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HM is an exceptional aluminum radiator fittings manufacturer in China.

We supply all ranges of aluminum radiator fittings such as swivel fittings for an oil radiator, hose ends fittings, round tube aluminum radiator fittings, and more.

HM, Your Leading #1 Aluminum Radiator Fittings Supplier

Aluminum radiator fittings are used to connect the heat sink and radiator fins to your water tank or radiator. It is also used in all sorts of air-valves. This can increase the cooling effect and is not easy to deform.

At HM, you can find different types of aluminum radiator fittings for engine oil cooler radiator, water hose fitting replacement, radiator guard protector grille, automotive, push-lock hose end, etc. We can do polishing and anodizing surface treatment for optimal performance of aluminum radiator fittings.

HM guarantee reliable and durable aluminum radiator fittings for your applications. However, radiator fittings are made from high-quality aluminum materials. These fittings have high-precision, corrosion-resistant, and high-accuracy features. It can be used for a long period of time. Message HM to custom aluminum radiator fittings for your project!

Aluminum Radiator Fittings Series

  • Hose Ends Fittings
    Hose Ends Fittings

    We offer hose ends fittings in plastic, nylon, PVC, or brass. This fitting is widely used for constructing and repairing utility hoses, drinking lines, and water supplies.

  • swivel fittings for Oil Radiator
    Swivel Fittings for Oil Radiator

    Our swivel fittings for oil radiator can be available in steel, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, plastics, etc. Different surface finishing is available such as anodize, plating, etc.

  • Round Tube Aluminum Radiator Fittings
    Round Tube Aluminum Radiator Fittings

    Our round tube aluminum radiator fittings are heavy-duty and versatile. We have a wide range of tube aluminum radiator fittings according to our customers requirements.

  • round tube aluminum radiator fittings
    Round Tube Aluminum Radiator Fittings

    Our round tube aluminum radiator fittings are heavy-duty and versatile. We have a wide range of tube aluminum radiator fittings according to our customers requirements.

Aluminum Radiator Fittings Design

Our aluminum radiator fittings are made from a broad range of aluminum materials such as AI 6082, AI 6063, AI 6061, AI 975, and more. These materials are high-strength, have good toughness, and are sturdy. We can recommend the best materials to meet your needs.

HM custom aluminum radiator fittings in various types, sizes, and designs, such as:

  • AC compressor drier condenser radiator fitting
  • Aluminum heatsink cooling heat sink radiator heat dissipation
  • Aluminum barb fitting straight O-ring
  • Aluminum universal motorcycle oil cooling cooler radiator fittings
  • Aluminum an10 oil filter cooler sandwich plate adapter
Aluminum Radiator Fittings
Aluminum Radiator Fitting

Aluminum Radiator Fittings Production

HM aluminum radiator fittings are produced from high-precision CNC machines. These machines have a tolerance of +- 0.002um. We have a 6S factory management system that supports comprehensive raw material testing and verification, low volume and mass production, and other processes.

Our strict quality control with our advanced testing equipment allows us to create 100% functional, defect-free radiator fittings. Depending on your request, we can supply thousands of fittings and quickly deliver your orders.

You can trust our 20+ tears manufacturing experience. Contact us today for your specific requirements. We have 24/7 online support to support your needs.

Aluminum Radiator Fittings Application

Aluminum radiator fittings are used for both commercial and residential purposes. This can create a smooth channel for the pipe systems or radiators. It is used in all sorts of air-valve. It includes radiator overflow, radiator hose fitting adapter, race-ready radiator fitting, transmission fitting, universal female aluminum fitting, etc.

HM can fabricate aluminum radiator fittings for your specific applications and brands. Create your idea into reality. HM will help your custom products produced with your exact requirements.

Aluminum Radiator Fittings Applications
HM Aluminum Radiator Fittings

Why HM Aluminum Radiator Fittings

HM has a profound manufacturing skill for more than 20 years. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for any aluminum radiator fittings and other related products. Our professional team supplies well-manufactured, versatile fittings, and unique designs of products that suit your needs.

We will offer you the best method to optimize design and cost. Our advanced manufacturing processes and secondary process surface treatments will assure you high-performance and long-lasting fittings.

In China, HM is famous and certified to various management certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and more. We support more than 50,000 aluminum fittings projects and 5 million parts manufactured each year. You can avail it cost-effective but never compromise the quality.


Aluminum Radiator Fitting Productions
Aluminum Radiator Fitting Production

High-Precision Fittings

We supply high-precision fittings manufactured from tight tolerances of 0.002um CNC equipment. We can CNC machine adapter, under cap, radiator hose fitting adapter, universal female aluminum fitting, etc.

Custom Designs

No matter what your custom requirements are, our designs can satisfy your needs. You can request specific types, sizes, colors, styles, applications, finishes, logos, and packaging of aluminum radiator fittings. Message us immediately and receive an instant quote.

Durable and Long-lasting

Being a trusted manufacturer in China, HM designs certified to safety standards, high-grade with longer life fittings. This will never wear out, crack, or leak. It will last longer than any other products in the markets.

Surface Treatments

Aluminum radiator fittings are often anodized to enhance their durability, smoothness, aesthetics, and corrosion resistance. You can request anodized fittings in black, silver, red, gray color, and more. HM also provides several anodizing options, such as types I, II, and III anodizing processes.

Depending on your requests, HM also offers other secondary methods such as powder coating, polishing, chrome plating, etc.

Quality Checking
What is the Primary Use of Aluminum Radiator Fittings?

Aluminum radiator fitting is widely used in all major air valve brands. At the same time, it is used to attach the heatsink and radiator fins to your water tank or radiator.

Moreover, aluminum radiator fittings provide cooler air to radiate laptops for a long time. Meaning increases the cooling effect.

What is the Advantage of Aluminum Radiator Fittings?

The aluminum radiator fitting’s whole body is fabricated of high-quality CNC machine tools. They are anodized and polished for optimal performance.

Advantage of Aluminum Radiator Fittings

  • Good toughness
  • High strength
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Not easy to deform

Aluminum radiator fitting is more durable compared to other products.

What is the Available Surface Finish and Color for Aluminum Radiator Fittings?

Aluminum radiator fittings are manufactured with the following surface finish:

  • Anodized
  • Electrophoresis
  • Spray coating
  • 3D wood grain
  • PVDF

For the color, aluminum radiator fittings can be gold, silver, rose, bronze, white, champagne, and many more.

What Are the Aluminum Radiator Fittings?

Aluminum radiator fittings include the following:

  • Radiator Overflow
  • Under Cap
  • Aluminum O-ring
  • Race Ready Radiator Fitting
  • Radiator Hose Fitting Adapter
  • Universal Female Aluminum Fitting
  • Transmission Fitting
  • Adapter
  • Male Thread Straight Aluminum Fitting Adapter
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