Custom Brass Insert Manufacturer in China

HM is an expert brass insert manufacturer and business provider. We produce different sizes and designs to suit various applications. At HM, you can have your bulky customized inserts at a reasonable cost.

  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Suitable for thermoset assemblies
  • Cost-effective than steel
  • Customizable in sizes

HM Brass Inserts

HM skillfully manufactures custom brass inserts with high-standard features. We made them with various advantageous properties, like solid resistance to corrosion and efficient machinability. They are valuable components supporting female threads. These inserts are typically machined into coil shapes; however, wide line-ups are accessible, like self-tapping, locking insert, etc.

You can guarantee well-processed and accurate detailing insert parts specifications here in HM. We have a complete set of equipment used for manufacturing such components. By conducting strict quality controls, we ensure high-quality supplies. 

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Brass Insert Series

Brass Keylocking Inserts
Brass Keylocking Inserts

The brass keylocking inserts are available in various surface finishes, like zinc plated, black oxidation, or custom. Brass materials with different grades are used to manufacture them.

Brass Knurled Nuts Inserts
Brass Knurled Nuts Inserts

The brass knurled nuts inserts are most applicable for medical tools, electrical appliances, and many other plastic parts. These are hot-melt nut types with star-shaped designs.

Round Threaded Brass Inserts
Round Threaded Brass Inserts

The round threaded brass inserts come in various sizes and designs to suit numerous applications. They are surface treated with chrome plates, powder-coated, nickel plating, etc.

Brass Heat Staking Insert
Brass Heat Staking Insert

Brass heat staking inserts are ideal for machinery and electrical appliances usage. They come in a comprehensive range of sizes with smooth surfaces. Their threads are uniform and neat.

Passivated Brass Insert Nuts
Passivated Brass Insert Nuts

Passivated heat staking insert nuts are designed with countersunk, small, umbrella, or flat heads. However, their specifications are customizable. They can have hexagons or whole hex bodies.

Brass Symmetrical Insert
Brass Symmetrical Insert

The symmetrical brass inserts have different models and measurements, suitable for particular usages. They have knurled and smooth or customized bodies, easy to install with firmness. 

HM Brass Insert Advantages

Insert Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Brass inserts provide superior mechanical qualities. They are thus perfect for composite material installations and typically cost less than steel.

Insert Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Conductivity

Compared to steel, brass has a more excellent heat conductivity. The manufacturers can heat brass inserts into place more rapidly than steel ones.

Insert Eco-Friendly Material
Eco-Friendly Material

HM brass inserts make use of high-quality and lead-free material. Additionally, various solutions are available under one roof, depending on client needs.

Insert Customizable

The brass-made inserts accept various finishes, sizes, and material grades. According to the requirements of the client, customizations are possible.

HM Brass Inserts Capabilities

HM manufactures custom brass-made inserts with high capacity performances. Here are some capabilities of such components compared to steel inserts:

  • Performs with excellent resistance even in the presence of cold or hot water
  • Ideal for marine environment utilization where salt water is present
  • Performs well in cryogenic usage
  • Can hold exposure to non-oxidizing acids and clement alkaline solutions
  • High tensile strength, nearing low-carbon steel
  • Included as “green” material due to their being recyclable
  • Specified as Lead-free components
Brass Insert
Brass Insert

Custom Brass Insert Surface Treatments

Custom brass-made insert components come with different surface finishes. HM can customize them with the following available surface treatments. 

  • Black oxide
  • Galvanized
  • Zinc-flake coated
  • Polished
  • Zinc plated
  • Passivated
  • Cadmium-plated

HM Production Processes

HM organizes the production process, ensuring accurate details, material grades, high product qualities, and securing delivering your requests. We perform the following:

  • Drawings
  • Brass grade material selections
  • CNC lathe procedure
  • IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) inspection
  • Surface treatment process
  • Entire product inspection
  • Packing & shipping
Brass Insert

HM - Your Trusted Brass Insert Supplier

Brass Insert
Custom Brass Inserts

HM has become one of the trusted brass-made insert suppliers worldwide. Our professional workers and staff can customize your desired brass components. We perform various manufacturing processes using advanced machines. That includes CNC machines, automatic lathes, punching machines, and screw machines. 

Moreover, we can assist in installing custom brass inserts, whether thermal insertion, injection molding, or manual pressing. HM also manufactures different kinds of threaded inserts made from brass, including captive nuts, external thread inserts, mold-in inserts, potted inserts, etc. Whatever type you need, HM got you covered.

Feel free to send your inquiries right here!

Brass Inserts

HM is a trusted supplier that offers complete assistance for the entire purchasing and customizing process. Consider the following:

  • OEM and ODM availability (which include customization of logos, design, materials, and packaging)
  • Responsible for quality controls to ensure products qualities on each procedure
  • Free samples are ready anytime
  • Installation assistance and guide
  • Product compensation if there are quality problems
  • Quick and satisfying response to inquiries
  • Secured packaging and delivery
Brass Inserts

High-standard features of brass-made inserts are available in HM. We made them with advantageous properties like the following:

  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Rust resistance
  • Fine finishes
  • Precisely designed
  • More durable and sturdy
  • Customizable specification
  • Available with knurling option to provide solid grips to applications
  • A comprehensive range of sizes and threads
  • Customized according to customers’ specifications and drawings

HM Custom Brass Inserts for Industrial Applications

Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry

The quality and longevity of our brass inserts have earned them a well-deserved reputation. Because of this, custom brass-made inserts are an excellent choice for usage in the automotive industry.

Oil and Gas Industry
Oil & Gas Industry

With moderate alkaline solutions and non-oxidizing acids, brass inserts can withstand the harshness of everyday use. Furthermore, it has a high level of corrosion resistance to petroleum-based products.

Mining Industry
Mining Industry

Brass-made inserts offer high corrosion resistance when used in hot or cold water environments. Inserts made of brass are useful for applications involving soft ground, such as coal, or when spalling is a concern.

Health Care Industry
Health Care Industry

Because brass inserts do not have any lead, they pose no health risks. Consequently, brass-made inserts provide several advantages in medical applications, laboratory test equipment, and robotic assemblies.

Brass Insert Supplier
Choose High-Quality Brass Inserts from HM

HM manufactures brass inserts with the highest quality using only the finest materials. In addition, we provide customization services to meet customer needs. We maintain attestation and control throughout our products’ manufacturing and implementation processes.

  • “In terms of quality, the brass inserts we received from HM exceeded our expectations. They are, without a doubt, competent and dependable. For our growing company, a reliable supplier like HM is essential.”

  • “HM offers brass inserts at more affordable costs than the market average. I can always count on them to be reliable and professional.”

  • “The HM staff has been accommodating and quick to respond. We like their adaptability and the consistent work in upgrading their quality standards.”

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