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HM offers aluminum cylinder blocks for various engine applications such as vehicles.

All types of aluminum cylinder blocks are produced in a variety of applications, sizes, finishes, and more such as powder coating, anodizing, and bright dipping.

We offer custom aluminum cylinder blocks to meet different engine’s central components.

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HM, Your One-stop Aluminum Cylinder Block Solution

HM aluminum cylinder block is maintaining the stability of the engine and withstand a variety of temperature. It has lower wearing qualities and improves the performance life.

The aluminum cylinder blocks are the central components or the heart of any type of engine. It contains a number of oil galleries and water galleries that maintain the lubrication of an engine. The oil galleries maintain the critical component lubrication while the water galleries maintain the operating temperature while providing cooling to all types of engines.

We offer full capabilities in CNC machining, die casting, and secondary operations like surface treatment for aluminum cylinder blocks.

Aluminum cylinder blocks have a variety of finishes that offers complete options including sizes and shapes. Aluminum has great customizability which has a big advantage for cylinder blocks.

We offer strict quality control to produce aluminum cylinder block high-quality performance. It allows to enclosed the crankshaft, the piston, and connecting rods which support the automobile engine’s main components.

HM is a one-stop supplier that offers full production and custom designs.

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Aluminum Cylinder Block Series



  • aluminum big bore complete cylinder block
    Aluminum Big Bore Complete Cylinder Block

    Aluminum big bore complete cylinder block features high performance. It is made from aluminum and steel materials. It offers 63mm up to 66mm bore.


  • Aluminum Motorcycle Block Cylinder
    Aluminum Motorcycle Block Cylinder

    Aluminum motorcycle block cylinder has 49mm diameter and 94mm total length. It is available in silver or black color.


  • Custom Cast Aluminum Engine Cylinder Block
    Custom Cast Aluminum Engine Cylinder Block

    Custom cast aluminum engine cylinder block weighs 0.05kg up to 20kg. It is made from materials such as ZL101, A356, AlSi7Mg, or as required by the client.


  • high pressure die casting cylinder blocks
    High Pressure Die Casting Cylinder Blocks

    High pressure die casting cylinder blocks are usually made from aluminum materials. It is an ideal solution for highly efficient passenger car in-line engines.


  • Honda aluminum cylinder block
    Honda Aluminum Cylinder Block

    Honda aluminum cylinder block has 62.5mm bore diameter and 69mm effective height. It is usually produced using boron iron cast and aluminum alloy.


  • Manufacture engine Cylinder block
    Manufacture Engine Cylinder Block

    We manufacture engine cylinder block that holds all the other engine components. It features threaded holes and appropriate machined surfaces.


  • Motorcycle Spare Parts Cylinder Block
    Motorcycle Spare Parts Cylinder Block

    Motorcycle spare part cylinder block offers high-quality, durability, high-performance, and long-lasting useability. It is widely used for automotive and automobile applications.


  • aluminum alloy casting motorcycle cylinder block
    Aluminum Alloy Casting Motorcycle Cylinder Block

    Aluminum alloy casting motorcycle cylinder blocks are made from A380, ADC12, 6061, and more materials. It is produced using casting, forging, machining, and other manufacturing process.


  • Customization Cast 4BT diesel engine aluminum cylinder block
    Customization Cast 4BT Diesel Engine Aluminum Cylinder Block

    These are made from high-quality cast iron, steel iron, and aluminum. It is widely used for mechanical parts, marine parts, and industrial parts.


Custom Aluminum Cylinder Block

HM can provide all types of aluminum cylinder blocks such as V engine cylinder, Inline engine cylinder, and boxer engine cylinder. It is customized according to the engine configuration. It plays the engine’s lubrication and stability to prevent shortcomings.

As your one-stop supplier, we can offer customized solutions and handle different processes to custom aluminum cylinder blocks finish, color, and dimensions. Hm can provide secondary processes including custom surface finish such as anodizing, powder coating, and more.


Custom Aluminum Cylinder Block
Aluminum Cylinder Block Advantages

Aluminum Cylinder Block Advantages

Aluminum cylinder blocks are a support structure to all types of engines which ensures their alignment. Here are aluminum cylinder block advantages:

  •         Lighter: It is lighter than iron blocks. Reduces excessive wear and less stress to tires and brakes to stop
  •         Simpler to repair
  •         Superior heat dissipation: Extend the engine block life that prevents overheating
  •         The aluminum cylinder block is durable because it offers excellent corrosion resistance

You can request your ideal specifications of aluminum cylinder blocks. HM can offer different CNC processes for your aluminum cylinder blocks such as milling, drilling, grinding, turning, and another secondary process such as surface treatment.


Aluminum Cylinder Block Function

HM aluminum cylinder block is the major component that serves different purposes such as:

·         Enclosed the connecting rod, crankshaft, and the piston

·         It supports the compressor, manifold, and alternator components

·         It features an oil pump, pan, and filters

·         Support cooling circuit

Aluminum cylinder parts have major parts such as head, cover, engine block, and oil pan. Custom aluminum cylinder blocks at HM!

We produced high-precision aluminum cylinder blocks using advances and a complete set of CNC machines and equipment. HM CNC machining process and capabilities are used to produce different aluminum cylinder block options such as dimensions.


Aluminum Cylinder Block Function
Why HM Aluminum Cylinder Block

Why HM Aluminum Cylinder Block

We supply a great range of aluminum cylinder blocks that fit different requirements. It offers various advantages and features for safety and quality performance. HM made it resistant to corrosion, lightweight but strong, ductile, and malleable. We ensure to provide safe operations and smooth performance to all types of engines.

We have great experience in providing superior aluminum cylinder blocks using our CNC machines and advanced machines. HM offers custom CNC aluminum cylinder blocks using advanced CNC machining. We ensure to provide high precision products through our excellent R&D services, strict quality control, and 24/7 online support.



Aluminum Cylinder Block Features
Aluminum Cylinder Block Features

We assure to provide aluminum cylinder block at great performance and highest-quality yet friendly cost.


Aluminum cylinder blocks are easier to machine-like drilling, grinding, milling, and turning. Easier to custom in ideal sizes, cut, and process 3x to 4x faster than other metals.


HM is dedicated to your success by ensuring the quality of aluminum cylinder blocks. Here are different aluminum cylinder block properties:

Physical Properties

It is the observable form and structure of aluminum cylinder blocks. The physical properties have different color and state options. it is solid, non-lustrous, and silvery-white. The structure has face-centered to the melting point.

It has a highly reflective surface and pure aluminum hardness. Aluminum cylinder blocks have perfect ductility and malleability and are capable to bent and shaping. Low density compares to other metals.

Chemical Properties

The aluminum cylinder block has different chemical properties that include occurrence, oxidation, pyrophoric, reactivity with water, alkalis, acids, and more.

HM aluminum cylinder block is suitable for different kinds of applications like vehicles. It provides safety operations and performance.

Mechanical Properties

The aluminum cylinder block mechanical properties have great strength in shear, fatigue, bearing, tensile, and yield.

Fatigue Strength

The aluminum cylinder block has great strength favorable for automotive industries. It allows a number of cycles without breaking.  

It has great performance in low temperatures that retains the softness.

Corrosion Resistance

HM aluminum cylinder block has great corrosion resistance. It enhances the aluminum cylinder block properties by anodizing.

We can ensure that the aluminum cylinder block produced can meet your special requirements. We are certified by international standards such as ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001, and more.

Anodisation Potential

The anodization potential is a procedure that has higher wear and corrosion resistance. This is a surface finish that adds the color easier to achieve in aluminum.

At HM, we provide custom aluminum cylinder blocks based on your ideal specifications from materials, designs, and surface treatments. 




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What is Aluminum Cylinder Block?

The aluminum cylinder block is an internal combustion engine’s part. It is being disposed of between the crankcase and the cylinder head. Aluminum cylinder blocks are the whole engine’s support structure. The parts of the motor are mounted itself or on the engine block that ensures its alignment.


Iron or Aluminum: Which Material is Best for Cylinder Block?

A construction material, aluminum, is less strong compared to cast iron. A long time ago, it was thought that aluminum cylinder block is much thicker than iron. However, it was discovered that a well-constructed aluminum cylinder block is almost as sturdy as an iron block.

Typically, using cast aluminum alloys give a reduction of 40 to 55% than the previously applied iron cylinder. Aluminum alloys have a higher cost than gray cast iron. Despite its cost, it reduces fuel consumption resulting in a permanent increase in the aluminum cylinder block proportion.


What is the Primary Use of Aluminum Cylinder Block?

In the late 1970, aluminum cylinder blocks is used in gasoline engines. In 2005, the demand for aluminum cylinder blocks reaches 50%. Up to now, it is essential in all gasoline and diesel engines.


What Are the Requirements of Aluminum Cylinder Block?

There are various requirements for aluminum cylinder block, such as:

Thermal Conductivity

The material of the cylinder block needs to test the temperature exceeding 150-200 °C. The cast aluminum alloys’ thermal conductivity is three times higher compared to gray cast iron. It ensures the efficiency of engine cooling system transmission.

Strength at Elevated Temperatures

The desired strength of aluminum cylinder block preserves at above 200 °C temperature. The greatest stresses may happen in the bolted cylinder head. Therefore, the material should resist the load from thermal expansion and crankshaft rotation of the cylinder.

Hardness and Strength at Room Temperatures

The hardness and strength of aluminum alloy material provide high build quality and good stock removal.

Fatigue Strength

The engine cylinder block is put through cyclic tensile stress in various temperature ranges. This kind of interval starts with negative temperature during winter. It ends at about 150-200 oC of elevated temperature. That’s why the fatigue strength of the cylinder materials is an important characteristic.

It is popular that the characteristics of any metal casting materials, such as aluminum and iron depend on the heat treatment and composition material. It also depends on the casting space and casting method.


What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Aluminum Casting Alloy for Cylinder Block?

The aluminum alloy casting is the complex casting production of cylinder blocks. It should be in accordance with the technical requirements, such as:

  • Good machinability
  • Low cost
  • Good casting properties
  • High strength in elevated temperatures

There are various factors to consider when choosing aluminum casting alloy for cylinder block, it includes:


The strength of the alloy is determined by its level, such as the allowable wall thickness. Therefore, aluminum casting alloy should carry out at the first designing stage of the cylinder block.

The strength of the aluminum casting alloy is the most preferred choice. However, they can have a high cost, shortcomings, insufficient strength, and low castability at elevated temperatures.


Most of the automotive aluminum cylinder blocks are made from alloys for technical and price reasons. It is based on recycled aluminum uses like aluminum alloys from aluminum scrap. For example, alloys EN AC-45000 (AlSi6Cu4) and EN AC-46200 (AlSi8Cu3).

Casting Properties

Aluminum alloy castability is increased with silicon’s increasing content. On the other hand, high-temperature strength is achieved through additives copper. It has a negative effect on aluminum alloy castability.

Additionally, the alloy, when molding is applied under high pressure, is being used with some Mn and iron. As a result, it prevents molten aluminum from sticking to a steel mold. Also, the increasing content of iron decreases the aluminum casting strength properties.

Sometimes, casting properties and price are not only the factors when selecting cast alloy. Some of its properties, such as wear resistance are also important.


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