurements like diameter and mounting hole size.

HM will manufacture your billet aluminum dash knobs and matching aluminum bezels for any resto-mod and custom tuning project business. Check out our selection of CNC billet aluminum knobs today!

Custom Billet Dash Knobs Series

  • Aluminum Furniture Handle Knob
    Aluminum Furniture Handle Knob

    The aluminum handle knob is durable, has multi-layer plating, gentle touch, simple and versatile. It’s widely used in different furniture such as doors, drawers in the kitchen, home office, living room, etc.

  • Aluminum Encoder Dash Knob
    Aluminum Encoder Dash Knob

    The knobs are CNC machined from one piece of solid aluminum and have a robust anodized surface finish. Primary purpose: potentiometer adjustment for protection and control.

  • Aluminum Knurled Dash Knob
    Aluminum Knurled Dash Knob

    Multi-purpose push-pull and rotary-type knob for stylish lighting, wipers, and accessory control. Fashionable design, and made of high-quality natural aluminum alloy, very durable.

  • Aluminum Shower Handle Knob
    Aluminum Shower Handle Knob

    The aluminum shower handle knob is constructed with high-quality, strong, and sturdy aluminum. Features with easy installations are highly convenient to grip and do not fade or rust easily.

  • Aluminum switch shaft control knob
    Aluminum Switch Shaft Control Knob

    Aluminum switch shaft control knob is potentially used for protection and easy control of all sound equipment. Perfectly constructed from solid aluminum and durable finish for long-time services.

  • Aluminum Volume Knob
    Aluminum Volume Knob

    The aluminum volume knob perfectly suits synthesizers, electric guitars, amplifiers, etc. Features non-slip texture design and frosted surface for more effortless handling and volume adjustment.

Dash Knobs for Any Vehicle

HM custom billet dash knobs will suit any car you need. We will fashion any unique or universal part in the automotive industry. Whether it is a modern Land Cruiser or a vintage Chevy Camaro, we will supply you with authentic-looking and durable dash knobs.

Your repair, replica, or car tuning business will thrive with our perfectly fitted, beautiful billet dash knobs.

Dash Knobs for Any Vehicle
CNC Billet Dash Knobs Output

CNC Billet Dash Knobs Output

Our factory in China boasts an annual mass production output of 5 million CNC parts worldwide, serving more than 1,000 clients. We offer rapid prototyping and low-batch production, as well as a mass supply.

With our customer service working around the clock, we are able to handle around 50,000 projects—and your custom CNC billet dash knob project can be one of them!

CNC Billet Dash Knob Custom Design

HM R&D and customer service are always ready to discuss your custom dash knob idea. We can supply custom engraved dash knobs, vintage dash knobs, polished dash knobs, and more. We offer a wide range of customization options.

Furthermore, our CNC milling, CNC turning, and other manufacturing processes will create the perfect knob shape you are looking for: bullet, cylinder, deco, flat cap, and others. HM will also fashion an appropriate bezel to complete the knob.

CNC Billet Dash Knob Custom Design
Why HM Custom Billet Dash Knobs

Why HM Custom Billet Dash Knobs

HM is your expert custom billet dash knobs supplier from China with over 20 years of experience. During this time, we have passed many certifications and rigorous quality testing. Our factory’s employees have mastered the art of CNC machining aluminum in innovative and efficient ways.

Our R&D staff will provide you with the perfect design and rapid prototyping samples. You will receive a quote within a day of contacting us, with a free manufacturing analysis with every quote.

Choose us for a productive and cooperative partnership!



As a professional supplier from China, HM is able to work with a range of aluminum alloys—all with different properties. We have billets of Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, and other alloys.

Dash knobs are usually manufactured from Al 5052 and Al 6061 as general-purpose materials. You can request any other alloy as well.


You can request a stylish resto-custom look with our billet aluminum knobs. We can make them look like an original vintage item, milled from solid billet aluminum. We can also make modern-style futuristic knobs if that is what you want.

Your design’s style has unlimited options, and we will bring your idea to life with CNC machining.


Typically, custom billet dash knobs have overall height, overall diameter, thread pitch, as well as bore size measurements. These are shown in inches, most commonly. For instance, bore size could be 0.19”, or 3/16”, which is a universal fit knob.

For a more detailed design, we can create a CAD with all calculated nuances.

CNC Finish

Being an innovative custom billet dash knob supplier from China, we offer one-stop services like surface treatments.

To add a flare to your custom dash knobs, you can request polishing, anodizing, sandblasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, engraving, and other finishes.

Quality Checking
What is a Billet Dash Knobs Used For?

Billet Dash Knobs

A billet dash knobs are excellent and nice accessories are perfect in any dash.

It is installed to have a smooth and unique touch for the dash.

The billet dash knobs are generally used for different applications.

They are commonly mounted on vehicles.

The billet dash knobs are used as a switch in various ways, such as light switches, wiper switches, heater control headlight switches, and many more.

Moreover, the billet dash knobs provide devices with an upgraded and cool look.

They are perfect to use for off-road, street rods, muscle cars, rock crawlers, jeep, or sand rail projects.

This element is great for customizing vehicle products and devices.

How to Custom the Billet Dash Knobs?

The billet dash knobs are available in various customization options.

They can be custom in a wide range of colors like clear, black, and more. It depends on the customer’s requests.

Moreover, the billet dash knobs can be custom-made in various designs and styles.

The billet dash knobs can be customized from different aluminum materials.

A billet dash knob is a precision CNC machined, ensuring the best finishes.

This process includes the different processing methods, such as:


The cutting method allows the billet dash knobs to customize in different sizes. This method is very important to achieve the perfect billet dash knob measurements. Cutting materials with a CNC machine is a safer and reliable procedure than cutting materials manually.


The milling method minimizes human errors and reduces damaging materials. This procedure can produce the perfect shape and appearance of the product. Milling is one of the best procedures to custom the billet dash knobs.


The main turning method objective is to minimize the workpiece measurement and achieve the desired diameter. The turning procedure can be finished or a rough operation. This is an ideal method in customizing the billet dash knobs with the best finish appearance.

Electrical Discharge Machining

The electrical discharge machining helps to cut the complicated materials. It converts the materials into near tolerance and provides a complex product shape.

What are the Features of Billet Dash Knobs?

Custom Billet Dash Knobs

The billet dash knobs contain unique and admirable features

These include:

  1. They are machined and composed of superior billet aluminum materials.
  2. It is manufactured with cool looks and an attractive appearance.
  3. A billet dash knobs are not easy to deform.
  4. They have great resistance to corrosion, rust, and water.
  5. This element archives an excellent and unique quality.
  6. Due to its versatility, the billet dash knob is applicable in various usage and applications.
How Much Does the Billet Dash Knobs Cost?

The cost of the billet dash knobs will be based on their criteria and specifications.

In addition, the billet dash knobs’ cost will depend on the sizes, designs, finishes, and customizations.

Most of the billet dash knobs prices are $11.95 and more.

However, it still has additional costs or expenses for shipping and other requests.

The billet dash knobs are available at affordable and cheap wholesale prices.

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