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Are you in need of a high-grade aluminum p-clamp? HM is your ultimate choice. We are an aluminum p-clamp manufacturer in China for more than 20+ years. All aluminum p-clamp types and models are available.

We have developed 50,000+ bespoke metal component parts projects and continuously deliver the finest quality aluminum p-clamp in the market. Our company manufactures aluminum p-clamp for any applications. Send your request now!


HM, Your Leading Custom Aluminum P-Clamp Supplier

The difficulty of the wiring schemes is increasing. That’s why, HM designed durable aluminum P-Clamp for secure grounding, fastening, and routing cables, wires, hoses, and pipes. We use the highest quality aluminum in producing aluminum P-clamps.

HM aluminum P-clamp has many benefits such as robust structures and professional appearances. It also offers a corrosion-resistant, salt-resistant, compact design, trouble-free functionality, and waterproof.

These versatile lightweight aluminum P-clamps are used in a variety of applications such as in automotive, electronics, renewable energy sectors, etc. As your #1 supplier, HM supplies all types of aluminum P-clamps ranges from thicknesses, inner diameter size, purposes, finishes, etc. Message HM today!


Aluminum P Clamp Series

  • rubber coated hose P clamp
    Rubber Coated Hose P Clamp

    Rubber coated hose P clamp is mainly used for fixing cables, tubes, and pipes in order. Its rubber outline is also used to avoid insulates and scratching.

  • Feeder Cable P Clamp
    Feeder Cable P Clamp

    From the name itself, feeder cable P clamps are mainly used to firmly hold the feeder cables. Also, it has extreme strength and weather-proof features.

  • Holder P Clamps
    Holder P Clamps

    Holder P clamps secure hoses and feeder cables in order. Plus, these are also used to keep the equipment, machines, and vehicles operating. Its size are depending on your specification.

  • loaded tube P clamp
    Loaded Tube P Clamp

    This type of aluminum clamp is located over the hose or tube end. It is used to pull the band, initiating the band to reinforce over the hose. However, it has a standard silver color.

  • quick locking pipe P clamp
    Quick Locking Pipe P Clamp

    The quick locking pipe P clamps are used in all directions of industrial, outdoor, and household sites. These are very clean and efficient ways to lock conduit or tubing.

  • sample Machinery P Clamp
    Sample Machinery P Clamp

    Different designs of sample machinery P clamp are available here in the HengMing factory. These are very adaptable ways to clamp hoses and cables on establishment machines.

  • Renewal Machinery P Clamp
    Renewal Machinery P Clamp

    The renewal machinery P clamp is the most robust, versatile, and user-friendly P clamp. These are mostly used for fixing hoses, wires, cables, and pipes on any setting.

  • metal P rubber lined hose clamp
    Metal P Rubber Lined Hose Clamp

    Your brand name can be printed on our metal P rubber lined hose clamp by silk screen printing. It is a pollution-free and user-friendly product.

  • Diameter Tube Clip Hose P Clamp
    Diameter Tube Clip Hose P Clamp

    Our diameter tube clip hose P clamps offer long service life, durability, easy to use, and insulation. These are also efficient for fastening brake pipes, wiring, and fuel lines.

HM Aluminum P-Clamp Designs

HM can produce all types of aluminum p-clamps from 6061-T6 alloy. It includes a rubber-coated hose p-clamp, feeder cable p-clamp, holder p-clamps, loaded tube p-clamp, quick locking pipe p-clamp, and more.

We supply these products in all inner diameter sizes such as 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 11.1mm, 12.7mm, 23.8mm, etc. You can request custom diameter, thicknesses, and surface treatment. All products are RoHS and SGS certified. HM has an excellent design team with extensive experience and dedication to your success.

HM Aluminum P-Clamp
HM Aluminum P-Clamps

HM Aluminum P-Clamp Production

HM uses sophisticated 100+ CNC machines in aluminum p-clamp production. Aluminum P- clamp can be produced from rolling, forming, mounting plate, forging, and cutting processes. HM ensures in-house CNC machining capabilities to guarantee high-precision and low-cost production.

Moreover, the aluminum P-clamp can be finished with anodizing, polishing, oxidation, and other surface treatments for extended service life and great appearance. It is available in all colors such as blue, red, black, silver, etc. based on your request.

HM Aluminum P-Clamp Applications

Due to its flexibility and stable performance, our range of aluminum P-clamps is used in various industries. It can be utilized in the automotive, renewable energy sector, defense and railway industry, caravan construction, electronics, digital information systems, etc.

These products provide the cable or pipe with a high degree of protection against vibration. HM aluminum P-clamp also helps reduce noise and provides electrical isolation. You can trust HM for custom aluminum P-clamp production to meet your specific applications.

HM Aluminum P-Clamp Applications
Why HM Aluminum P-Clamps

Why HM Aluminum P-Clamp

At HM, we strive to supply newly improved, and excellent quality aluminum P-clamps. With 20+ years of manufacturing experience, we become experts and professionals in this industry. We use high-technology machines and techniques to manufacture products that fit your needs.

Our quality control process ensures 100% no-defect, guaranteed products. We do sample inspection during production, dimension inspection, finished product inspection, etc.

You can receive the most user-friendly, reusable, high-strength, and robust aluminum P-Clamp for fastening and fixing cables at HM. For maintenance, with HM aluminum P-clamps, cables and wires can be replaced with ease.

Custom aluminum P-clamps with HM.


HM Aluminum P-Clamps Production
HM Aluminum P-Clamps Manufacturing

Secure Pipe or Cable Fixation

HM aluminum P-clamps lock cables and hoses in place. This product fastened securely and bracket wires, cables, or hoses together mechanically. It is easy to install and maintain.

High-Strength and Sturdy Design

You can get aluminum P-clamps with sturdy and high-strength construction that can be used for a long time. It can be pre-install before you close it and can be re-open for maintenance. It is a huge advantage for maintenance engineers if cable or wires need to change to fit new connection points.


HM uses corrosion-resistant aluminum grade in producing aluminum p-clamp. It doesn’t degrade due to oxidation caused by iron and oxygen. Also, the aluminum oxidation process also makes aluminum more corrosion-free.

Wide Range of Applications

HM aluminum p-clamp is suitable for high-temperature applications. It is also ideal for applications that need the strength of metal components. HM manufacture aluminum p-clamp based on your purposes, so don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Custom Aluminum P-Clamps

If you have a custom aluminum p-clamp request for your business, settle with HM to have functional and top-notch products. We will help you from product initial design until the packaging and delivery of your orders.

Quality Checking
How are Aluminum P Clamps Produced?

Aluminum P Clamps

The aluminum p clamp is made from premium and strong aluminum materials.

It can be formed from billet, aluminum alloy, or natural aluminum materials.

In addition, the aluminum P clamp can be formed mechanically.

They can be produced from different processing methods.

Producing an aluminum P clamp requires different manufacturing tools, machines, and equipment.

The aluminum P clamp can be produced from forming, rolling, forging, mounting plate, and cutting procedures.

Moreover, the aluminum P clamp can be finished with coating, polishing, and other surface treatment.

What are the Standard Specifications of an Aluminum P Clamp?

The aluminum P clamp comes with different specifications.

The standard materials for this element are aluminum alloy materials.

Additionally, the aluminum clamp can operate from 20 up to 80 degrees celsius working temperature.

The aluminum P clamp must be certified with RoHS ensuring the best quality and product performance.

This clamp has different thicknesses, from 3mm to 15mm. An aluminum P clamp is available in different hole sizes and other measurements.

They can meet different specifications and demands depending on the customer’s requests.

What is an Aluminum P Clamp Used For?

The aluminum P clamp is applicable for different applications and purposes.

The aluminum p clamp is originated for camping and holding some components.

They are popular in different sectors and industries. The aluminum P clams are usually attached to vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, and other machines.

An aluminum p clamp is necessary to ensure all machines, vehicles, and other engines will operate smoothly and safely.

Moreover, the aluminum p clamps can hold components indeed and securely.

It also gives a better tightened and avoid loosening the other elements.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum P Clamp?

There are various benefits and advantages to using an aluminum P clamp.

These include:

  1. The aluminum P clamps offer ease of installation.
  2. This element can be opened easily at any time for performing some maintenance.
  3. They have durable structures and professional appearances.
  4. Aluminum P clamp can handle low and high operating temperatures.
  5. It can resist corrosion that enhances its durability and sturdiness.
  6. The aluminum P clamp can be shipped and sealed securely.
  7. It is made from the highest quality and finest raw materials.
  8. The aluminum P clamp features a salt-resistant, anti-rust, and waterproof.
How to Choose the Right Aluminum P Clamp for Your Business?

Professional Aluminum P Clamps

Selecting the aluminum P clamp is a critical level and important decision.

Choosing the right aluminum p clamp will greatly affect your business and production.

There are many things to consider in selecting an aluminum P clamp.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect aluminum P clamp:

  1. Determine your customer’s needs and want.
  2. Check for the product quality, including the material’s rate and appearance quality.
  3. Consider the different specifications, such as the sizes, designs, and styles.
  4. Think about its installation.
  5. Consider your estimated budget without compromising the product’s quality.


How Much Does the Aluminum P Clamp Cost?

An aluminum P clamp is an economical product than the other clamps materials.

Since the aluminum P clamp is composed of non-expensive and economical materials, it is usually offered at an interesting and convincing price.

However, the aluminum P clamp’s prices will rely on its sizes and designs.

The estimated price of the aluminum P clam is $34 and more. It still depends on its quantity.

Usually, the aluminum P clamp is affordable when you order them as bulk or wholesale orders.

The aluminum P clamp’s cost will be based on their customization and other details.

There are additional costs for shipping and other additional charges.


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