Custom Aluminum Spacer Manufacturer

HM is a leading manufacturer of custom aluminum spacers from China.

Our aluminum spacers come in all sorts of non-standard sizes, as washers and rods, and are accurately made for any application.


HM, Your Leading Custom Aluminum Spacer Supplier

HM custom aluminum spacers are designed to reduce wear and tear, reduce vibrations, level a surface, eliminate friction, and provide a basic seal between objects. Any complex machine requires spacer rods, shims, and washers.

Aluminum spacers have many advantages, such as a lightweight material, greater corrosion resistance, conductivity, and alloy-dependent strength.

As a professional supplier from China, HM provides custom aluminum spacers in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 12” x 12” with thicknesses ranging from .005″ to 1″. You can also place requests with hole size, length, and outer diameter measurements.

We offer various designs for custom spacers, bearing spacers, bolt spacers, hinge spacers, insulating spacers, and more.

Custom Aluminum Spacer Series

  • Hole Custom Aluminum Spacer
    Hole Custom Aluminum Spacer

    Hose custom aluminum spacer specializes in extreme durability for heavy-duty operations. Another specification is available depending on customers’ requests. 

  • Anodized Custom Aluminum Spacer
    Anodized Custom Aluminum Spacer

    An anodized custom aluminum spacer is manufactured by using high-grade aluminum metal materials. Highly sturdy and compatible to use for your automotive machinery

  • Custom Aluminum Anodize Black Spacer
    Custom Aluminum Anodize Black Spacer

    A custom aluminum anodized black spacer is usually applied for electric and household appliances, medical equipment, etc. Custom-made design that is accessible in various sizes. 

  • high precision Custom Aluminum Spacer
    High precision Custom Aluminum Spacer

    A vast series of high precision custom aluminum spacers are used for automotive electronics, automation, mechanisms, lighting, computers, and other industrial fields.  

  • Stainless Custom Aluminum Spacer
    Stainless Custom Aluminum Spacer

    The stainless steel custom aluminum spacer is typically designed for mechanical repair and automotive, highly protected from stain, rust, corrosion, or extreme environment temperature. 

  • Unthread Custom Aluminum Spacer
    Unthread Custom Aluminum Spacer

    We manufacture the best unthread custom aluminum spacer for machinery, chemical fields, water treatment, and other heavy-duty industries. 

Custom Aluminum Spacer Design

HM can produce all types of aluminum spacers, including aluminum washers, aluminum standoffs, aluminum spacer rods, etc.

You can request any hole size, thickness, and outer diameter. We can also manufacture spacers without inner holes.

You also choose the surface treatment, color, and finish of your custom spacers.

Custom Aluminum Spacer Design
CNC spacer production

CNC Spacers Production

Our 6S factory in China supports rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and mass production, depending on your request.

You can order any quantity of your custom spacers, and we will quickly ship your products.

With 20 years of experience, our production capabilities keep growing to meet the demands of our clients.

CNC Aluminum Spacer Application

We offer various designs for custom aluminum spacers to suit your application. We manufacture bearing spacers, bolt spacers, hinge spacers, insulating spacers, and more. These spacers are used in any construction and hardware industry, like machinery, furniture, etc.

HM, custom aluminum spacers reduce friction, vibrations, uneven surface, and improve seals between two surfaces.

Anodizing Solution for Aluminum Parts
Aluminum Spacer

Why HM Custom Aluminum Spacers

Being one of the best CNC custom aluminum spacer suppliers in China, HM offers 24/7 customer support, advanced manufacturing practices, R&D service, and high-quality products.

Our CNC machines are capable of outputting up to 5 million parts per year, with 100 new designs developed each month. We have over 100 sets of high-precision CNC machines with tolerances of +- 0.002um.

We have passed many certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and  IATF16949:2016. Moreover, we boast comprehensive raw material testing and verification.

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Features of HM CNC Aluminum Spacers

Suitable Choice of Material

As a professional aluminum spacer supplier from China, HM uses many aluminum alloys to fulfill your unique requirements. We work with Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, and other alloys available for custom spacers.

Al 6061 is typically optimal for most spacers due to its excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with anodizing.

High-Precision Options

At HM, our CNC machines have tight tolerances of 0.002um, allowing us to supply high-precision aluminum parts. Such accuracy is crucial for the functionality of aluminum spacers.

Our products will fit your projects like a perfect puzzle piece.

Metric Aluminum Spacers

Although standard aluminum spacers are measured in Imperial inches, our custom services allow you to request metric aluminum spacers. The hole sizes can range from 3-12mm, and outer diameters may measure at 6-19mm.

You can request any custom-length aluminum spacers for your application.

Anodized Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum spacers are often anodized to improve their hardness and corrosion resistance. HM offers multiple anodizing options, with types I, II, and III anodizing.

We also offer polishing, sandblasting, chrome plating, zinc plating, powder coating, and other surface treatments as per your requirement.

Quality Checking
What is Aluminum Spacer Used For?

Custom Aluminum Spacer Services

An aluminum spacer is designed to decrease the case of tear and wear between objects.

The aluminum spacer is typically used for separating the assemblies from each other.

This component is applied to create bigger internal spaces.

This is usually used where compact grit is needed.

Moreover, the aluminum spacer is being attached to increase the airflow.

It is utilized to prevent components from connecting and averting the electrical shortage.

The aluminum spacer is generally used in different industries, such as furniture, machinery, hardware, and construction.

This component is particularly used for electron insulation, panel supports, led standoffs, and other applications.

How to Custom Your Aluminum Spacers?

Custom Aluminum Spacer Services

The aluminum spacer is highly produced through the mechanical procedure.

They can be customized in different details, shapes, sizes, and styles.

It is made from aluminum alloy or natural aluminum materials known as durable and long-lasting materials.

In addition, the aluminum spacer can be produced and customized from different finishing and surface treatments, such as polishing, electroplating, powder coating, and more.

This element is well-formed, ensuring the best and well-finished output.

They can be custom and constructed using the different processing methods, such as:


The cutting procedure is very important in achieving the right measurement, length, and width of an aluminum spacer. With the help of a cutting machine, the aluminum spacer can be cut to size in the standard and any custom sizes.


Punching is a great procedure for volume aluminum spacer production. This is a low-cost procedure but an efficient way to produce aluminum spacer. This procedure may require different tools.

Injection Molding

The injection molding is a majority production used for shaping the aluminum spacer. The aluminum spacer is difficult to shape, but injection molding can be more manageable. With the help of injection molding, the perfect shape of aluminum space is extremely achieved.


The CNC milling processing method is great for the smaller and higher production volumes. This processing method can reduce the possibility of human errors.


Since most aluminum spacers are customized in cylindrical or round shapes, turning is ideal. Turning reaches the perfect cylindrical shapes of the aluminum spacer.

What are the Standard Specifications of Aluminum Spacer?

The aluminum spacer is available in different specifications.

A standard material used for an aluminum spacer is the 6061-T6 aluminum materials.

Moreover, the aluminum spacer hole’s sizes are from #2 up to #12.

The aluminum spacer’s length measurement is about ⅛ up to 1 ½ inch.

However, the aluminum spacer can be custom-made in different outdoor diameter measurements.

What are the Features of Aluminum Spacers?

The aluminum spacer is consisted of various desirable and unique features, making them so great for most applications.

These are the following features of the aluminum spacer:

Premium Quality

The custom-made aluminum spacer is highly produced from superior and high-quality aluminum materials. Aluminum spacers are particularly strong that ensure a high-quality structure and performance.

Unique Agility

An aluminum spacer has a unique and uncommon ability. This is fabricated with standard thickness achieving the best agility.

Excellent Temperature-Resistant

Aluminum spacer achieves excellent resistance to high-temperature situations. Due to its unique strength, the aluminum spacer can handle different temperatures of any application.


The aluminum spacer is not prone to rust because aluminum has superior contrary against rust. This spacer can extremely resist rust and other specks of dirt.

High Sturdiness

The popular strong and durable material used for spacer products is aluminum. The aluminum spacer has enough durability to last longer and handle any harsh application.

No Sharp in Edges

An aluminum spacer doesn’t have a presence of sharpness on its edges. All aluminum spacer’s corners and sides are well chamfered, which is safer.

Nice Appearance

The aluminum spacer is designed and constructed with a nice appearance. It has a desirable and good surface treatment, making it so nice to look at.

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