Custom Aluminium Handrail Fittings Manufacturer

HM is a professional manufacturer of custom aluminum handrail parts from China.

Our adjustable mounting aluminum handrail fittings, railing supports, connectors, and handrail brackets are available in any finish and a design to suit your idea.

Your Expert Aluminum Handrail Fittings Supplier

HM aluminum pipe and handrail fittings are structural pipe fittings used to build aluminum pipe railings and other pipe-based structures.

We offer a wide range of CNC machined handrail fittings that suit any railing design: straight coupling, elbow, adjustable, 3-socket, 30- and 60-degree angled, crossover, swivel, flange, and other designs.

You can request a handrail fitting using outer and inner diameter measurements. Moreover, you can ask for a specific finish like brushed or surface treatment like anodizing. This will increase durability—especially in outdoor locations—and aesthetics.

Our engineers will gladly discuss the perfect handrail fitting design and features for your project.

Aluminium Handrail Fitting Series

  • Stainless Steel Handrail Fittings
    Stainless Steel Handrail Fittings

    Professionally made from top-grade stainless steel materials and high-polished surfaces, which provides strong corrosion and rust resistance. 

  • Glass Bracket Handrail Support Railing Fittings
    Glass Bracket Handrail Support Railing Fittings

    Build with extreme toughness that guarantees years of use. That can easy to mount components and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

  • GM Railing Handrail Fittings
    GM Railing Handrail Fittings

    GM railing handrail fittings feature convenience, high accessibility, and fast installations. That can be entirely constructed with all models, sizes, and ranges. 

  • Mirror Stair Handrail Fittings
    Mirror Stair Handrail Fittings

    The safest and sturdiest mirror stair handrail fittings for interior and exterior stairs. Features with smooth surfaces are comfortably touchable and can be installed vertically and horizontally. 

  • pipe support handrail fitting
    Pipe Support Handrail Fitting

    The piper support handrail fittings can be constructed as aluminum and stainless steel. Easy to install in any hardware, assures for enduring use, and less maintenance. 

Custom Aluminum Handrail Fittings Design

At HM, we offer a wide range of CNC machined aluminum handrail fittings to suit the design of your railing and the way that its structural components connect. Simple designs include straight coupling, 90-degree elbow, variations of T-shaped designs, and crossovers. These connect two or three pipes in standard ways.

We also manufacture more complex designs that are either adjustable or swiveling. These are great for modular, temporary handrails. We have adjustable elbow, corner swivel, double swivel socket, adjustable angle cross, and swivel flanges.

As for flanges, we provide a variety of wall and base mounts to secure your handrail in place.

Aluminum Handrail Fittings
Aluminum Handrail Fittings Production

CNC Aluminum Handrail Fittings Production

The HM CNC aluminum handrail parts production follows much the same process as the production of other aluminum CNC parts. We have automated CNC milling and turning machines that have tolerances of 0.002um. Depending on the complexity of your design, we can offer 3-, 4-, or 5-axis machines for optimum quality, production speed, and budget balance.

You can choose from different types of aluminum alloys with various properties, as well as various finishes. Commonly, we anodize our aluminum handrail fittings using chemical processes.

We have the industrial capabilities to meet the demands of your idea.

Aluminum Handrail Parts Application

Aluminum handrail fittings are crucial for any handrail, which are found anywhere. You can have indoor commercial building rails, indoor designer home rails, various outdoor and basement railings. There are even railings in transport, such as subways, buses, ships, and more.

Our aluminum handrail fittings play a significant part of modern architecture.

Aluminum Handrail Fittings Application
Aluminum Handrail Fittings Factory

Why HM Aluminum Handrail Fittings

As a leading custom CNC aluminum handrail fittings supplier in China, HM presents a one-stop solution for unique designs, durable parts, cost-effective production, and an excellent partnership.

With a team of 20 R&D engineers, we develop over 100 new molds and designs each month. You can choose from a variety of different railing components for aluminum pipe fittings, speed railing, stair railing, and more.

Our variety of manufacturing techniques, aluminum alloys, and surface treatments, we will offer you the best solution to optimize design and cost. You will receive a free manufacturing analysis with your quote, as well as 24/7 online support.

Over 100 clients worldwide have chosen us—it is your turn.


Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications
Custom Aluminum Spacers Suitable for Multiple Applications


Durability and Strength

Being a professional CNC manufacturer in China, HM designs handrail fittings to meet any building code for safety and strength. Our double-tang set screws provide a durable, maintenance-free system—better than those that utilize adhesives and pop rivets.

HM aluminum handrail fittings are sturdy and reliable both in design and in quality.

Wide Selection of Alloys

HM manufactures aluminum handrail fittings using various aluminum alloys to suit your specific application. We work with Acd12, A380, ZLD104, Al 6061, Al 6082, Al 6063, Al 075, and others. Each alloy provides its pros and cons, which is something our staff will gladly elaborate on for you.

Handrail fittings are usually made using Al 6063, which is anodized for greater corrosion-resistance.

Custom Design

No matter what your application is, our design will fulfill your requirements. We can CNC machine wall fittings, ADA-compliant handrail fittings, rail supports, flanges, female and male plates, variable swivel and adjustable sockets, and sockets with angled in any way.

All these are available in heavy-duty variations.

Anodized Aluminum Handrail Fittings

At HM, we offer a wide range of surface treatments, with the most popular being anodizing. Our anodized aluminum handrail fittings are made stronger, more wear-resistance, and more resistance to corrosion with our several advanced anodizing techniques.

Besides that, we offer other surface treatments, finishes, and colour options for you to choose from.

Quality Checking
What are the Advantages of Aluminum Handrail Fittings?

Aluminum Handrail Fittings

Aluminum handrail fittings are made from the finest quality of aluminum materials which gives lots of advantages that includes the following:

  1. The aluminum handrail fittings are excellent to use in a harsh environment.
  2. It provides higher protection against corrosion.
  3. Most aluminum handrail fittings are incredibly lightweight and come with soft surface finishes.
  4. Aluminum handrail fittings are durable, which is beneficial for more extended use.
  5. It does not require spending many expenses for maintenance.
  6. Provides the quickest and easiest installation and assembly
What is the Significance of Installing Aluminum Handrail Fittings?

Installing aluminum handrail fitting in every edge of stair handrails is necessary for increased safety and protection.

Aluminum Handrail Fittings installed

An aluminum handrail fitting provides support that is not easily damaged. Moreover, this makes the grip of each handrail rigid, which helps in preventing possible hazards. 

However, aside from safety and precautions, aluminum handrail fittings also add to the establishments’ overall appearance, making it secure enough. 

Are Aluminum Handrail Fittings Expensive?

Aluminum handrail fitting is considered relatively expensive since it is made from expensive materials. 

However, the cost will also depend on the entire measurements of the aluminum handrail fittings.

Despite the higher cost, aluminum handrail fitting guarantees 100% assurance, safety, durability, and endurance to use. 

Are Aluminum Handrail Fittings Good for Any Stair Handrail?

Yes absolutely!

Handrail fittings made from aluminum are perfect for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. 

The handrail fitting is sturdy and economical enough compared with other metal materials. Nevertheless, aluminum handrail fittings can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

What Finish is Available for Custom Aluminum Handrail Fittings?

Most aluminum handrail fittings have a smooth finish. Some of it comes with the satin finish of mirror finish: 

  • 180 grit polish
  • 320 grit polish
  • 400 grit polish
  • 600 grit polish

However, any surface finish is also available depending on the request and specifications of customers. 

What are the Features of Aluminum Handrail Fittings?

The aluminum handrail fittings are perfectly fitted and adaptable in any project.

Also, aluminum handrail fittings have excellent resiliency and durability – perfect for indoors or outdoors in commercial, industrial, or residential buildings and establishments. 

Are Aluminum Handrail Fittings Customizable?

Yes. The aluminum handrail fittings are indeed be customized. 

However, customization of aluminum handrail fittings primarily includes the entire measurements, structural styles, and surface finishing.

How Long Does Aluminum Handrail Fittings Last?

The aluminum handrail fittings are constructed with great endurance for many years without compromising their original structural composition and quality.

What Are The Aluminum Handrail Fittings Typical Configurations?

Aluminum Handrail Fittings have various angles and Types. Below are some top handrail fittings:

Round Aluminum Handrail Fittings

  • 4-way corner fitting
  • 90-degree fitting
  • 120-degree fitting
  • Adjustable fitting
  • 3-way 90-degree fitting
  • 3-way 60-degree fitting
  • 4-way 60-degree fitting
  • 3-way corner fitting
  • 3-way adjustable fitting
  • 3-bolt triangular fitting
  • Side mount fitting
  • Round tube fitting
  • 3-way tee fitting
  • 4-way tee fitting
  • Base flange

Square Aluminum Handrail Fittings

  • 2-way 90-degree fitting
  • 90-degree fitting
  • 3-way 90-degree fitting
  • Square base

Contact your manufacturer for your preferred aluminum handrail fittings design that meets your needs.

Where Can Aluminum Handrail Fittings Use?

Handrails are a vital feature of many buildings. A robust handrail fitting contributes to the overall stability and safety of the handrail system. 

Aluminum Handrail Fittings application

Here are some of the functional applications of the Aluminum handrail system.

Bikeway Barriers

  • Bike Lanes
  • Footbridges
  • Protection over culverts
  • Shared pedestrian pathways

Commercial Places

  • Entrance and fire stairs
  • Sports and recreation centers
  • Car parks and retaining walls
  • Disability and Disabled access stairs and ramps
  • Public carrier
  • Culverts and footbridges

Industrial Applications

  • Warehouses
  • Service platforms and loading bays
  • Mezzanines
  • Car parks and retaining walls
  • Community centers
  • Canopy areas and fall edge
What Are The General Specifications of Aluminum Handrail Fittings?

The following are the typical specifications of aluminum handrail fittings categorized per type.

Round Elbow Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 30,36,50,76

Angle Degree: 90, 120

Adjustable Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 50

Angle Degree: random

3-way Elbow Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 50

Angle Degree: 60, 90

4-way 60-Degree Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 50

Angle Degree: 60

3-way Corner Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 50

Angle Degree: 90

4-way Corner Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 50

Angle Degree: 90

Base Flange Aluminum Handrail Fitting 

Diameter (mm): 36,50,76

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