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 HM is your leading manufacturer of custom aluminium timing pulleys from China. 

Our high-quality aluminum timing pulleys are designed specifically for your belt drive system—custom features, different alloys, and consistent R&D support for you.


HM, Your Professional CNC Aluminium Timing Pulley Supplier

Aluminum synchronous timing pulleys have teeth or pockets along the outside of the pulley body’s diameter. These high-quality teeth do not transmit power. Rather, they engage the pulley belt to assist with timing and avert misalignment.

As a professional manufacturer from China, HM provides custom aluminum timing pulleys in standard sizes and for nonstandard belt systems. You can specify features, measurements, manufacturing techniques, production capacity, and surface treatments.

Our experienced customer support and R&D staff will provide you with a free manufacturing analysis and develop the best design to suit your application. Choose our cost-effective solutions and receive the products in any country.



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Aluminium Timing Pulley Series

  • gt2 timing pulley
    Gt2 Timing Pulley

    Gt2 timing pulleys come in circular tooth form. They are proven very durable and very lightweight. The best option for 3d printer design.


  • Htd Timing Pulley
    Htd Timing Pulley

    This Htd timing pulley is used commonly in compressors, small equipment, the chemical industry, etc. It is made of top-grade aluminum.


  • timing belt gear pulley
    Timing Belt Gear Pulley

    Timing belt gear pulleys feature evenly separated groves cut. This feature allows a precise fitting with the belt coupling teeth.


  • Timing Belt Pulley Htd 5m
    Timing Belt Pulley Htd 5m

    This timing pulley is available in D-bore, metric, and standard sizes. It is widely used in light power distribution and linear motion purposes.


  • no Tooth Wheel Timing Pulley
    No Tooth Wheel Timing Pulley

    No tooth wheel timing pulley is made of high-grade aluminum. It has effective anti-corrosive and anti-rust features. It fits for timing belt 6mm.


  • Aluminum Timing Drive Pulley
    Aluminum Timing Drive Pulley

    This is a drive part used for transferring rotary movements between aligned axes. It provides excellent performance with lower maintenance.


  • Clamping Hub Timing Belt Pulley
    Clamping Hub Timing Belt Pulley

    The clamping hub timing belt pulley features high accuracy and high-speed rotation. It is perfect for high torque purposes.


  • Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley for 3d Printer
    Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley for 3d Printer

    This component is broadly used in equipment shapers, milling machinery, drilling equipment, and many other applications.


  • High Precision Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley
    High Precision Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley

    This timing pulley part comes with pockets and with or without teeth features. While using, it allows high load capacity to avoid distortion.


Custom Aluminium Timing Pulley Design

Aluminum timing belt pulleys are precisely engineered for a perfect fit, peak performance, and durable service of your timing belt drive system. You can specify the diameter, number of teeth, teeth profile, pitch, bore size, and more. 

The pitch can be specified using American standard, HTD, or synchroflex. We also have flanged and unflanged options.  

For a perfect aluminum timing pulley design, you have to determine your drive’s peak torque, pulley diameter, belt tooth profile, teeth-in-mesh, belt pitch length, number of teeth, effective tension, and strength factor. Our R&D staff is happy to help you with that as well. 

We can also manufacture timing pulley bar stock, keyless pulley, and idlers with teeth.


Aluminium Timing Pulley Design
Aluminium Timing Pulley Production

Aluminium Timing Pulley Production

HM’s aluminium timing pulley manufacturing process may include the following steps: 

  • die-casting a pulley wheel 
  • machining V-belt grooves, ribs, or timing pulley teeth
  • cutting the external surface of the timing pulley 

We have 100 sets of 3-, 4-, and 5-axis high-precision CNC milling and turning equipment, achieving tolerances of 0.002um. We also have 10 sets of automatic die-casting equipment holding up to 1600 tons.


Aluminium Timing Pulley Application

HM aluminum timing pulleys are used in marine, transportation, navigational, and heavy-duty applications. Any application where synchronization is required on timing belts and conveyor belts, timing pulleys are crucial. 

For instance, aluminum timing pulleys are used in engines, industrial equipment, mills, CNC engine lathes, gear shapers, hobbing machines, drilling machines, and more. 

Check out our timing belt pulley selection and catalog for more examples.


Aluminium Timing Pulley Application
Why Choose HM Aluminium Timing Pulley

Why Choose HM Aluminium Timing Pulley

As a leading custom aluminium timing pulley supplier in China, HM will be your reliable partner for new designs, manufacturing support, and trusted quality. 

With our team of 200 employees and 20 R&D engineers, we develop over 100 new designs each month and 5 million CNC parts each year. We will help you create a CAD and bring it to life. 

We have full sets of advanced manufacturing equipment capable of CNC turning and milling, die-casting, and applying various surface treatments on your aluminium timing pulleys. 

The HM factory is awarded countless certifications; our raw materials and products undergo rigorous testing at every step of production to deliver the best quality. 

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HTD Aluminium Timing Pulleys 

HTD stands for High Torque Drive, meaning that these aluminum pulleys are able to achieve a lot of power—perfect for industrial applications. This design is common and requires a specific tooth profile.

Selection of Alloys

Aluminum alloys have great tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, and more. So, being one of the leading aluminum timing pulley suppliers from China, we work with a variety of alloys, such as: 

  • Acd12
  • A380
  • ZLD104
  • Al 6082
  • Al 6063
  • Al 075
  • Al 5052

Synchronous Timing Pulleys

Synchronous aluminum timing pulleys synchronize shaft rotations. Our synchronous drive belts and pulleys use teeth to prevent slippage and unwanted speed variations by adjusting speed and torque mechanically.

Anodized Aluminum Pulley

At HM, we offer a wide range of surface treatments, including different types of anodizing, various plating, polishing, sandblasting, powder coating, engraving, and more. We can also add color to your anodized aluminuim timing pulley.




Quality Checking






What are the Important Factors of Aluminium Timing Pulley?

Importance of Aluminium Timing Pulley

Importance of Aluminium Timing Pulley

When constructing a pulley for use with metal belts, the most critical aspect was the aluminium timing pulley’s size.

The suitable dimension of the pulley is characterized as the proportion of dimension of aluminium timing pulley to the thickness of belts.

Belt folding more comprehensive array and belts duration diminish when the radius proportion falls.

It is critical to guarantee that all timings parts possess round or fatal complications radius when creating aluminium timing pulleys.

These radii ensure that the belts and pulley connect and release smoothly.


What is the Use of Aluminium Timing Pulley?

Usage of Aluminium Timing Pulley

Usage of Aluminium Timing Pulley

Timing belt pulleys are used to connect multiple gears accurately for uniform movement.

The majority of conventional energy production belts and pulleys are seamless and devoid of teeth or gaps.

In instances, the seamless belt may come loose from the tracks, allowing the shafts to rotate, whereas the other remains stationary.


What are the Characteristics of Aluminium in Timing Pulley?

Aluminium is a robust and lightweight material used in various applications for a wide range of purposes.

Aluminium’s widespread availability is one of the key reasons for its extensive use.

As a matter of fact, aluminium is one of the most abundant elements that are found in the earth’s crust.

Aluminium is lighter, flexible, durable, and simple to manage, which makes it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

Listed below are the different characteristics of aluminium in timing pulleys.

  • Lightweight

Indeed, aluminium is only a ⅓ the weight of steel, making it ideal for dealing and transporting.

Additionally, aluminium’s lightweight makes it an economically feasible popular choice.

  • Malleable

Aluminium’s malleability enables this to be effortlessly shaped and formed, making it applicable to a wide variety of industrial purposes.

However, aluminium is a material that can be handled in both high and low temperatures.

  • Recyclable

Aluminium is one of the most easily recycled metals in the environment!

Indeed, recycling aluminium needs only 5% of the effort required to create the raw metal, and 75% of all aluminium ever manufactured is still being used.

  • Simple to Manage.

Aluminium is typically highly resistant to corrosion due to its composition. It simply interacting with oxygen results in forming a shielding oxide layer.

Aluminium is a limited maintenance metal that frequently demands less repair than other metallic materials.


What are the Benefits of Aluminium Timing Pulley?

Apart from the excellent characteristics of aluminium, aluminium timing pulleys are frequently preferred for their strength properties, sturdiness, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

It has a higher energy density which enables for smaller belt and pulley combinations for a corresponding load.

Listed below are the different benefits of aluminium timing pulley.

  • A significant level of synchronization.
  • Low level of noise.
  • It does not require lubrication.
  • It has a better power efficiency.
  • For a similar load, a smaller belt and container are required.


What are the Applications of Aluminium Timing Pulley?

In marine, transportation, and navigational uses, pulleys are commonly employed.

Additionally, they are used in a wide range of heavy industrial machinery.

They are utilized in industries that require an extraordinary amount of synchronization for timing belt pulleys.

Also, the pulley must really be capable of withstanding thousands of RPMs, as shown in a normal driving characteristic.

They have the ability to transmit more power through their tooth surfaces, which makes them ideal for driving cars.

The toothed belt assists in improving engine performance and decreasing engine noise.

Listed below are the common aluminium timing pulley applications in various industries.

  • Printing Machinery
  • Sawmill Machinery
  • Paper Machinery
  • Laundry Machinery
  • Display Equipment
  • Projection Equipment
  • Washers
  • Agitators for Liquid
  • Brick and Clay Pug Mills
  • Mills, Oven, and Paper Pulpers


Is the Aluminium Timing Pulley Durable?

Aluminium Timing Pulley

Aluminium Timing Pulley

It provides process consistency within an extremely tight tolerance level without pitched buildup or belt creeps.

Reproducibility refers to a pitch’s propensity to restore to its current residence within a defined standard on subsequent cycles of belts.

Timing components, most notably timing teeth, should be extremely durable.

The substance’s toughness and endurance are critical to ensuring minimum damage from the recurrent belt and pulley interactions.


What are the Signs of Inappropriate Aluminium Timing Pulley?

Inappropriate Aluminium Timing Pulley

Inappropriate Aluminium Timing Pulley

Whenever the machine of an automobile is modified, the emission delay is altered to compensate.

Other signs of poor spark timing include banging, difficulty starting, and a decrease in power.


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