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HM is an OEM manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying custom aluminum casters worldwide.

Our aluminum casters are fabricated according to different industry standards such as ISO9001, ISO45001, etc.

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HM, Your One-Stop Aluminum Caster Manufacturer and Supplier

The aluminum casters are classified with different wheel diameters, load ratings, overall heights, and tread widths. It provides your tools mobility in various types of work environments.

HM aluminum casters include a mount and a wheel. It supports and maneuvers racks, dollies, carts, and other equipment easily. 

Depending on your application, HM provides aluminum rigid casters and aluminum swivel casters. We can customize aluminum casters to meet your different specifications.

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Aluminum Casters Series

  • Core Industrial Caster
    Core Industrial Caster

    The core industrial caster is used for logistic equipment, machinery, and industrial trolley. It is a wheel used in moving loads through carts.

  • Stainless Steel Furniture Caste
    Stainless Steel Furniture Caste

    This caster is used for marine trolley equipment, food service, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and material transfering.

  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Caster
    Heavy Duty Aluminium Caster

    Heavy duty aluminum caster is consists of a wheel and mount. It is used for easy controlling carts, rack equipment, and more.

  • industrial anti-spool casters
    Industrial Anti-Spool Casters

    The industrial anti-spool casters come in different colors, materials, wheel sizes, load capacities, pace widths, heights. It is widely used in warehouses.

  • SS european style aluminum pu caster
    SS European Style Aluminum Pu Caster

    This type of aluminum caster has high durability and strength. It is perfect for trolleys, rack equipment, and more equipment.

  • aluminium core PU wheel yellow zinc plating caster
    Aluminium Core PU Wheel Yellow Zinc Plating Caster

    This caster is applicable in -30℃ up to 80℃ temperature. It is zinc plated and customized tread color. It provides better rust and corrosive resistance.

  • Aluminum core Rubber wheel Industrial Caster
    Aluminum Wore Rubber Wheel Industrial Caster

    This is a type of undriven wheel that allows small or larger objects to be transferred. It is used for office chairs, shopping carts, hospital beds, and more.

  • black- with brake - m8 thread furniture caster
    Black- with Brake - M8 Thread Furniture Caster

    These come in all different materials, sizes, and configurations. Also, these are ideal for various environments, like medical, warehouses, etc.

  • Caster With Black Rubber Wheel
    Caster With Black Rubber Wheel

    The caster with a black rubber wheel is used to avoid flooring damage. It also has low noise properties, making it ideal for any industrial use.

Load Rating of Aluminum Casters

The aluminum caster integrates load rating to add overall capacity. For the capacity of load rating, each caster should constitute an incremental increase. It is essential for your applications. To calculate load rating, you can divide the load weight including the cart weight itself by caster’s number.

For safety, you can remove one aluminum caster and fractionate the load weight to get each load rating. Examine a higher safety characteristic for powered towing. Also, for outdoor use or an environment where the wheels might roll.

aluminum casters
Aluminum Caster Mount Type Option

Aluminum Caster Mount Type Option

HM provides different types of aluminum caster mount to meet your requirements. Depending on your application, we can custom the following mount types of aluminum caster:

Plate: mounts using bolts through the designated holes in the top of the plate.

Stem: it uses a stem as attaching device.

Bolt Hole: a standard bolt of the stemless caster is bolted to the equipment and inserted into the hole.

At HM, you can find precisely manufactured aluminum casters at a very reasonable rate. We can export our products to different countries around the world.

Aluminum Caster Application

HM aluminum caster is widely used for applications that are exposed to chemicals or water. Applications of aluminum caster include the following:

  •   Food Processing Equipment
  •   Food Service
  •   Hospitals
  •   Research Laboratories
  •   Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  •   Bakeries
  •   Schools
  •   Industrial

In addition, aluminum casters can be used for shopping carts, toy wagons, office chairs, hospital beds, material handling equipment, etc.

The aluminum caster is lightweight but has a high weight capacity. Depending on your use and floor type, HM supplies multiple tread durometers of aluminum casters. Also, we can provide crown treads and flat treads with various bearing options. Contact us if you need an application recommendation for expert advice.

Aluminum Caster Application
Wheel Types on Aluminum Caster

Wheel Types on Aluminum Caster

HM offers an aluminum caster with various types of wheels. Depending on your preferences, we can provide polyurethane, rubber, and pneumatic wheels.

The polyurethane wheels are suitable for indoor use, especially in dry environments and hard flooring. The rubber wheels are a softer wheel. It has 70A Shore hardness that makes them easier on flooring. The rubber wheels can withstand water and moisture.

Lastly, the pneumatic wheels are suitable for outdoor use, uneven flooring, or rough terrain. They can roll over obstructions and cushion the load.


High Weight Capacity

HM manufactures an aluminum caster with a high weight capacity. It makes the aluminum casters ideal for challenging applications like staging, aircraft ground support, and other outdoor uses.

Independent Suspension

An aluminum caster keeps both wheels on the cart, ground, or dolly level. It can help to reduce the risk of potential injuries or failure.

Lever-Operated Brake Mechanism

Hm manufactures a wide range of aluminum casters with a lever-operated brake mechanism. This feature is designed to lock the wheel.

Shock Absorption

The aluminum caster achieves shock reduction and reduces shimmy, resonance, and dynamic bounce. It utilizes 50% rated weight capacity of the caster.

Quality Checking
What are the Aluminum Casters Used For?

Aluminum Caster

The aluminum casters are mainly mounted or attached to bigger objects.

This aluminum caster authorizes the objects to have a better movement or rolling.

Moreover, the aluminum caster is typically attached for shopping carts, toy wagons, office or gaming chairs, hospital beds, furniture, and other materials that handle the equipment.

It is a useful device to carry objects easier.

They are popular in different public areas where you can find a moving structure.

Usually, the aluminum caster is used to manufacture different equipment and moving devices.

What are the Features of Aluminum Caster?

The aluminum casters have unique features, making them ideal in different applications.

The features of aluminum casters include:

  1. Lighter than other casters
  2. Achieves an aesthetic appeal
  3. Nonsparking
  4. Nonmagnetic
  5. Fully independent suspension
  6. Fully resist water and other chemicals
  7. Corrosion-resistance
What are the Parts of Aluminum Casters?

The aluminum caster is composed of different parts and components.

The aluminum casters have three essential parts, such as;

Top Plate

The top plate looks like a flat surface and usually has 4 screws. The 4 screws are typically used to attach the ideal equipment used for aluminum casters.


The aluminum caster’s fork holds the wheels and is connected to the plate. 


Wheel improves the aluminum caster’s performance. The wheel part allows the equipment or object to move or rotate.

Aside from the 3 basic parts, the aluminum casters have several components, including the following:

  • Kingpin Revit
  • Ball Bearings
  • Deuter Raceway
  • Axle Bolt
  • Top Nut
  • Axle nut
Why Are Aluminum Casters are Better than Stainless Steel Casters?

An aluminum caster brings a lot of advantages over a stainless steel caster.

The aluminum casters are lightweight yet strong devices.

In addition, the aluminum caster is originated with attractive aluminum materials.

They can sustain in different temperature situations and different floor surfaces.

The aluminum casters are excellent for gas mileage, aesthetics, and performance.

Aluminum casters offer reliable corrosion, crack, and impact resistance, making them better than other caster devices.

The aluminum caster is much more affordable than stainless steel casters when it comes to cost.

In short, an aluminum caster is an ideal option for cost, appearance, and durability.

What Aspects of Aluminum Casters Can Be Customized?

The aluminum caster can be custom-made with different specifications.

Ordering or choosing the right customization for an aluminum caster is very important. This can affect your upcoming business and jobs.

Here are the different aluminum caster’s aspects that can be customized:

  1. Bearings – Based on your desire for rolling performance, you can freely choose the desired bearing for the aluminum caster’s wheels.
  2. Wheel Type – The wheels of the aluminum caster devices come in different features, such as noise reduction, floor protection, and non-marking treads. The aluminum caster’s wheels can be customized according to customers’ desires.
  3. Load Capacity – Aluminum casters come in a different capacity. It depends on the equipment and cargo. Customers can request an aluminum caster with suitable and right load capacity according to their particular needs.
  4. Size – Specify the exact dimension and sizes of each aluminum caster’s parts. It includes the size of the wheel, bearing, and overall measurements.
  5. Parts and Accessories – An aluminum caster with additional accessories and components can be added. It can be custom with brake options, floor locks, swivel locks, turntable adjustments, and more.
What are the Different Styles of Aluminum Casters?

These are the different styles of aluminum casters:

Aluminum Single Wheel Caster

The aluminum single-wheel caster has a vintage look. It consists of one or single wheel. This style of the aluminum caster is ideal for medium-duty applications. 

Aluminum Soft Roll Caster

The aluminum soft roll caster provides a smooth ride perfect for wheelchairs, hospitals bed, and other devices. It is a remarkable caster due to its gift rolls.

Spoked Aluminum Caster

A spoked aluminum caster has a stylish appearance and reliable function. It comes in different sizes and load capacities. The spoked aluminum caster is designed for ruggedizing and dependable operation.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Caster

The heavy-duty aluminum caster is designed with elastic and functional wheels. The heavy-duty aluminum caster provides a desirable rollability, making them great for any heavy-duty or rigid applications. It is perfect for attaching to different heavy structures and equipment.

Aluminum Double Wheel Caster

An aluminum double wheel caster has a strong and great capability to carry heavy devices. It is consisted of double wheels, making them very robust. This style of aluminum caster can enhance or improve the structure’s rotating capability.

How to Choose Aluminum Casters?

Aluminum Caster Design


Choosing the right aluminum casters is very important to have great sales in your business and catch customers’ best impression.

There are many factors to consider in selecting a perfect aluminum caster. 

These include:

Load Capacity

It should be best if you choose the aluminum caster with an efficient load capacity. The aluminum caster with great load capacity can handle heavy-duty applications. Your shoppers will be love to use aluminum casters with superb ability.


Agility is very important to consider in choosing an aluminum caster. You can select a durable, flexible, and accessible aluminum caster, ensuring the best agility. 

Moving Speed

The standard speed of an aluminum caster is 4KMH and lower. If the aluminum caster has a normal moving speed, it can be definitely moved during the working time. The normal speed of aluminum caster is great for smooth floor and normal temperature.

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