Aluminum Bung Fittings Manufacturer

HM is a leading manufacturer of aluminum bung fittings from China. These are meticulously produced and welded.

Our range of aluminum bung fittings comes in all sorts of non-standard sizes based on your requests. We supply AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10 male weld-on bung fittings, NPT bung weld adapter fittings for an oil cooler, braking, turbocharger, and more.

HM, Your Leading Aluminum Bung Fittings Supplier

Aluminum bung fittings are a vital component of engine and vehicle fluid systems. It is a strong connector with male or female thread. Our series of bung fittings are made from heavy-duty aluminum materials. These are added to a custom metal vehicle and engine components for high-performance and racing applications.

HM aluminum bung fittings provide a leak-free connection. It allows an adapter, threaded fitting, or hose to join to provide excellent fluid or airflow movement. Our range of aluminum bung fittings is durable, high-strength, and precisely manufactured.

As a professional manufacturer in China, HM is dedicated to providing premium quality aluminum bung fittings in various sizes and uses. It is a CNC-machined from solid aluminum and is ideal for valve covers, oil or fuel tanks, manifolds, radiators, and rear axle housings. Contact HM now for your custom requirements!

Aluminum Bung Fittings Series

  • Aluminum Weld On Bung fittings
    Aluminum Weld On Bung Fittings

    These are CNC-machined from aluminum materials. It features a universal fit and is greatly used for valve covers, rear axle housings, radiators, fuel tanks, manifolds, and more.

  • Aluminum Weld On Fittings Welded Bung fittings
    Aluminum Weld On Fittings Welded Bung Fittings

    It is manufactured using lightweight CNC machined billet 6061-T6 aluminum material. These are widely used for attaching AN lines to locations that don’t have AN flare.

  • AN12 Aluminum male weld on bung fittings
    AN12 Aluminum Male Weld on Bung Fittings

    AN12 aluminum male weld-on bung fittings are guaranteed to fit AN12 hose fittings. It features a machined lip for locating the bung into the hole before welding.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Aluminum bung fittings
    Custom Stainless Steel Aluminum Bung Fittings

    These are precisely CNC machined with leak-free properties. It also features a polished finish surface with AN-2 male thread. It can be customized based on customers’ specifications.

  • Right Hand Weld-In Threaded Bung fittings
    Right Hand Weld-In Threaded Bung Fittings

    Right-hand weld-in threaded bung fittings feature mushroom head shape for easy butting up. It is ideal for welding into tubes for creating compression struts, ladder bars, and more.

  • aluminum mild steel stepped tapered weld bung fittings
    Aluminum Mild Steel Stepped Tapered Weld Bung Fittings

    It has a size that ranges from AN3 up to AN20. These are made from lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy and mild steel. It is widely used for water, gas, oil, and fuel.

  • customized aluminum stainless steel NPT bung fittings
    Customized Aluminum Stainless Steel NPT Bung Fittings

    It is widely used for oil, gas, air, and steam pipe connection. It features equal and reducing shapes, male and female connections, and galvanized surfaces. It is also customizable based on customers’ requirements.

HM Aluminum Bung Fittings Designs and Materials

HM can produce all types of aluminum bung fittings such as aluminum weld on bung fittings, NPT bung fittings, weld-in threaded bung fittings, etc. All our aluminum bung fittings are certified to ASTM, REACH, RoHS, etc.

HM works with different aluminum grade in bung fittings production.  It includes but not limited to:

  • Al 6063
  • Acd12
  • Al 6061
  • ZLD104
  • A380
  • Al 6082
  • Al 075 etc.
Aluminum Bung Fitting Design
Aluminum Bung Fitting Production

HM Aluminum Bung Fittings Production

HM have a wide range of production capabilities to produced aluminum bung fittings. We can do TIG welding, MIG welding, and more. We have rich experience in CNC machining, die casting, surface treatment fittings. Our 6S factory management system company supports low-volume manufacturing and mass production. You can guarantee efficient production at HM at a very cost-effective rate.

Furthermore, our series of aluminum bung fittings undergo strict quality control and inspection. Our skilled 200 factory employees and 20 R&D engineers mastered the manufacturing process and promise 100% quality aluminum bung fittings.

HM Aluminum Bung Fittings Applications

HM aluminum bung fittings are utilized on fluid containers such as gas tanks and oil bags. These are used to connect flexible hoses and rigid metal tubing that carry fluid. It also provides a leak-free metal connection for any vehicle’s and engine’s parts. It includes the transmission fluid, coolant, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, vacuum lines, and more. These fittings can be made in a variety of sizes depending on thread size to suit your needs.

HM, custom aluminum bung fittings for any applications. Our series is easy to install and offers ease in adaptability, upgradability, and durability.

Aluminum Bung Fitting Applications
HM Aluminum Bung Fitting

Why Choose HM Aluminum Bung Fittings

HM carries the most extensive line of aluminum bung fittings. We have engaged in this industry for more than 20 years. Through high-precision CNC machines, and sophisticated techniques, HM can manufacture superior quality fittings for your projects. We are serving over 1000+ clients and received good feedback. We are certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and more.

HM aluminum bung fittings are available in different sizes and designs to meet the end application requirements. You can avail of bung fittings in anodized red, black, blue, or polished aluminum surface treatment. These treatments ensure improved corrosion resistance, durability, and performance. Message HM now to custom aluminum bung fittings for your specific projects.

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Aluminum Bung Fitting Techniques
Aluminum Bung Fittings


HM use a high degree of resistance to corrosion aluminum material in aluminum bung fittings production. It has also a great range of mechanical properties and good workability in annealed conditions.

High-Quality Aluminum Material

HM source premium quality aluminum materials to fulfill your unique requirements. We work with various aluminum grades with excellent weldability, high tensile properties, and excellent finishing characteristics. It includes AL 6061, AL 6063, AL 7075, etc. It can be easily formed into intricate shapes.

Custom Options

To satisfy your needs, our team of experts offers full customization of your specific aluminum bung fitting requirements. You can request custom sizes, styles, surface treatments, hole diameter, thread, head code, color, applications, as well as the logo and packaging.

Surface Treatment

A variety of finishing options are accessible for aluminum bung fitting. We can do sandblasting, anodizing, polishing, zinc plating, chrome plating, powder coating, painting, grinding, Lasing engraving, and more. These will enhance durability and strength.

Quality Checking
What is Aluminum Bung Fitting?

An aluminum bung fitting is also known as pipe thread. It allows the piping connection to be worked to a tank. The aluminum bung fitting has a hole that is cut in the tank so the fitting body will be inserted. It also has a locknut thread to hold in a place. The locknut makes a liquid-tight seal because it puts pressure on the gasket.

Additionally, aluminum bung fitting is available in males and females to suit different applications.

What is Aluminum Bung Fitting for?

The aluminum bung fitting is CNC-machined from aluminum. This premium quality bung fitting is functional for different uses, such as:

  • Oil or fuel tanks
  • Radiators
  • Valve covers
  • Manifolds
  • Rear-axle housings

Additionally, the aluminum bung fitting allows customizing your vehicle. They are suitable for constructing a custom exhaust system.

What is the Available Style, Surface Finish and Color of Aluminum Bung Fittings?

The aluminum bung fitting can be available in many styles, including Female, Male, threaded, and barb. There are various colors available for aluminum bung fittings such as black, titanium, or customize. You are also opted for different surface finishes, including anodized, natural, polished, or customize.

What is the Ideal Size of Aluminum Bung Fittings?

The aluminum bung fitting’s size depends on the pipe that typically threads onto the couplings. It is important to know that both Female and Male fittings have 1.8 DEG taper onto the thread. This taper is designed to make an interference fit when threaded together. The male fitting is expected to not thread down.

What is the Advantage of Aluminum Bung Fitting?

The aluminum bung fitting can provide excellent performance in high style. It will also add an outstanding finishing touch to your engine compartments. Aluminum bung fitting is available in any size to match most applications.

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