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HM is one of the leading aluminum gear suppliers in China. 

We manufacture custom aluminum gears in precision, commercial, metric, racing, and other configurations. Just tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with everything. 

HM, Your Professional CNC Aluminum Gears Manufacturer

Aluminum gears are rotating machine parts used to transmit rotational motion and torque. A gear is made up of a flat disc with protruding teeth, or cogs. When one gear is larger than the other, the torque, rotational speed, and direction of rotation can be enhanced. 

HM manufactures aluminum gears for all applications; we offer standard and custom metric gears. You can choose from a variety of styles and configurations, including pinion gears and shafts, spur gears, helical gears, gear racks, worms and worm wheel gears, bevel gears, and technical gears.

Our 24/7 customer support and experienced R&D staff will help you develop the right design to achieve the target mechanical functions. 

Aluminum Gears Series

  • steel forged gears
    Steel Forged Gears

    Steel forged gears feature thermal wear resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. It is also ideal for commercial, automotive, and industrial applications.

  • Aluminum Toy Wheel Gear
    Aluminum Toy Wheel Gear

    Aluminum toy wheel gear features high strength, ease to install, sturdiness, and high durability. It is ideal for construction toys, remote control toys, helicopter toys, and more applications.

  • High precision gear
    High Precision Gear

    High precision gears include worm gears, spurs, and helical. Each type of high precision gear is widely used for increasing and reducing speed. All precision gears are high-quality and durable.

  • Metal Spur Gears
    Metal Spur Gears

    Metal spur gears are broadly used for gear reductions. It features straight teeth that are mounted in parallel on different shafts. Metal spur gears are cost-effective and offer 99% efficacy.

  • small worm spur gears
    Small Worm Spur Gears

    Small worm spur gears are specifically designed to turn the gear. It features a shallow angle. Due to friction, the gear is held in place and can function accordingly.

  • Stainless Steel Gear
    Stainless Steel Gear

    Stainless steel gears are mostly made from 304 stainless steel materials. Stainless steel gears include miter gears, worms, identifiers, and more. Mostly, stainless steel gears are used for heavy-duty applications.

  • Hobbing Machine Helical Gear
    Hobbing Machine Helical Gear

    Hobbing machine helical gear offers smooth and quiet operation. It is mostly used for transmission applications. It can provide a huge thrust amount to support thrust load.

  • High Precision Customized Metal Gear
    High Precision Customized Metal Gear

    We offer high-precision customized metal gear at an affordable price. It is custom-made based on your specifications. Metal gears feature stronger and thicker teeth for high performance.

  • Heat Resistant Accessories Barbecue Frame Gear
    Heat Resistant Accessories Barbecue Frame Gear

    Heat resistant accessories barbeque frame gears are made from aluminum materials. It is guaranteed reliable and durable. It is easy to install and suitable for automatic revolving barbeque frames.

Custom Aluminum Gears Design

There are many different types of aluminum gears. For the design of gears, you have to determine the diameter, tooth shape, pitch, number of teeth, amount of profile shift, the choice for kind of tooth surface finish, amount of backlash, bore shape, helix angle, helix direction, method of mounting on the shaft, precision class, and more. The main types include:

  • Aluminum Spur Gear
  • Aluminum Helical Gear
  • Aluminum Bevel Gear
  • Aluminum Screw Gear
  • Aluminum Worm Gear
  • Aluminum Ring and Pinion Gear

Some less common types include internal gears, planetary gears, ratchet gears, sector gears, splines, and sprockets. 

Custom Aluminum Gears Design
Aluminum Gears Production

Aluminum Gears Production

Aluminum gears can be manufactured by a variety of processes, including casting, forging, extrusion, powder metallurgy, and blanking. HM specializes in die-casting and CNC machining—the most optimal processes of manufacturing. 

Both gears generating and gear form-cutting are done with extreme precision with a tolerance of 0.002um. Our CNC milling and turning machines guarantee the perfect aluminum gear fit. 

We also apply surface treatments to enhance the durability and appearance of your custom aluminum gears.

Aluminum Gears Application

Different gear types are used for different applications. For example, aluminum worm gears are used in instruments and steering systems. 

Spur gears are used in household appliances, power plants, and aerospace applications. Bevel gears are great for automobiles, pumps, and power plants. Helical gears are commonly found in heavy-duty applications and transmission systems. Rack and pinion gears are used in material handling and transfer systems, as well as in trains. 

Aluminum Gears Application
Why Choose HM Aluminum Gears

Why Choose HM Aluminum Gears

As a leading expert aluminum gears supplier in China, HM offers high quality and performance, innovative design, and dedication to your success. 

With 20 years of experience, HM has acquired various certifications, material verifications, and developed meticulous quality control practices. You can be sure of the reliability of our aluminum gears. Highly advanced computer equipment enables HM experts to calculate, measure, and produce every detail required in customer specifications. 

We have 100 sets of precision CNC machinery, allowing us to supply 5 million parts per year. Our database of molds and designs increases by 100 monthly. HM values trust, durability, and quality. 

Choose us today!


Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications


Custom Alloys

Being one of the leading aluminum gears manufacturers in China, HM works with many custom alloys like: 

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052

The common aluminum alloys used to supply gears include 2024, 6061, and 7075. 

Metric Gear Measurements

You can specify your requirements in either metric or imperial measurements—our professionals will understand and help you. Whether you are more used to millimeters or inches, our aluminum gears will be as precise as possible. 

Precision Gears

HM high-precision CNC machinery is capable of producing small spur gears with detailed teeth, undercuts, pitches, and more. We can also laser-engrave your logo or specifications on the aluminum gear. No matter how small or complex your design is, we will deliver the best products.

Surface Treatments 

We offer secondary manufacturing operations like anodizing, various plating, polishing, sandblasting, colored powder coating, and more. All this is to improve aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, durability, and appearance. 

Quality Checking
What are Aluminum Gears' Purposes?

Aluminum GearsAluminum Gears

A gear is a straightforward machine used to change the amount or direction.

Their teeth put gears together to make a gear train called cogs. It makes it possible to move things around.

These gear trains can transport energy from one system component to another.

Bicycles, vehicles, electric screwdrivers, and other everyday machinery use gears and gear trains.

What Characteristics Do Aluminum Gears Possess?

Aluminum Gears CharacteristicsAluminum Gears Characteristics

Aluminum is a metal like steel, brass, copper, zinc, lead.

It can be melted, cast, molded, and machined like metals.

The aluminum properties are the following: 

  • Lightweight- Aluminum has a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3, about a third of steel.
  • Anti-corrosive- Aluminum naturally forms a thin oxide coating that protects it from further exposure.
  • Conductivity- Aluminum conducts heat and electricity twice as well as copper.
  • Reflectivity- Aluminum is a good heat and light reflector. Therefore it’s ideal for light fixtures and emergency blankets. Cool metal roofs can minimize internal solar heat by up to 95%.
  • Malleable- It can be melted and treated in numerous ways. Due to its flexibility, it can manufacture goods after the design process.
  • Low-Temperature Strength- Aluminum gains tensile strength instead of fragile steel.

It coats the surface, protecting it. Less pricey than carbon steel, aluminum alloys cost more. They are easy to machine, therefore balancing the material cost rise.

Where is the Aluminum Gear Used?

They are toothed mechanical components that transfer motion and power between machine parts.

Mechanical devices like clocks, instruments, and equipment use gears to convey motion and power, whereas motorized devices like cars and machinery use them to decrease speed and torque.

More of aluminum gear application:

What are the Different Types of Aluminum Gear?

Different Types of Aluminum GearDifferent Types of Aluminum Gear

A gearbox decreases the engine’s speed and reverses the direction of the revolving shafts.

Connexions between the equipment and the gearbox include couplings, chains, and hollow shafts.

When power is constant, speed and torque are inversed. Torque increases as speed decreases.

Gears transmit power in pairs.

These are the many types of aluminum gear:

Spur Gear

  • Parallel shafts drive spur gears.
  • Spur gears are hub or shaft mounted.
  • Unlike helical gears, spur gears only have one contact line between teeth.
  • The teeth roll through the mesh, away from one tooth and toward the next.
  • Asymmetrical gears have fewer teeth in contact and thus more torque.

Helical Gear

  • Unlike spur gears, helical gears’ teeth face the shaft.
  • Because more teeth touch during rotation, helical gears can handle a higher load.
  • Inner gear drives use helical gearing to provide thrust demand.

Double Helical Gear

  • Double helical gears have two helical faces adjacent, separated by a gap.
  • Each face has the same helix angles.
  • It also provides for improved operating of double helical gears.

Herringbone Gear

  • They are like double-helical gears but without the gap.
  • These gears are appropriate for applications requiring strong shock and vibration.
  • Manufacturing challenges and high costs make herringbone gearing uncommon.

Bevel Gear

  • These gears are commonly used to transfer power between shafts.
  • They are typical in right-angle gear drives. Parallel shafts can transmit greater torque per size than bevel gears.

Worm Gear

  • Right-angled worm gears drive non-intersecting shafts.
  • However, worm gears are inefficient compared to other gear types.
  • So it uses a lower horsepower application.

Hypoid Gear

  • They work like spiral bevel gears but on non-intersecting shafts.
  • Bearings support the shafts at both ends since the pinion is on a different plane than the gear.
What is the Specification of Aluminum Gear?

Gears convey rotating motion by teeth meshing.

Gears are typical for speed reduction, high torque, and positioning devices.

The radius and number of teeth of the gear are crucial parameters.

The gears’ gear size, design, and shape vary to meet various industrial needs.


  • Hobbing
  • Broaching
  • Shaping
  • Milling
  • Forging


  • Acd12, 
  • A380, 
  • ZLD104, 
  • Al 6061, 
  • Al 6082, 
  • Al 6063, 
  • Al 075

Heat treatment:

  • Quenching
  • Tempering
  • Carburizing

Surface treatment:

  • Zinc-plated, 
  • Chrome plated, 
  • Black oxide, 
  • Galvanizing


  • m = 0.5 to m = 8, Z≥6
  • 10mm≤ D≤500mm

We can customize aluminum gear to meet your specific needs.

We always conduct pre-production samples and always do a final inspection.

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